Kahane supporters praise Gaza killings as 'holy'
Efrat Weiss
Published: 09.11.06, 23:00
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31. #16 Aaron
Israeli Canadian Jew ,   Tel Aviv   (11.10.06)
Its easy for you to say what you do from Canada. When and if you ever decide to live in Israel you will have the right to your comments. Till then shut your stupid ignorant mouth.
32. This is definently the work of G-D
Israel ,   Israel   (11.10.06)
33. Kahane supporters are sick!!
Nora ,   Israel   (11.10.06)
The incident was a tragic mistake due to technical fault. The killing of innocent civillians is always painful.
34. Adina Kutnicki, move to Israel, then
Jake   (11.10.06)
Once again, fancy slogans and big words. There is only one thing working against a Jewish Israel, and that is demography. Move to Israel, and bring all your disciples in America with you to a strategic settlement in the front lines...instead of pontificating from a 5000 mile distance what Israelis should or should not do.
35. Andy, criticism of Marzel is not endorsement of Left
Jake   (11.10.06)
As much as I hate people like Marzel and Kahanists, and agree with you that they are Fascist pigs, my opinion of Leftist pigs is no better. As far as I am concerned, the difference between "Peace Now" and "Kahane Chai" is much like the difference between two different strains of the flu. The challenge is to find an effective vaccine that will neutralize both of them.
36. Out of curiosity, was Kahane really a Kahanist?
sk ,   USA   (11.10.06)
I have read one of his books, and I have listened to some of his debates. He never referred to "fags," but once referred to "gay." He did not recommend genocide against so-called "Palestinians." Because the Pals always had, and always would, kill Jews, on either side of the Green Line, he wanted them to get out of Israel voluntarily (with compensation), and, if they would not, they would be expelled. He said he did not want democracy, and that Judaism was not democracy. And yet, so far as I know, he was suggesting if Arabs could vote Israel to be another Muslim state, he would object, regardless of the fact that this was a "democratic" outcome. This is another reason he wanted the Arabs out. Nothing that I have seen or heard from him was as vile as what these Kahanists (and some typically loony talkbackers) call "Kahanism." I cannot imagine him celebrating the stabbing of three Jews, regardless of their presence at a march, under any circumstances. Now, I have been appalled at Jews whom I thought cared about their fellow Jew. (I expect nothing from Christians.) Therefore, I am perfectly willing to believe that Kahane was a Kahanist if there is evidence that supports it. Surely there are enough lunatics here to supply some relevant citations or links.
37. Aaron (16) and Israeli Canadian Jew, Tel Aviv (31)
sk ,   USA   (11.10.06)
Aaron, actually, Linda R. does not sound anything like Marzel, Federman, and the rest of these creeps regarding the Arabs. I think she basically tells the truth about them, by the way. The truth is not very pleasant. She has also said nothing that I have seen that has been directly homophobic, unlike the haters here. ICJ, Tel Aviv: I am trying to put Israel out of my mind and have cut all donations (which were all to right-wing causes) in light of the vicious anti-gay campaign that has been waged. However, if you have complaints with the Ynet policy regarding foreign TBs, you should contact the Ynet staff; otherwise, as Teresa H. Kerry memorably said, shove it.
38. Rachael (#19), Sderot asks if #16 is a fairy.
sk ,   USA   (11.10.06)
Well, Rachael, I don't know about Aaron R., but I am both a fairy and Jew. Not that you could tell the former by looking at me. Are you one of those yeasty, saggy-titted hags that have litters of children and subsidize said children with the dole? BTW, watch out for those missiles!
39. Steve (15)
sk ,   USA   (11.10.06)
Steve, if children see their parents having sex, they think violence is going on and get scared. Has it occurred to you that you have much the same reaction when you consider the possibility of two men having sex? Please do not project your feelings onto others. It also seems to me that the "dire" consequences of man-on-man action are felt by those who freak out and foam at the mouth at the thought of it. Drug therapy might be beneficial to them. Or, they can adopt less fanatical beliefs. Or, they can whistle to themselves for a hour or so every year while the Jerusalem parade occurs far away from their homes.
