87 percent of Jews vote Democrat
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 08.11.06, 13:04
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1. Voting for Democrats
Alex ,   US   (11.08.06)
The Jews biggest problem always was self-eating. When we look on todays America we see that Dems are loosing popular support. Unfortunate, Jews still keep all the eggs in one basket. In wrong one. And one more: what are the other issues? AIDS in Honduras or Mad Cow in Mongolia? Just curious…
2. Wow! Liberal secular blindness
The LORD will afflict you with madness, blindness and confusion of mind. Deuteronomy 28:28 Remedy = Great suffering and Messiah
3. Good on American Jews
Stacie   (11.08.06)
American Jews seem more sensitive to foreign policy issues than the average American. When you've got kids (never mind adults) the world over saying how much they hate Americans without having met a single one, it's time Americans take back America from these extreme right wing 'faux religieux' crackpots. Even though it's too late and the Bush clan of corpratist vultures have made billions from the raping of America, I hope the investigations begin and people start hanging for their crimes...
Yaron ,   Israel   (11.08.06)
5. Jews make their protest against the war in Iraq!
pedro   (11.08.06)
6. #1
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.08.06)
I do hope you meant self-hating instead of self-eating. It's too early in the day for a visual of the latter :-) The voting record of American Jews is a puzzle. But then again, how does one explain Soros? The next two years should be interesting. I only wish the moonbats would clarify that "New Direction" they keep touting. If it's "Down the Tubes for Everybody," hopefully, they won't be around long enough to implement it completely, but only make messes that can be cleaned up. I wonder when Abbas/Ahmadinejad/Chavez will be invited to address joint sessions of Congress. For whatever it's worth, I'm very proud of my home State. We, these supposedly backwards Georgia rednecks had the good sense to re-elect our Republicans by huge margins. In the meantime, maybe "God help America" would be more a propos than "God bless America."
7. #1 and #6 You are all wet
Sidney ,   USA   (11.08.06)
Under Bush and the Republican Congress the U.S. was on the brink of disaster and possibly even crossed it. The only hope for our country was to get rid of these lunatics. I find it hard to understand these nuts who see a party with heavy Jewish representation in Congress as being anti-Israel. Here in Arizona with a small Jewish population, my district has just elected a fellow Litvak Congresswoman.
8. Jews are their own worst enemies sometimes
j.Phillips ,   Fredericton, Canada   (11.08.06)
It seems that Jews are their own worst enemies. Watch for US relations with Israel to begin a profound cooling trend from this point the detriment of Israel and their security. G-d is the only help for Israel. This will become more evident in times ahead.
9. #4: The Enemy Are Terrorists Attacking Israel
emanon ,   USA   (11.08.06)
Stop worrying abuout US elections and don't lose sight of the real enemy. Crying about who won an election is a Whineastinian tactic. Don't make scapegoats out of the politicians in another country, worry about your own. Israel is an independant soverign country. Start acting that way and stop whining!
10. american jews care more about abortion rights than israel
Aaron ,   Ra'anana   (11.08.06)
11. 87% means almost everybody
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens,NYC   (11.08.06)
What is the matter with you? Do you think that somehow Jewish people become stupider when they live in the U.S.? The Republicans earned this defeat for 100 different reasons.. What has happened is that governance in the U.S. has gone from one group that solidly backs Israel to another party that solidly backs Israel. I would suggest that the Israelis clean up their own political mess and leave the U.S. politics to us who voted yesterday.
12. Fools.
The Raccoon   (11.08.06)
American Jews are still trying to commit suicide, still betraying their people and the world. Psychotic leftie fools. If there will be any history left after the now-inevitable nuclear holocaust, I hope their names will be remembered along with Amman haRasha. Traitors. *spits*
87% FORGOT 'GD' OF ,   ISRAEL.......DACON9   (11.08.06)
14. US Voters are aware they ve already lost the war.
Pedro   (11.08.06)
so what happens when there really is an Arab Country with WMD... the US has already shot its bolt.. the Americans are Effectively Defeated in Iraq... ~Theyve lost the will to continue the war. All they consider now is an Exit strategy... The winner is Iran... and soon they will be properly armed with an US too incompentent and too pissed off with war to do anything about it. Bush truly did shoot the US in the foot in a way most never could have immagined even a few months ago.
15. These are the LIBERAL LEFT Jews NOT the Orthodox Jews
H ,   Jerusalem   (11.08.06)
The Orthodox understand that voting Democratic, means voting for corruption and immorality.
16. Please Israel TAKE your liberal Jews
Darren ,   REPUBLICAN IN USA   (11.08.06)
17. American Jews Live in The Past
Joel ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.08.06)
My American relatives? I say "jihad" and their eyes glaze over. I've set out logical, factual arguments as to why my American Jewish relatives should vote Republican. They are all highly offended. I rarely hear from them any more. Then again, Codi Rice and her State Department are no bargains, either.
18. #12 & #15 - I agree & to #14
Darren ,   Republican in USA   (11.08.06)
I like your post #12, especially the spit part! :) And to #15, I knew Orthodox Jews were smart! :) And to #14, don't be so quick to write off the Iraq War. The Congress is not the Commander in Chief and they are not going to put our troops at risk by cutting funding. Our country still is split nearly 50-50 and the Democrats know it. They don't have a mandate though they will try to say they do. Also the President still has his veto power when the democrats start legislating their socialist liberal crap. Bush did screw up and that was by not using overwhelming force against the enemy. America, like Israel, fights with one hand tied behind its back which is just plain ludicrous. Bush and the Republicans failed to protect our border from the illegal immigrant invasion from the south. And Bush is more like a liberal democrat on spending than many democrats. So perhaps it is good they got a little shook up by the election results. Their Republican base is NOT happy with them. I'm not. Instead of Bush, I would rather have a REAL conservative Republican in office. And note this is VERY IMPORTANT, the majority of democrats that got voted into office are MORE CONSERVATIVE than their party leadership. The democratic party will be forced actually to move towards the center. So life goes on and on to 2008!!!!
