Kahane supporters praise Gaza killings as 'holy'
Efrat Weiss
Published: 09.11.06, 23:00
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1. Let these "mistakes" continue - Inshrallah!!!
2. Kahana Was Right Vidfeos
Pinchas ,   Eretz Yisrael   (11.09.06)
How was he wrong? Hebrew English
3. Remember Pinchas/Gideon/Moses/Joshua/Maccabees
Moses killed over 3000 Jews who prayed before the golden calf. Hashem killed every single first born Egyptian male. Joshua rid Cannon of Philistines and of Amalek. These are our heros and that is our civilization. AM YISRAEL CHAI
4. What Trash..........Any real news in Israel?
Jessica ,   USA   (11.09.06)
5. They make excellent points
Rolf Daegir, Norway   (11.09.06)
Jews are different whether they like it or not. When they are completely evil like present day Israel courts and gov they are utterly destroyed. When they are righteous they and non-jews and whole universe are blessed by the God
6. !
jason ,   usa   (11.09.06)
he dosnt speak for the rest of us..
7. Disgusted
Geoffrey Bloom ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (11.09.06)
As a right leaning young American Jew who is comtemplating Aliyah, these people disgust me; both my secular values and the little halakha that I know both scream out that these people are distorting Jewish values. Just like a Jew spills wine on Peseach to mourn the Egyptians, he NEVER takes pride in death, Marzel, like the arab MK's who visited Syria during the war should be expelled from politics. You never rejoice in death, though you don't blame Israel for every death, because some collateral damage is justified, you still don't celebrate. Its not moral, it doesn't fit in in a Western secular society and most importantly, that these people need to also understand, ITS NOT JEWISH. Geoff- Boston to Tel Aviv
8. Kahane did not advocate genocide
Antonio ,   Haifa   (11.09.06)
I'm not a Kahanist, and not even religious. But I read much of what he wrote, and nowhere did he advocate killing Arabs. In fact, he had more respect for them than most leftists.
9. Desecrating Kahane
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (11.09.06)
It is unfortunate that the legacy of such a complex person, a person with unreal foresight and dedication to his cause is left to those people who carry on the legacy today. While some of what Kahane preached naturally appealed to sociopaths and misanthropes this was an unintended and unfortunate consequence. Kahane used to say that he started out wanting to create a Jewish fist but not in lue of a Jewish brain. What is left today of the Kahane legacy is unfortunately all fist and no brain. I just ask that those of you who have never heard a Kahane speach or read a Kahane book not judge Kahane by those who carry his legacy.
10. Kach is not representative of Jews. YNET irresponsible.
Zionist ,   Miami   (11.09.06)
You need to state clearly that they are a small fringe group. Not all of your readers know this. I think you enjoy sensationalist headlines. In the article on the fact that the injured Palestinians needed to pay for their ambulances to Israeli hospitals one needs to read the article to find out that this was a mistake and that the money was returned. The headline screams bloody murder. I am not saying that you need to participate in Israeli Hasbarah but you should be responsible and not intentionally or negligently tarnish Israel's reputation out of laziness or out of a desire to be more sensationalist and get more readers.
11. kahane y"s was a stain on our people
avramele   (11.09.06)
yimach shmo l'olam! may his name be blotted out forever along with the mass murderer of Hebron and those of terrorist murderers and inciters to mahem of all stripes and nationalities.
12. Those Jews who hate Kahane, defend these people
Moses - killed thousands of Jews for praying to the golden calf Hashem - killing every first born Egyptian Maccabees - killed thousands of goyim and erev rav Jews Gideon/Joshua - who killed thousands of Philistines Pinchas - stuck a spike in a gentiles gut as well through the heretic Jew Soul/David - killed all the Amalek You hate Kahane, you must really hate your civilization and being what it means to be a Jew
13. Rabbi Kahane
Avraham ,   NYC   (11.10.06)
May Hashem avenge the spilled blood of Rabbi Kahane who cared for Jews and struggled for their rights before the American Jewish establishment moved a finger to do something about various situations (such as with Syrian and Soviet Jews).
14. re: #7 - wrong about pesach wine
david   (11.09.06)
#7 thinks that we spill wine out of our cups on pesach in order to "mourn" the deaths of egyptians. this is oft repeated and a distortion. the real reason is because (as the phrase is used in psalms) our "cups run over" . that means we are happy. also don't quote the agadah in megillah that g-d yelled at the angels for singing over the egyptians drowning. that's picking at straws (a very obscure agadah that lasts about 2 lines our of the entire "sea of the talmud" applying to angels only). the fact is that the torah elaborates about however moses, miriam and everyone sang out of great joy.
15. I see gay parade and missile misfire in same category
Steve ,   USA   (11.10.06)
B"H The gay parade and the missile misfire I see differently. I do not see the missile misfire as holy in a plain sense. People died who were not the intended target of attack, so this was not uniquely a human act of holiness. Its consequence was misery among people whom the army did not intend to be miserable. And similarly with sexual violence of a man to another man. It is cast as "love" by those who support it, but it has unintended dire consequences to the people and their communities which is not love at all. Both are a misfire. I think Israel needs to carefully consider what is effective. In any war, there are mistakes that cause carnage among citizens, so Israel is not unique in facing that challenge. Overall, I understand that one of the lead manufacturers of the Kassams was killed because of the evil he directed against Sderot, so this was an imperfect process that civilians were also killed. But is it too difficult for Israel to create a weapon with more precision? Overall the challenge is to reduce frustration and military actions by those in Gaza against Israel. The military action was somewhat taken, but the civilian frustration went way up because those not directly involved died. In other words, I do not see it as such a win overall. I think the gay community took the responsible step of cancelling the parade in this situation, and I commend them for that. I am just wondering if there can be done something IDF side also to prevent civilians from direct harm, which builds a lot of frustration that is not good for any peace process.
