Beit Hanoun funerals: We'll live for revenge
Ali Waked, Beit Hanoun
Published: 09.11.06, 13:55
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31. punishment and revenge
Arja ,   Canada   (11.09.06)
israelis use the word "punish" but really it means take 'revenge." It's a vicious cycle which the Palestinians did NOT start. They were and are still the victims of an occupying power who took and still takes their land and homes. But I guess occupiers get to punish while the occupied just take revenge. It SOUNDS better that way, makes for better PR and isn't PR a big part of the Israeli war on the Palestinians.
32. To Deft one, Dubai UAE
Mike ,   Israel   (11.09.06)
After as you say i educted my self, i have the answers for you. You made you coments in your post #24 as to why and what Israel has done to the Palis, and you find it right that the Arabs fight back. I have no problem with that but do you realy think that the arabs will not suffer many times over when they fight back with teror and you will cry that Israel is killing kids and women. Its a fact if you arabs continue to fight with teror you will recieve teror back. If you continue to hide in your childerens homes then kids will die, am i educating you now?? think about that.
33. Rustum Alah u aqbar isint he?
Mike ,   Israel   (11.09.06)
As ;you say "biet hanoun will live in memory for ever" Thank Alah for that. And if you keep your terror up you will have many more memorys.
34. Oh my God Arja from Canada actualy has a brain
Mike ,   Israel   (11.09.06)
You say pr. that is just to funny. The only weapon the arabs have is pr and terror. have you seen video that arabs are carring strechers with there dead for burial and as soon as they think they are not fillemed any more the dead wake up and walk away. dont talk to us about pr friend. you guys use it much better that we in the west will ever.
35. Kassams are launched against civilians because it is easy
Barry   (11.09.06)
The Palestinians claim that the fact that they cannot effectively fight the Israeli military without suffering heavy casualties and defeat entitles them to deliberately attack Israeli civilians. The Palestinians are of the opinion that because killing civilians to protect ones military is cheap and effective it must be justified. Some people take the view that it is never justified to kill civilians even to protect other civilians. I take the middle view that whilst it is unjustified to kill civilians to protect one military even if such civilian killing is effective, it is justified to use all necessary means (including building security fences) and if to do so is effective to protect ones own civilians. So if the Palestinians decide to attack Israeli civilians with rockets because they lack the effective means to fight the Israeli military they bear responsibility for the civilian losses they suffer. They sowed they wind and reaped the whirlwind. The blood of the civilians killed in Beit Hanoun lies on the hands of the Palestinian leadership who authorise attacks on Israeli civilians and on people such as Rustrum who support such attacks
36. to v48
oded   (11.09.06)
first the figure of 3millions "palestinans", is certainly overinlfated... and no i don;t want to exterminate them all, .... just ones hiding behind women and those strpping themselves to bomb and kill us... those i wish to eliminate... the rst can simply leave quietly to all the arab countires they came from! TRANSFER THEM NOW!!
37. Rustum and Ahmad; You described the Arabs perfectly.
Daisy ,   USA   (11.09.06)
38. Arja; The Arab occupiers are the land thiefs.
Palestiniansareamyth ,   USA   (11.09.06)
The Arabs have attacked Jews from day one. They started the violence and hate. You are a stupid unedcuated fool. Go back to school Islamic idiot.
39. Your revenge started in 1942 when your Mufti met Hitler...
Dudu ,   Kfar Sava   (11.09.06)
to discuss arab collaboration in final solution. Bet Hanun is a taste of what will happen to you soon when Moshe Feiglin soon becomes PM.
40. Cruelty that goes unchecked
well-wisher ,   baltimore, MD   (11.09.06)
Another example of Israeli terror that goes unchecked. If a palestinian bomber had caused as much "terror" I wonder if the same acceptance of "casualty of war" wold prevail
41. This is sad
George ,   USA   (11.09.06)
Reading the the replies here it's sad to see what has become of jews...they have become completely pathetic, I feel more sorry for them!
