Jews take root in Capitol Hill
Published: 09.11.06, 12:52
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31. Dems Win, Israel Looses
Paulie ,   United States   (11.09.06)
I hope the new Jewish representatives have the decency to fight the growing anti-Semitism within their Party. The Progressives despise Israel and control the Party, I hope they will change it. Current Reps such a Schakowsky and Emanual ignore the problem, putting Party first. Shame on them, I hope it changes.
32. #2 - Odd as it is to agree with Rustum ....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.09.06)
an antisemite and Israel hater in his own right, he is right about that gratuitous insult to Bernie Sanders and his wife. Why would you insult people you don't know like that? As to the main point in the article - I am sure the Jewish officials in Washington will serve as honorably as any other enthnic political group. After Republican dominance since 1994, the bar is not all that high.
33. #9 - Great post, thank you.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.09.06)
34. Dems promise out of Iran ASAP
DWM ,   Atlanta, GA   (11.09.06)
The democrats won this election by vowing to pull all US troops out of Iran as soon as possible. This will be a win for the islamofasists, they will correctly percive a win and weakness in the US and all of the west. They will then attack a will, anywhere, anytime. Israel is be in the crosshairs. Why then do 87% of US Jews vote for such a party and such a stupid policy towards fighting the fasists? Tell me?
35. #3 your thinking too hard
Suz ,   Inez USA   (11.09.06)
USA has 50 states. We have enough problems here for them to worry about. Being Jewish is secondary to being American for Jews in America. That's where your thinking is flawed.
36. Ellison
Brett Freeman ,   Bloomfield, NJ   (11.09.06)
Ellison's interesting biography is missing from the article. America's first Muslim in Congress has worked formerly with the Nation of Islam, and his speeches include railing against the Jews and Israel. And if Israel thinks it shouldn't worry because America elected so many Jews, think again. Liberal Jews in America are among the worst enemies of Israel, with Joe Lieberman being the only exception. All the others are too worried about what Europe thinks, and we all know what Europe thinks about Israel.
37. Counting is racist
Dav!d ,   San Diego, CA USA   (11.09.06)
Just the mere fact that anyone is bothering to count the number of jews in any sort of group is bothersome to me. In the USA, we supposedly have the freedoms to associate with whomever we desire, and to practice - or NOT practice - any religion we like. Our religious or ethnic background SHOULD have absolutely no bearing on our ability to serve the public. This was a NON-STORY from the start.
38. Help Me Understand Jews
Matt Smith ,   Columbus, USA   (11.09.06)
I am a Republican (reformed Democrat) and supporter of Israel. I see a lot of Republican bashing on this string, which intrigues me because the Republican Caucus is staunchly pro-Israel while the Democrat Caucus is infested by Israel-hating Leftists who wear the kuffiyeh at every opportunity. Many congressional Democrats believe the source of America's problems in the Middle East is rooted in our alliance with Israel. An analysis into historic Democrat Middle East policies, proposals and votes is a study in the betrayal of the state of Israel. And that so many prominent Democrats receive financial support from radical Muslim groups like CAIR and others, I do not understand why Jews are so beholden to the Democrat Party. It's mindboggling. Please help me understand.
39. #22 = bullshit - democrats are not anti-Israel....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.09.06)
but they do think through policy in more detail than the Republicans. Just look how many times Condi has lead our own stupid prime minister into the weeds. She says go, and we go. Can you imagine Bill Clinton coming up with foreign policy without thinking it through from all angles? No, pal, Dems are our friends too - only they will engage with us and tell us when they think our leaders are wrong. That's a very needed thing in Jerusalem these days.
40. More Jews in Congress
will ,   Orlando, USA   (11.09.06)
As a Christian I am happy to see more Jews in Congress. Watching the actions as well as words over the past several years, it is apparent that the US government in general, as well president Bush and the Democratic party leadership in particular have become a defacto enemy of Isreael. It is my hope that the Jews in congress can roll that back and change the hearts and minds of Nancy, Ted, and others. I know many people would disagree with these leaders being the enemy of Israel but if u take a look at the actual record over the last 14 years u can come to no other conclusion. Here is a little known fact: The United States is giving Muslim terror groups the PLO/Hamas over $400,000,000 cash this year as well as a huge amount of weapons and ammunition. Ditto last year as well and there is proof that these weapons were used by terrorist to kill Jews in Israel.
41. Why does this matter
Bob ,   CT USA   (11.09.06)
I find this silly article... here in the US we don't view the world as so simple as to whether someine is a Jews or not. Leave it to the folks of the Middle East to make it an issue. No wonder you can't get along. The only thing you do well togethe,r is bash Christians.
