France demands independent probe of Beit Hanoun incident
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.11.06, 19:09
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61. #57
israeli ,   israel   (11.10.06)
Strange spelling, jim j, but rest assured, Israel does not to be part of socialist eurabia.
62. Jim J from New York, No. 57
New Yorker ,   NY   (11.10.06)
Jim don't you worry - Israel is not a member of EU and hopefully never will be. The existing members of EU, and EU as a whole itself is rapidly sinking ever lower soon to become third world as it's being overwhelmed by the muslim hordes. In the mean time, the brightest and and most enterprising of the europeans will go westward to the U.S., perhaps Canada, or Australia. The rest will enjoy multiculturalism at its utmost (they may not like it though).
63. On Amnesty International
New Yorker ,   NY   (11.10.06)
This fraudulent pseudo-charity should be stripped of its charitable status in the U.S. for its incessant and tireless work designed to blackmail, tarnish, libel and do all sorts of other falsehoods.
64. #57 Israel would never WANT to be part of EU
because it refuses to kiss the ass of the Arabs. Besides, Europeans have no right to point the finger, as they have participated in genocide more than any other race of people on the face of the Earth.
65. Many appalling acts happen all over the world
and Israel should not stand alone to be singled out for violations of human rights.
66. The IDF killed innocent people
paloma ,   riaza/Spain   (11.10.06)
The IDF killed inocent prople like children, old eople and women while they were sleeping and waking up. They killed childrens so someone has to be judge for these crimes
67. we dont want Israel in the EU
paloma ,   riaza, espaƱa   (11.10.06)
dont worry, we, in euroabia as you called it we live peacefully, we respect international law and human rights in our country. we believe in laicism, in intercultural societies, in equality, but we from Italy to Denmark, from Portugal to Estonia are together living with the same rules and sharing the shame project in a peaceful way. So no thank you, maybe we are not as rich as the USA or high Technology countries like Israel, but we are free, we can walk without guns in the streets, boys dont go to schools and killed everybody. No thank you, maybe Israel want to be a state of the united states yes you are very similar countries
68. 64. You are wrong Isr would die to be in the EU
estevan ,   barcelona   (11.10.06)
64. You are wrong Isr would die to be in the EU. In 2002 at the height of the murderous incursions in Jenin some Israeli leaders proposed to cease all offensive activities and in exchange become members of the EU. The EU said no thanks and I applaud them. One of the biggest violators of human rights in the world does not deserve to be in the EU.
69. to all israeli apologists
david ,   london, UK   (11.10.06)
So let me get it right. Because 70.000 people have been killed in > Darfur that means that tomorrow Israel may drop a nuclear bomb in Gaza > and kill 60.000 people and it still would be OK because it would less > than in Darfur right ?? > Or why don't you take the Congo where 4 milion people have been killed > in the last decade. In that case Israel could kill each and every > Palestinian and perpetrate a complete genocide (what many in Israel > call for) and it would be OK right because less than 4 milion people > have been killed (the Palestinians are 3.5 milion people). > Is that your morality ?? In that case you are a WAR CRIMINAL OF THE > FIRST ORDER, JUST LIKE OLMERT, PERETZ and HALUTZ AND ALL THOSE THAT > SUPPORT THEIR DAILY CRIMES. >
70. to new yorker put the US in your arse
michel ,   antwerp, belgium   (11.10.06)
I am European Us graduate and I would never live in the US. Besides the US empire is going to fall soon so you should not dismiss us Europeans so lightly, because the EU's economy is already larger than that of the EU.
71. Israel in the EU ?? No thanks NEVER
stephan ,   stockholm, sweden   (11.10.06)
72. to megan and other USraeli apologists
sean ,   cardiff, wales   (11.10.06)
To Megan Since June 1287 Lebanese killed 90 % of them civilians plus more to be killed by cluster bombs (21 since the ceasefire) 350 Gazans killed plus 45 others in the West Bank 65% of them civilians 35% of them children under 10 When you kill 90% of civilians in Lebanon and 65% in the territories it is not "shit happens" it is a deliberate policy. Haven't you heard the phrases by Israeli war criminals maybe ?? We're going to turn the clock back 20 years in Lebanon Every body in South Lebanon is a terrorist (fair game) We want to turn them against Hezbollah (by committing massacre after massacre) Those statements are THE ESSENCE OF TERRORISM, which was ISRAEL'S SPECIALTY Me like many others were really glad to see Israeli arrogance being defeated, leaving Lebanon with the tail between the legs. Israel is a completely rotten state in spite of its PR system and apologists for war crimes and war criminals like the Israeli racists and thier supporters abroad who write here.