42. All my comments were censored
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.09.06)
43. History
Arja ,   Canada   (11.09.06)
Palestine was NOT a land without a people though that's what many Israelis have been taught. According to an 1880 census, population of Palestine was 400,000 people, 375,000 of them were Arabs and 25,000 Jews. In 1914 population of Palestine was 700,000, 615,000 were Arab, 85,000 Jews. By 1947, Jews owned 5.4 % of the land, and Palestinians 94.6%. Palestine had been under Muslim rule for 1,300 years. Also, the ancestors of Palestinians were in the area BEFORE the Israelites first showed up. Of Palestine's 4,000 year history, the Israelites dominated for only several hundred years. Palestine had been an Arab land since time immemorial. So as the Arabs learnt about the Zionist movement, they developed a real fear of what might happen to them. And they weren't wrong, were they?! The Palestinians were dispossessed of their land and now live as lesser beings in apartheid-like colonies. And they continue to resist against all odds. Palestinians were NOT Nazi supporters. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a British appointee who organized the Arab Revolt in 1936. and his activities with the Nazis are not representative of the Palestinians, many of whom fought with the Allies against the Nazis. I don't judge all Jews by the feedbacks I read at Ynet or by Kahanists. Yes, there were massacres by the Muslims and by the Jews; however, the Jews began an "ethnic cleansing" campaign to expand their territory in Dec. 1947. The most infamous massacre was Deir Yassin where 254 unarmed Palestinian men, women and children were killed. The Palestinians were told this was going to happen to them all. By May 14, 1948, the Jews had already destroyed 58 villages and over 200,000 Palestinians had fled. Immediately after the declaration of Israel, the Jews sent a small team to virtually every Palestinian village to drive the Palestinians out and some 750,000 Palestinians fled. Quite a terror campaign, eh! Of course, this isn't the history the Israelis were taught. But now there are historians who are studying the original manuscripts and revealing the truth. Israelis have repeated their stories and created myths (LIES) about the creation of Israel.
44. Arja has a brain?
Dr. NO ,   jerusalem   (11.09.06)
If you can call someone whose sources of knowledge and information are Uri Avnery, Chomsky, Amira Haas, Ilan Pappe, Edward Said and Gideon Levi as someone endowed with a brain, oh yes, and Jonathan Cook as well, the science-fiction journalist who is probably writing a sequel to the other famous Jonathan that I know, Jonathan Swift, i.e. Gulliver in Israel. Don't mind her, she is pushing a Nazi agenda and she is relentless about it. But I found these: What I find ironic and hypocritical about her, is the fact that she found refuge in Canada, where the native population has been reduced to a museum collection size and shut up in reservations, yet she finds it quite natural and legitimate to preach to other people what they should do and how they should live. Go back to your Lebanese site, dear, where you are sorely missed:
45. Eliminating future terrorists...
Esperanza ,   Miami, Florida   (11.10.06)
Think about it. All those killed would have multiplied like rats in a sewer and would have grown up to kill hundred of Israelis. Keep killing them 20 at a time until they're gone.
46. The real issue
John Holmstead ,   California, USA   (11.10.06)
"One shell can be errant, two can be errant, but 20 shells cannot be errant. It was directed fire. They killed the children and the women, but filled all of us, especially all the children, with hate." This was obviously a deliberate attack as the case is made from this statement by a survivor. It is high-time that the American people begin to create an even playing-field in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by using the billions of dollars we spend there each year as leverage. Military and economic assistance to Israel must be cut back while pressure must be brought to bear against the Palestinians to accept the two-state solution. Hamas offered to resign from the government recently and form a new government of National Unity. This may open a new opportunity to bring the heat down and begin a serious dialogue and negotiation. Meanwhile, don't think the American people are so stupid that we don't realize there are Israeli zealots as well who may talk about peace but are really just looking to continue this tragedy. There is huge money and profit involved for certain sectors in Israel who benefit from this crisis continuing. They should know there is a new congressional leadership in Washington and the free ride won't continue for long.
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