40. Oh please, Sharif (28)
sk ,   USA   (11.10.06)
You ask, "Should we say, just like u select some jerks in the Muslim world and say the same: 'This is Judaism?'" Those are just your version of Ben Laden!" The only reason Marzel, Benhorin, and the rest have any following at all is because the problem in the Muslim world is not just "some jerks," but typical Muslim mainstream leaders. You in particular write from an authoritarian regime whose leaders make Marzel et al. look positively pacifistic by comparison. "Palestinians" die because their leaders prefer that they die for propaganda reasons. Anyway, remember that these people love death -- they've told us so -- so what's with all the tears suddenly?
41. who has the right to judge!!!
elvi   (11.10.06)
i dont think anyone has the right to judge the choyce of any other human being in this planet. we all have opinions thats right but it doesnt encourage us to say whats wrong and whats right! not in any religious book of any religion God orders us to take justice in our hands!
42. when I see these bastards, I favor the death penalty
nikos ,   athens, greece   (11.10.06)
When I see these bastards, I favor the death penalty
43. Israel - a liability
david ,   glasgow, scotland   (11.10.06)
Washington, too, has much to gain - or at least considerable losses to avoid - by drawing the appropriate conclusions from the bloodletting in Gaza. More than 100,000 US troops are currently mired in the Iraq mess, and every act of injustice committed by Israel with America's blessing exposes those men and women to the fury of Iraqis and other Arabs who have resolved to stop turning the other cheek. The Middle East will not know stability unless and until Israel finds something other than the profligate and indiscriminate use of force to function as its foreign policy.
44. Discusting
John ,   London,UK   (11.10.06)
45. holy act
isiaiah   (11.10.06)
if you believe that join the ss
46. marzel
isiaiah   (11.10.06)
one day i hope you are arrested tried and hang and your ashes dropped into the mediterranean for ordering the killing of children as holy.
47. Bless Marzel and Federman. Kahane wanted TRANSFER of arabs
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (11.10.06)
the death of arabs. There can be no accommodating people who believe "Kill the Christians and the Jews." You can only have piece if you are more powerful than them and keep them far away.
48. state of israel evidence of human corruption
goyboy ,   anchorage, ak, usa   (11.10.06)
israel is a godless state and proves it every day. i guess this qualifies as incitement but it's truth nonetheless
49. Cruel and heartless
Margret   (11.10.06)
It is unbelievably cruel and hateful to say the tragic killings of the Arabic women and children in Gaza the other day were a "holy act". But it is equally cruel and evil to call the brutal machine gun killing of a pregnant Jewish mom and her 5 little daughters one of whom was an infant in a baby carriage an act of holy martydom.The Arab media said the killing of Talia Hatuel and her little girls was a act of heroic attack on settler terrorists. Imagine the depravity of someone who could call a 2 month old baby who was brutally murdered a terrorist? The Arab media and sadly much of the Arab populace celebrated the killings of this beautiful young mother and her children and other Jewish women and children in suicide bombings . And one Arab university even reenacted in a celebatory way the brutal suicide bombing at the Sbarro Pizza parlor that killed 21 people including 7 infants and children .Why didn't the Arabs ever condemn that kind of hate speech like the good Jewish Israeli people on here are condeming the extremist hate language of these hateful rightwing zealots?
50. #26 Taking Israel Back For Jews
Justin ,   USA   (11.10.06)
Taking back Israel for Jewish rights?!? Im sorry but that sounds exactly like Hitler of Nazi Germany. Replace Jew with Arab, and Germany with Israel -- and you sound exactly like him. He was wrong, and you are wrong. --- No on should be killing other people because they are gay!
51. Nothing holy in paliwood
Gaby ,   Boston, usa   (11.10.06)
Most probably it is paliwood, where Pals present victims of thier own explosives as victims of Israeli bombing. The same the the infamous "beach tragedy".