42. So What?!!
John ,   Hershey, PA, USA   (11.09.06)
Who cares what religion you are? Can you read and understand U.S. Constitution? Are you an American Citizen? Are you a citizen of the state in which you are running for office? If yes to all of the above, then we're willing to give you a try, just make sure you don't piss us off! Have a nice day.
43. Neocons vs. Liberals
Roger F. Phillips ,   Alfexandria, VA, USA   (11.09.06)
Since the split between Jews during the Jimmy Carter administration over his surrender of Iran, Democrat (Liberal) Jews, who tend to be anti-Israel), have been running for office in the United States. Neoconservative Jews have supported the Republican party, but have stayed behind the scenes, supporting non-Jewish Zioniists such as conservative Catholics and born-again Christians to represent their interests. This may explain the presence of Jews in Congress as Democrats, but none as Republicans.
44. Tayfun-Turkey is a Typhoon Idiot
Just Another Jew ,   New York, New York   (11.09.06)
if you are going speak to common US interests - you should use proper grammer. I think, US interests include a well-educated population that can properly communicate their beliefs. In your hate filled comments, you should have written: US citizens should take head of overrepresented minorities such as the Jews. They should not let them represent Israel. In my opinion, a national assembly is a place to represent people of this country not the aspirations or ideals of other countries or nations. Elected Jews are faced with two choices; support Israeli atrocities and Zionism or vote against them and stand with all humanity. Should they prefer to support Israel, US citizens should not vote for them again. Instead, they should vote for independent senators who represent their real interests. I think Zionism is long rooted in both parties. Accordingly, both parties need a real cleansing from minorities that deflect common US interests. Also, I wonder if you would be kind enough to idetnify some of these independent senators you refer to. I humbly suggest, that everybody holding office is beholden to somebody. It may be Israel, but it can also be the religious right, Haliburtun, the defense industry, pharmaceutical companies, etc... If you are going to speak of independent senators you should be able to name a few.
45. # 3 Bozo the clown
Scott Schneider ,   Chicago USA   (11.09.06)
<<<>>> Yes, and how do you propose "taking care" of the excess, you moron? It never ceases to amaze me of the ignorance of people who should know better. But that is only to be expected from a citizen of a country who needs to have their military periodically overthrow their government in order to prevent Islamic fascists from taking over. Btw - massacre any Armenians or suppress and Kurds lately? Dont lecture Jews about Atrocities. You Turks have a LONG history to live down, and the Jews would have to go a long way to match even a small fraction of what The Turks have done over the centuries. Have a nice day
46. Dems soft on Terror
IronLionZion ,   New Jersey, USA   (11.09.06)
We need more Jewish Republicans. Israel will suffer
47. #17
Dan ,   Bismarck, ND, USA   (11.09.06)
I would be more in favor of an intelligence and current events test for most voters.
48. ignorance
alan ,   ny ny   (11.09.06)
no sense trying to reply with rationality to the anti-semites and haters. they dont get it. however, as the election results clearly show- the overwhelming majority of americand noe do get it, and the influence of these ignorant folks is thankfully significantly lessoned.
49. Better Jews Than Muslims
Andrew ,   Memphis, TN USA   (11.09.06)
It's much better to have Jewish representation than Muslims. At least they're not suicidal religious zealots and whack-jobs.
50. Most Misleading Title
Joe ,   Houston, TX   (11.09.06)
The title of this article is sadly incomplete and implicitly misleading: The title should have been “Terribly Naïve and Misguided Jews Supported by Anti Semitic and Anti American Jews George Soros and Punch Salzburger Jr. Elected to Congress”.
51. Helping Matt understand
Mitch Slotnick ,   Kings Park NY USA   (11.09.06)
Matt, it's way too complicated to explain in a couple of paragraphs. Let it be enough for you to know that American Jewry (for the most part) are too secular and always play the victim card! It is the aftershock play they have been using since the Nazi holocaust. Unfortunately, It will probably always be the "Jewish play".There are not many brutal and/or violent Jewish men out there, willing to bust up the enemies! I too am Jewish. Unlike most Jews, I break just about every stereotype you have! I am a former US Marine (Voluntereed from 83-87) under Reagan. I am a conservative republican, card carrying NRA member. Do I need to go on? Most Jews don't "get it", because they have their heads in the books. Academia and religious pursuit is fine, but the mentality that allows 6,000,000 Jews to walk into ovens is one that I don't share. I'd like to think that i'd kill as many nazi bastards as possible if I was in the camps and knew fairly sure what my fate ultimately was to be. I could never get my head around the fact that 6 million of my peeps just walked into the ovens and the showers without a fight. Anyway Matt, I tried. I hope you understand a little more. Also, i hope you realize that not all Jews are liberal, nor are they democrats, although like you, I grew up as one! Now i am a right-wing guy to the end. I say, "Kill em all, let allah sort it all out! I'll finish by saying that the partyof FDR has changed so far to the left, that if JFK was alive today and running for president, he would have to run as a republican! Low on taxes and strong on national security, the dems would never nominate such a guy for president. Look how they marginalized a guy like joe Leiberman! I hoped I helped you! Ciao for now!
