France demands independent probe of Beit Hanoun incident
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.11.06, 19:09
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1. Independent investigation
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (11.09.06)
Sounds like a good idea. They should get Pierre Rehov to do it.
2. GOOD!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.09.06)
3. It's either UN approved Arab terrorism or civilization
Christopher Michael ,   Kansas City, MO   (11.09.06)
The world must now decide and the US and Israel stand bravely at the forefront of that fight
4. France can kiss Israel's naked arse
5. Where is the UN condamnation in Srilanka
Mike ,   Israel   (11.09.06)
47 dead but no word from the UN hmmm
6. Propaganda victory
Y ,   N   (11.09.06)
It is interesting to see that every time the pals set up the trap israel is walking straight into it. The problem with this kind of episodes are that you are giving the pals an easy victory in the propaganda war. Israel has to turn this around if it wants to win. I think that Israel could achieve a lot by just forgetting about Gaza. If you give the pals full freedom in this small piece of land the result would benefit israel. Close the borders and let the pals rule themselves. Dont give them any work and no aid for israel. Let Egypt and the international society worry about this. The pals will always be a burden and a bunch of thugs but Israel should not be blamed for this. And if the pals one day start a regular war against you then blow them away.
7. Sderot: 2 injured from Qassam rockets
(11.09.06),7340,L-3326304,00.html In the end, Gaza will be swept clean
8. So also the duty of all "Decent Unbiased Democratic" nations
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.09.06)
9. israel a liability for the US
david ,   New York, NY   (11.09.06)
This is another example of why the US is going to leave the region like they left Vietnam in 75 or Iran in 79. Blocking every condemnation of Israeli massacres and war crimes the only thing that it does is undermine US credibility in the region, as if it had any. And for those who claim that Israel is just an instrument in US hands I really do not see how this can contribute to US interests in the area, much to the contrary, it only undermines them...The US should get rid of that liability that is Israel as soon as possible otherwise it will suffer the same fate in the region as in Vietnam or Iran. Leaving with the tail between the legs.
10. When will the UN disarm Hezballah and return soldiers?
Cynic ,   USA   (11.09.06)
11. And we care what the french think? losers ALL
DANNY ,   America   (11.09.06)
12. 1000 Qassams?
Jose Caraballo ,   Gainesville, USA   (11.09.06)
How many Israeli citizens have been injured or killed by these rockets? This is just another lie, another excuse to continue the genocide against the Palestinians.
13. It's Because of Our Silly PM's Apologies that theWhole World
H ,   Jerusalem   (11.09.06)
is in an uproar. Why did that silly guy apologize if the Arabs have to be the one to apologize for firing thousands of rockets? And most importantly, why in the world is Olmert not replaced yet? What's taking so long?
14. what you're saying is...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.09.06)
that as long as Israelis don't die, Isarel should not do anything to stop terror??? Great logic guy. Israel has every right to defend itself and they can use any means to do it. They try not to hit civilians, but that's kind of hard when the scumbag terrorists hide among women and children and even ( as we saw last week) encourage their women to act as human shields. But, I guess you think that's ok?
15. must feel good to be a war criminal
sean ,   cardiff, wales   (11.09.06)
It must feel good to be Israeli nowadays. Knowing that you can commit any war crime and get away with it, that you can kill children in their sleep and women, and unarmed women marching, and ambulance drivers and let us not talk about the horrible crimes committed in Lebanon. All this having the military political and diplomatic cover of the US. What the US does not understand is that blocking these resolutions the only it does is undermine its credibility. And threaten the physical well being of its citizens in the region. It must feel good to be Israeli nowadays, knowing that you can be a morally corrupt war criminal and get away with it. It must feel good, in the same way it must have felt good to be German in 1939.
16. Usrael out of the UN NOW
martin ,   amsterdam, holland   (11.09.06)
What a complete SHAME USrael out of the UN NOW War criminals
17. more islamic riots in france !
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.09.06)
The frogs never learn. They stab the Jews to get good pr with their fifth column moslems who burn france to the ground. The more france meddles against Israel the more it comes back to bite them.
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (11.09.06)
the massively bigoted french are at it again. punch israel and feed it to the arabo-islamo fascist propaganda mills. inflame anti-semitism... it's the popular thing to do. what about the massacres in africa or sri lanka or iraq or afghanistan... why just leave it only to israel? france... shove your franco-fascism up your rear end!
19. #15; Typical anti-semite
Cynic ,   USA   (11.09.06)
Sure, compare the Jews to the Nazis. By the way, when Hamas and Fatah kill each other, who are the war criminals?
20. We're still waiting for a nuremberg-style panel
Arie ,   Afula   (11.09.06)
to investigate frog war-crimes against the Jews and others during the Shoah
21. #15...ridiculous talkback...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.09.06)
Comparing Isarel to Nazi, you're brilliant! Haven't heard that one from all the brainwshed muslims on this site. Guess you are one of them ey? Now for the facts. Yes isarel has killed many civilians in its attempts to go after terrorists. You don't once mention that these terrorists hide among civilians (hezballah in lebanon), Use ambulances to transport weapons (Hamas), fake people's deaths ( Palestinians in fake funeral procession) and last but not least, their culture not only teaches, but urges Muslims to kill Jews in the name of Allah. If you still think israel is at fault after looking into the matter, well, then I guess there is no hope for you. Some people see a different reality than others, but the fact the the US (the most powerful and free country in the world) sees it our way, is proof enough that Israel is right.
22. to cynic
sean ,   cardiff, wales   (11.09.06)
If you do not want Israel (I never said Jews) to be compared with the Nazis, stop acting like them. It is just that simple.
23. to marcel, florida
denis ,   paris, france   (11.09.06)
Unfortunately you have no idea of what happened in France. Go watch Fox News, that will do you a lot of good as you can revel in your complete ignorance.
24. to jose caraballo, totally agree
dimitri ,   moscow, russia   (11.09.06)
Totally agree, a great excuse for the genocide and the final solution to the palestinian problem
25. Hezbollah will return soldiers when 10,000 kidnapped Pal
marlene ,   brussels, belgium   (11.09.06)
Hezbollah will return the soldiers when the 10,000 kidnapped Palestinians are set free
26. What do you expect from france?
common sense ,   your home town   (11.09.06)
the french must appease their muslim overlords who roam the paris streets burning cars. I expect no least from them. If you are a Jew living in france, please! Get out while you can. Make aliya, or go to the US, but get out of france quickly!
27. Martin, No.16
New Yorker ,   NY   (11.09.06)
Holland, whose soldiers, being part of the UN contingent responsible for protecting civilians in Srebrenica, gave out nazi salute while thousands of people were loaded in the trucks to be driven out and butchered. Holland was and is an accomplice to this horror. Holland is part of the criminal UN. UN out of Israel!
28. Israel is two faced
John ,   LondonUK   (11.09.06)
Israel is utterly hypocritical. If it has nothing to hide than it should not fear an UN team looking into this incident. But Israel knows that it meant to kill sleeping women and children. Israel has lost all morality. No wonder God has deserted it. Death of your country ever draws near because you have commited too many injustices on Arabs. Repent now before you face expulsion from your areas.
29. the US veto is different this time, it would be costly !
30. #20 Wake up, do not be confused ! this is another shoah
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