73. to jake 39- alliance right wing fascists with Zionists
sean ,   cardiff, wales   (11.10.06)
Well, yes, and we are witnessing another alliance that we can see here: that of the Nazi right wing with Israel and Israeli supporters. Did you know that most Jews in Belgium vote for the racist right wing ?? That is despicable.
74. to all europeans
israeli ,   israel   (11.10.06)
let's see how free and happy you are : Theo van Gogh slain in Amsterdam because of documentary denouncing violence of muslim men against muslim women in 2004. Michel Houellebecq stands trial in Paris for labelling islam a "stupid" religion in Platform in 2002. Muslim zealots burn copies of Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses in the streets of Bradford, Yorkshire following khomeini's fatwa in 1989. Denmark is boycotted due to some silly cartoons as of 2005 (which also sparked violent demonstrations in London: Mozart is banned,,13509-2376967,00.html Shall I also remind you of the trains bombed in Madrid, London, the rioting in Paris, Brussels. Muslims want sharia rule in Sweden. Muslim riot over burqa. Mosques are sprouting everywhere. Muslims are plotting to blow up planes, trains... That is dhimmitude, ladies and gentlemen of the Old Continent, and you are welcome to it. I hold a European passport, for your information, but I doubt that I will ever again spend my heard-earned money vacationing anywhere "from Italy to Denmark, from Portugal to Estonia", and it's not that you dont' want me, it's that I don't want YOU!
75. A Tragic ACCIDENT
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.10.06)
G-D who is the silent witness knows how many times Israel has placed the lives of PA Muslim civilians above the lives of Jews and Jews have been repeatedly killed because of Israel's policy. Jewish communities which border Gaza are under constant rocket attack from the enemy. Every country on earth including Israel, has the legitimate right of self-defense and responsibility before G-D for protecting their citizens from non-stop war waged against their civilian population. Every country on earth would have eliminated the rocket attacks years ago. It is immoral to allow these attacks on Israel's civilian population to continue.
76. 67 - Paloma
Ryan ,   Calgary,Canada   (11.10.06)
You must be smoking crack buddy, what are you talking about, "living peacefully, respect international law and human rights in Europe" Muslim riots in Britain, July 7 bombing, Danish author stabbed and murdered, Madrid bombings, Cyprus, Bosnia / Serbia, Riots over the danish cartoons, France riots, Veil controversy, Armenians, the list goes on and on. You have more problems in Eurabia over merging different cultures and assimilation then anywhere in the world. Take your head out of your a$$ and take a look around. Your surrounded by hate crimes, and racist actions be it ethnic or religious. You should go suck up to the russians some more so they don't cut off your gas. I don't believe Israel wants to be a part of the EU, seeing how they are not in Europe I don't find it feasible anyways. Cuba will be the next state for the US. If Israel wants to join another country they are more than welcome in my books to become a province of Canada. Anyways retard do you think they fought and waited so long to have there own state to just throw it away and join the EU. Come on, you have a brain, you should at least attempt to use it.
77. All EU, pro terrorist and anti Israel
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (11.10.06)
You people make me sick, Israel is protecting you from an imminent invasion of southern Europe, they are your front line, don't believe me, wait 10 years. You all are condoning terrorist attacks by muslims, and condemning defending a sovereign nation that has been under attack since its establishment. Most of you countries have even experienced terrorist attacks, yet you still approve of them. My grandfather is rolling over in his grave, after rescuing your pathetic asses from the Nazis, you now become a haven for terrorists. You disgust me, every last one of you. Your own countries have done worse, and also done nothing to stop the killing of jews in ww2, lest we forget, you obviously do forget. I am not jewish, nor do I have any aspirations to convert. I am christian, and I believe in peace and dialogue, but if someone attacks me, i'd kill them and there whole families, including inlaws. Your all too stupid to even realize that if these arab countries won't recognize Israel, then how can they open dialogue. A third party? It's been done, and Israel has given concessions, aid, food, fuel, medicine, only to still have continuous attacks, they give land, the arabs want more, they give more, than they still want more, until the Israeli's are all living on houseboats. Your all a bunch of idiots and your parents should of spanked your asses a long time ago, and taught you about the real world. Israel has my vote to join the NU when it finalizes. North American Union, we kicked your asses for independence, saved your asses from the Nazis, twice, we will kick your ass again. Israel has a friend in the West, the true west.
