UN report: Israel 23rd on quality of life list
News Agencies
Published: 10.11.06, 12:49
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1. Wow
Raz ,   Rishlach   (11.10.06)
After only 50 years, countless wars, endless terror attacks, and international provocation by Muslim countries, Israel still kicks ass...yep.
2. Yep
Emilio ,   DC   (11.10.06)
It's because of our most valuable natural resource..........Our skillful, innovative, compassionate people.
andrew ,   miami,fl   (11.10.06)
4. Palestinie Ranking?
John ,   NZ   (11.10.06)
5. #1 You are a moron, that's not what this means!
Khalid ,   PALESTINE   (11.10.06)
What this means is that there is no real threat from "terror attacks" or heavy peices of plastic you love to call rockets. It means that these threats are all EXTREMELY OVER EXAGGERATED so that Israel can make sure that Gaza and the West Bank are probably 10000th on that list of quality of life.
6. Better 23rd than 1st or 2nd
enzo ,   london,uk   (11.10.06)
And anyway...who wants to live in Norway or Iceland???
7. They should take climate into account.
S ,   world   (11.10.06)
I don't think there is much quality to life if you are stuck inside 9 months of the year because it is depressingly dark and cold out.
8. You freeze your ass in Norway. Plus it is going Arab anyway.
Roger ,   USA   (11.10.06)
9. Sweden, Iceland? You cannot walk in some sections
Hamilton ,   USA   (11.10.06)
of Malmo..It is an Arab enclave now.
10. never, never believe anything from un
honest man ,   los angeles   (11.10.06)
they are bunch of hypocrit, left oriented stupid quys
11. Khalid; "Harmless" rockets exist just like "Palestine"does.
Palestiniansareamyth ,   USA   (11.11.06)
Meaning that both of them are myths. There is no Palestine and there aren't any harmless rockets. These rockets have murdered and hurt dozens of Jewsand caused millions of dollars in damage. Arabs really are the most depraved people on Earth.
12. For #5
David ,   Norway   (11.11.06)
Funny than that not even the oil rich Arab states manages to outdo Israel. Oohhh, It's all do to the Occupation! Ok, get it...
13. Ever notice how when we want...
Adam Adamati ,   Israel   (11.11.06)
to look good, we compare ourselves to the Arabs? There seems to no no aspiration to be better, or to get closer to a European or North American standard, just to look better than the Arabs... not good enough for me! If we want to live at a European standard, we have a long way to go.
14. #5; You are ranked 100th, better than 77 other countries.
15. Well done Israel, in spite of Arab terror.
Ishak Haskiya ,   Roskilde - Denmark   (11.11.06)
16. @ 6, 7, 8, 9 and everybody else
Paal Olstad ,   Oslo, Norway   (11.11.06)
I live in Norway. I don't want to live anywhere else. And the wintertime is really very romantic. We just stay inside and make love before the log fire. Or go out and do some skiing. We still have our national identity very much preserved, unlike France and Britain. I should only wish that our government will do something that will discourage muslims from coming to Norway and make the muslims that our governments have been so stupid to let establish themselves here want to will leave. Otherwise Norway is a very good place to live, there are a few rather poor people though that the government really should do something for. This does not show on the statistics. What does not show either is that a lot of Norwegians support Israel and the Israeli nation’s right to live in their ancestors' land where you lived from 1000BC and for 1000 years. Shalom from Norway.
17. #5 So if rockets arent a threat, stop shooting them at Israe
RA   (11.11.06)
If as you say the Qassams arent a threat to the Israeli public, what do you nitwits hope to achieve by shooting them at civilians? You are a blittering idiot. Don't even attempt to answer my question.
18. Palestinian Territories higher than egypt, syria...
Meni   (11.11.06)
hmm....gee, wonder what would happen if the palestinians decided to stop shooting rockets at israel and try to live in partnership with the jews.
19. Khalid - PA has higher score than Egypt
Barry   (11.12.06)
If as you dishonestly suggest , Israel is seeking to make Gaza poorer, than it is failing.
20. #6: I do!
Tahl ,   Israel   (11.12.06)
I've always dreamed of living in Scandinavia. Especially in Iceland. Beautiful unspoilt nature, beautiful women, calm atmosphere... But reports of blatant anti-semetism in recent years have discouraged this will. Now people like Paal in #16, or those who marched in Helsinki recently in favor of Israel, are making me reconsider my thoughts.
21. Where were we before the PALs started Intifada 2?
Fasulia Hudra   (11.12.06)
The more one reads the news the more it sounds like a soccer match gone wrong. Generally in soccer it is not the person who commits the first aggregious foul that gets caught but the player who retalliates. There is no mention of the PALs destroying the relative peace with THEIR STARTING INTIFADA 2. There is no mention of the suicide bombings which necesitated the FENCE, roadblocks, and border crossings. There is no mention of stabbings, driveby shootings, kidnappings, murders, or launching rockets. Therefore any such UN report is not even worth using as toilet paper..
22. dang..
jason ,   usa   (11.12.06)
PA is at 100 and Iran is at 96 ,,, dosn't suprise me
23. #13 - Finally !!!
Indie ,   Israel   (11.22.06)
I thank you for your comment Mr. Adamati - finally a comment worth something. Israelis seem to want to be the Head of the Ass rather than the Head of the Class. When are we going to stop blaming the Palestinians, Arab countries and terror for our problems - not that they are not a problem, but we have to start solving the more important problems like the environment, education, car accidents, government corruption, and help the 250,000 children that live below the poverty level. These particular problems have nothing to do with Arabs - and are what puts us in #23 rather than #1.
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