52. Help me understand Jew
Steven Franklin ,   Somerset, USA   (11.09.06)
Matt Smith asks why Jews overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party. There are a number of reasons, Matt. First, look at the difference between the two major parties with regards to Israel. It was the Democratic President Harry Truman who gave US recognition to the state of Israel. The Republican President Dwight Eisenhower sided with the Arabs in 1956 compelling Israel, France, and Britain to withdraw from the Suez. President Jimmy Carter put his reputation on the line by sponsoring the Camp David talks which resulted in a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt which has lasted for more than 30 years. Then consider the two parties with regards to the state of Jews in the US. Consider the 1964 Civil Rights Act which barred discrimination on the basis of race, color, or CREED. In 1964 (Barry Goldwater), 1988 and 1992 (both years, George HW. Bush) the Republicans nominated for President men who voted against the Civil Rights Act when they were in Congress. The Nixon tapes released in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal revealed an intense hatred on the part of Nixon towards Jews. This is the man who the Republicans nominated for President three times. Finally, the source of strength of the Republican Party today is among Christian fundamentalists who want to enforce their religious agenda in the US: prayer in school, no abortions, no stem cell research. This agenda is rejected overwhelmingly within the Jewish community. It certainly doesn't help when the man just reelected Republican Govenor of Texas proclaims that only Christians go to heaven and the recently defeated Republican candidate for Senator from Florida says that only Christians politicians can restore moral values to the US
53. beit hanoun "we'll live for revenge"
wallace mcnabb ,   lincoln, ne   (11.09.06)
this is precisely what is wrong with the conflict in israel...both sides cannot forgive...and make peace. stop the killing now and go to work or school and live in peace.
54. Jews in U.S. Congress
John Perilloux ,   Norco, LA, USA   (11.09.06)
To the vicious Turk who bemoaned the number of Jews in the U.S. Congress, let me say this: I would prefer to have 200 Jews in Congress than to have even one murdering muslim.
55. First Moslem????
Prof.Helen mcCaffrey ,   Cape May,NJ   (11.09.06)
Correction - Keith Ellison is NOT the first Moslem to be elected. Piladelphia Congressman Chaaka Fattah is. Why do you keep getting this wrong?
56. ethnics
peter lebarre ,   Van Buren TwMichigan   (11.09.06)
I should like to know if there are any Greeks; Dutch and Italnians in the Senate and House...Thank you pl
57. need more republican jews
David ,   N.Y, N.Y   (11.09.06)
The Democrats jews are the problem, they are big hypocrites. We need more republican jews who would protect the american and israeli way of life i.e Democracy and Freedom.
58. Jews In Congress
Scott ,   Tampa, US   (11.09.06)
I only hope that the Jews who were elected in Congress will remember to keep Israel in their prayers and that they also remember to urge US leadership to do what they can in helping protect Israel. Am Yisrael hai!!!
59. #32 useless piece of slander
Rustum ,   London, UK   (11.09.06)
Do I care if you agree with me or if you decide to call me a list of slanderous names. Somehow it isn't odd that you manage to insert the epithet "antisemite" into almost every one of your posts - it's so much easier than dealing with the issues such as Israel's permanent and ongoing ethnic cleansing and massacres. Yours, from peaceful London.
60. #3 Turkey "democrat" :-)
bubbah habubbah ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (11.09.06)
Wow! A Turk calling for "cleansing of minorities"! Hasn't Turkey do such a good job with Armenians in 1915? Look who is talking? Maybe treatment of minority Kurds should be a model for US and Israel? How many Kurds did the Turks murder in the last 30 years? 30,000? 40,000? If Israel did something like that with local Arabs, what a hue and cry there would be?! I thought Hutspah is a Hebrew word. I was wrong: it was invented by Turks. Or Turkeys :-)
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