19. #7 Here's your answer
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.08.06)
20. Democrats priority action list:
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.08.06)
1. Impeachement for Bush and his neo cons for steal and fraud of US elections in 2000 2. Setup committee to investigate the 9/11 attacks and the extent of Bush and Cheney in participating or facilitating the attacks and their pre awareness of the attacks without taking any action to prevent them. 3. Impeachment of Bush/Cheney/ Rice for the fraud and deceiving the american public about WMD information about iraq war. 4. Impeachement for Bush/Cheney/ neo cons for the catastrophic economic policies that has brought the american economy to brink of collapse. 5. Impeachment of Bush/Cheney/ Rice for the oil policies that has brought oil prices to record highs that helped this gang with their oil companies amass huge amount of money while the regular americans and the rest of the world suffer 6. Pull out strategy from iraq immediately 7. Stopping Bush/ Cheney from starting a nuclear attack and war on iran that will bring death to millions of people (not only in iran)
21. Ofcourse they want to protect israel from itself
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.08.06)
With bush unleashing israel, hes pushing israel more to the edge and the brink of collapsing
22. Dems
Jason ,   Long Island   (11.08.06)
I am a secular Jew On Long Island, and I don't know any of my Jewish frinds and family who voted Dem. Atleast the people of my congressional district had enough brains to re-elect Rep. Peter King. I don't trust the 87% number since this exit polls are so flawed.
23. #3 -
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.08.06)
Hopefully, this will be the beginning of the end of fundamentalist and evangelical power in the United States!
24. my household is Republican..we vote best candidate
David Republican Jew ,   Boston, USA   (11.08.06)
We could never be democrats, but we also dont blindly vote for candidates. Many of the Jews I know in Massachusetts are Republicans. Unfortuntaely, many of my relatives are democrats, but I am hopeful. We are a Republican Jews are a minority in a minority, but I hope that changes so more Jews vote Republican. Just remember, always vote for the best democrat no matter the party, except Green/Rainbow which seems more like a racist party these days and members dont even realize it.
25. Democrats also are our good friends....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.08.06)
only they use their brains. And we have an effective lobby in Washington that will work hard on our behalf to maintain the Israel/US relationship. Anyone can see either here or in the US that Bush has made a mess of the war in Iraq and that the Republican controlled congress has forfeited its constitutional duty of oversight over the executive branch of government. Bush is the worst US president in history. Take that in combination with our stupid and incompetent PM who is prepared to follow Condi into the weeds every, every time, and we have a complete disaster for Israel. We have NO leadership here and we have hitched our wagon to the horse's ass. I hope this is the beginning of the end of Bush Republicanism - for the US, for Israel, forever. And I hope that we get our act together and elect a PM that has a clue how to run this country.
26. Talkbackers are even more blind than I thought
George W ,   Chicago IL   (11.08.06)
WOW! It's not until I read these talkbacks that I realized just how deluded the average Ynet reader is. The 13% that was stupid enough to vote for the party that thinks Jesus will return and you should all go to hell, is just about monopolizing these pages. Thank God the Democrats took over the House, and here's hoping that they hold their leads in Montana and Virginia to retake the Senate. The Republicans were actually very lucky in the Senate; only 15 of their 55 seats were up for re-election this year, as opposed to 18 Democrats up for re-election. If more Republicans were facing elections they would have been tossed as well. The war in Iraq should never have happened, and Bush and co. were too lazy to plan anything so it turned into a disaster. New Orleans shouldn't have been destroyed, and the relief non-effort showed that Bush's governing skills are in the same league as some tin-pot dictator in the Congo or Cambodia. And I never thought I would see the day when a US president argued strenuously for the right to detain people forever without charge and torture them as well. Bush is the worst president our country has ever had, and while he won't be impeached hopefully this new Congress will at least put the brakes on his insanity. Finally, those of you who think the Democrats will sell Israel out are on drugs. Democrats are whores for AIPAC just as much as Republicans.
27. We vote for pro-Israel candidates and you vote for Olmert
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (11.08.06)
At this time, the Republicans are probably more pro-Israel than the Democrats but that doesn't mean too much. You have Democrats like Congressman Anthony Weiner who is more pro-Israel than any Republican. Also, you can never predict what happens, who would have dreamed that Sharon-Bush would have brought us the disaster in Gaza last summer? Under Clinton and Peres/Rabin, nothing happened but talks and talks; under Bush and Sharon/Olmert Israel took a hit in Gaza and then took another one in the North. The Republicans have succeeded in getting the support of enough Jews in key states like Florida and Ohio to make a difference.
28. #23-We are not going away & make Fadi happy
Darren ,   Fundi & Evangel   (11.08.06)
29. #23 - To Doroty You Keep Great Company
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (11.08.06)
Dear Dorothy Friend: You stated: "Hopefully, this will be the beginning of the end of fundamentalist and evangelical power in the United States!" Well if it weren't for us, I suspect God would have to make other arragements to protect you from being the first "Palestinian state". Both you, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, France, and Fadi are happy today!!!! You keep good company!
30. Of course American Jews vote Democrat!
Michael Steiner   (11.08.06)
Jews have always been at the forefront of the struggle for civil liberties and against all forms of discrimination and oppression. It only goes to show how pathetic this handful of losers on here are who have nothing to do but spew their frustrations, complexes and hatred on YNet all days long.
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