78. To all you complete IDIOTS in Spain
Screw Spain ,   USA   (11.10.06)
With the genocide of the South and Central American Indians in the 15th century, the bloody Catholic Queen Isabelle's persecution of non-Christians, and your evil Torquemada's INQUISITION and burning of "heretics," HOW DARE YOU POINT THE FINGER AT ISRAEL?!!!! You can have your pathetic EU with its ass-kissing Muslim appeasers. You love the Muslims so much? Why don't you invite them back into Cordoba and Grenada, huh? Filthy Spanish lying hypocrites!!!
79. David in UK: that's exactly the point!
Genocides are perpetrated everywhere all the time, as you clearly have already stated. No one is saying that it's right, just that it's not fair to single out one situation and call it genocide. Last time I checked, the term genocide referred to the mass murder of thousands, not 18 unfortunate individuals. By your definition, any killing of innocents no matter how small the number counts as a "genocide." That is simply moronic and dilutes the meaning of the word entirely. Besides, the genocides that are taking place in Africa are against innocent, unarmed farmers, not armed terrorists who operate amongst their own people and put them in harms way. BIG DIFFERENCE; and if you cannot see that, then there is no sense reasoning with you because you are not intelligent enough to understand the moral nuances operating here.
80. The EU is PU (peeuw!) and U can keep it!
81. EU supporters here: look in the mirror before you judge you
disgusting hypocrites! I hope China and India kick your collective ecnomic asses in the 21st century! It'll serve you right for your hypocracy and arrogance!
82. #15 It must feel good to be a bastard Welsh
Esperanza ,   Miami, Florida   (11.10.06)
With what morality do you dare to call Israeli "war criminals" when you ignore the ongoing onslaught of innocent victims killed by Palestinian terrorists? You and your British Fatherland are bastards of the world when you created the mess that now exists in the Middle East. Wasn't it the English Mandate that left thousands of Palestinians in limbo? Where were your comments of comdemnation when Hamas vows to destroy Israel? You English, Welsh, Scottish or whatever...are the biggest hypocrites of the world. I'll be delighted when Islam waves its flag in your homeland and you are forced to convert or be killed by their sword.
83. #74 BRAVO!!! Well said!
Esperanza ,   Miami, Florida   (11.10.06)
84. #70 michel , antwerp, belgium
Esperanza ,   Miami, Florida   (11.10.06)
IT'S A GOOD THING YOU ARE NOT COMING TO LIVE IN THE U.S. WE DON'T WANT LOSERS LIKE YOU!!!! I visited your country and it is a total disgrace. You cross the highway from the Netherlands into Belgium and right away you see huge potholes on the roads, the roads are filthy, the people are nasty, rude and unfriendly. It's a good thing Holland got rid off filth like you! Get to work and do something with your country before you critize Israel. All you Belgium people do is whine...whine...and whine some more. Must be what you inherited from the FRENCH besides the language!!!
85. #53 how dare others be ahead of Israel in the terror race ?
86. #48 I agree with you
Azerbaijan exported the racist to Israel, not because he is so but for fear of posing threat to the would be Ilham Alyiif , claiming the thrown of the state.
87. to # 44
Jellyean ,   Chicago   (11.10.06)
You are right. But Arabs are bias too. When do you hear about an Arab politician condeming what the Palestians do to inncocent israelis? You don't! Civilians are civilians weither they are Arabs or Jews. You can't just get angry at American politicians when Arab politicians do nothing!
88. To Paloma
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (11.10.06)
So has the Palestians. Does two wrongs make a right? I don't think so both sides are gulity!
89. To 67
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (11.10.06)
So you say you are free? You are full of shit! Please tell me how peaceful you feel riding the "Trains"?? People in Europe are getting sick of Islamicfasism! that is why you are hearing policians compalining about headscarves! You don't have peace look in france where the riots are, germany and the neonazi movement on the rise oh and not forget about kosovo you are a joke!
90. To Ryan
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (11.10.06)
You are awesome I agree with you and applaud you!!! I can see how the Canadians don't like the french (the americans think they are a joke) great post!!
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