16. Kahane supporters are animals
Aaron Rabinovich ,   Canada   (11.10.06)
To all extremist who regularly post here like Linda Riviera and other, my question is how much you have to have a devil spirit and soul to say such think. "After so many cannons, we see today that one cannon managed to hit, the holly cannon.” We have our Alquaed in Israel, even worse I will say .I never heard Ben Laden been proud of killing children like those animals Kahane supporters .They are the real danger for Israel .Congratulation Israel to have such Jews in your soil and I did the correct choice that I left.
17. For sure that's not politcally correct...haha
18. #16 Photos of Innocent PA Children
Pinchas   (11.10.06)
Yeah, these people are truly Innocent , I mean I wouldnt think twice being around these children:
19. #16 Are you a fairy or what?
Rachael ,   Sderot, Israel   (11.10.06)
You sound more like a fairy than a Jew who calls himself Aaron Rabinovich. You really hurt our feelings from Canada calling us names, keep seething its good for your health, I think not LOL.
20. Jews Dont Act Like This
YP ,   Los Angeles   (11.10.06)
I'm a very religious jew i'm disgusted on how jews are acting with violence jews dont act like this no one is aloud to judge but g-d you guys are killing the jewish names and are causing anti semitism for no reason act like human beings let god take care of the mess you ignorant jews who think they are religious you guys are animals with anger thats not a jew stop and act like humans and act like a jew and let god take care of things.
21. These people are the enemy
sabbageorge ,   Tel Aviv   (11.10.06)
Such extremist do not represent Israel, Judaism or any sect affiliated with Israel.Have your opinion but dont preech hatred! what are these terrible statemnets.we are proud that some stabbed another the way these people are also jews even if they werent they are still human beings!and what crap about the killing in Beit Hanun!! the world now sees Israel as the enemy because of these atrosties!
22. Kahane supporters praise Gaza killings as 'holy'
Robert Fales ,   San Francisco, CA   (11.10.06)
Thank god they live in Israel. They are hatefull despicable people who are no better then Muslim sucide bombers. We should put them in a large arena in the gaza and let them have there way with them. And we will see which side god favors. (Probably neither, they are both so filled with hate that it would be better for the world if they were both gone.)
23. Thank you Aaron
Libneniyye ,   Lebanon   (11.10.06)
for pointing out the truth and for not being afraid to say it.
24. Comment to David # 14
MK ,   Stamford, CT   (11.10.06)
Concerning your comments regarding the angels singing while the Egyptians were drowning in Yam Suf, the rabbis interpret this medrash in quite a different way. Everyone agreed that the Egyptians desrved to die because of their mistreatment of the Jews in Egypt. The angels wanted them to die through shira - through a heavenly "song" - the same way Sancheriv's army was killed in the times of Chizkiya. This would have been a relatively painless ordeal for the Egyptians to die in this manner. After this suggestion, G-d rebuked the angels and replied by saying "Maasei yadai tove-im bayam va-atem omrim shira?" My creations - MEANING THE INNOCENT JEWISH BABIES WHO WERE THROWN INTO THE NILE BY THE MERCILESS EGYPTIANS BEFORE THE EXODUS - THESE INNOCENT CHILDREN WERE DROWNING IN THE SEA AND YOU ANGELS WANT THE EGYPTIANS TO DIE THROUGH SHIRA (SONG)?. G-d replied that the Egyptians deserved a far more severe punishment and they in turn drowned in the sea. The righteous Egyptians drowned right away while the wicked ones took much longer to drown. As for the comments made by number seven, no one takes pride in death, but sometimes death is a necesaary evil. What about Amalek? Had King Saul not taken pity on Agag, Haman would have never beeen born! AL TEHIYEH TZADDIK HARBEY!
25.  - you'll love it :)
Norway   (11.10.06)
26. Taking Israel Back For Jews
ADINA kUTNICKI ,   US   (11.10.06)
Rabbi Kahane spoke the truth and was arrested, vilified and murdered for it. Isn't it interesting that Arab MK's and all manner of radical leftists can collude with the enemy, yet they don't get arrested or even detained? Taking back Israel for Jewish rights is the only proper thing to do. Otherwise, why stay in Israel if 'universal' rights will rule the day?
27. Kahane Z"L
Meir ,   Arad   (11.10.06)
I have read every book the late Rabbi Kahane wrote. He was well ahead of his time and that's the reason his legacy is so important today. Blessed should be all those who carry his banner. Kahane was right!
28. Should we Say, "That is Judaism?"
Sharif Hafez ,   Giza, Egypt   (11.10.06)
Look at that trash. Should we say, just like u select some jerks in the Muslim world and say the same:"This is Judaism?" Those are just your version of Ben Laden!
29. Marzel is a Nazi pig to say a holy cannon killed....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.10.06)
innocent children sleeping in their beds. It makes me sick to my stomach. Thank God most Israelis do not think this way. And Federman can whine all he wants, but compromise between the gays and the orthodox solved the question of the march this year. May we always solve our problems by understanding each other in this way. Ultimately, these right wing pigs will loose everything. We will negotiate with the arabs and we will solve our problems only in this way.
30. We should all wake up and start to destroy, you are scared
Abey ,   new york   (11.10.06)
The reason the idf does not want to destroy the animals and tame them is because they are scared of there own free will to do so. When they get some guts to do so like kahana did then there will be peace. peace is only if you keep torah in israel if not there is no peace
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