52. Kahane Did NOT Advocate Killing! He advocated Transfer
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.10.06) a means of Jewish self-defense. It is well-known that the Muslim Arab world and beyond, seek annihilation of Israel's Jews.
53. if
nayfa ,   jerusalem   (11.10.06)
if killing children is holy //to the hell these supporters of kahana if killing of children is a fault the hell the idf but if it is god will //we will wait to know ..why it will be iam believe on god and believe death is from god but killing is from the evil men if they are left or right or if they are from the middle .. sure killing innocents is an evil sure it is not a fault nore a holy ,,it is evil no more to the hell of all do not see that killing children is an evil
54. Mazuz is a hypocrite!
Aryeh ,   Petach Tikva   (11.10.06)
Mazuz's rational for wasting 12,000 troops protecting the gay parade was that he MUST protect the freedom of Homosexuals to protest AT ANY COST as this was a question of preserving democracy. He stressed that it would be improper to succumb to the fear of incitement and violence from the protesters and that the people who stand to be "incited" are the enemy. This same clown will not even let a JEW PRAY anywheere NEAR the Temple Mount: The REASON: It might stand to unnecesarily inflame the passions of the ARAB street. What a loser...With hypocritical Leaders like this Israel is doomed!
55. Martzel and co. victims of Oslo and Camp David
Daniel   (11.10.06)
I wrote in respnse to another Ynet article that the crazy Israeli liberals were victims of the shock of the Yom Kippur War. The same can be said of the crazy Kahanates in relation to Oslo. Before Camp David what few deranged voices in Israel were calling for genocide did not garner any attention or support. The country was growing stronger, and doing so with Relatively little blood-shed, and so long as they were safe and prosperous, right-wing Jews had no desire to masacre anyone. This whole righ-wing insanity started after Camp David and accelerated after Oslo, when zionists realized that their country was on a suicidal path. After trying unsuccessfully to get into the government and change something, people like Marzel despaired, and decided that the only way to save the country was to exterminate the Palestinians before the Israeli government gave them a chance to exterminate the Jews. I am not defeanding Marzel, I think he is a monster, but I think that if the crazy left gets forced out of power, many of these people can be de-monsterized and the rest can be isolated.
56. Rabbi Kahane was right but these people are wrong.
Daisy ,   USA   (11.10.06)
What happened in Gaza was horrible and no one in their right mind would celebrate something so tragic. Even though Hamas was at fault the Idf took the right step by investigating the accidental tragedy.
57. Kahane supporters
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (11.10.06)
How many are there, like, 9? Geez YNet, you are so freaking lame.
58. Unfortunately KAHANA was RIGHT
JB   (11.10.06)
I just did research on him and he convinced me, and the funny thing is, he was saying this 25 years ago, NO ONE DREAMED that he was right, today we have to admit that he was UNFORTUNATELY RIGHT. Its a pitty to see lunitics take over his legacy and NOT the public Go back and see what he said and lets debate it
59. WHAT IF?
YB ,   NJ   (11.10.06)
WHAT IF we had listened to Kahana? WHAT IF the USA would have turtured the terrorist in Iraq 3 years ago and gone after every cleric, Mask, leader or group that had any thing to do with terrorist would we have 150,000 dead people and countless beheading in Iraq today, I DONT THINK SO Saddam prooved this point he ruled with a fist and there were no lawlessness like we have today. WE NEED TO FIGHT THEM USING THEIR RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. Liberalism brings forth Natzism
60. memorial in Toronto
Meir Weinstein ,   Toronto,Canada   (11.10.06)
Wednesday November 15 at 8:00pm at the Zionist Center at 788 Marlee Avenue in Toronto, Canada there will be a Memorial service for Rabbi Meir Kahane. Some Arab groups have said they will protest the event. The memorial event will go on . Rabbi Meir Kahane was right.
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