Everyone talking about Borat
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Published: 10.11.06, 18:20
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JEFFREY M KORMAN ,   NEW YORK, NY   (11.10.06)
Sasha Cohen's Borat brings out the worst in people views of Jews and exposes them for who they are and believe unfortunately he only promotes this bigotry. The Archie Bunker character in New York was a buffoon for his bigotry but a hero everywhere else. Jews are people not an opportunity for a joke or worse. Mel Brooks in the line of self-hating Jews just recently had to state how proud he was to be a jew when his whole body of work made a joke of all jews where and have gone through.
2. Original and Shoking. Totalitarians don't understand this.
Ron ,   LA   (11.10.06)
I bet they don't show it in all backward country like Egipt, Saudi and Pali. Not recommended on full stomack.
3. Borat Hebrew
Sam ,   USA   (11.10.06)
The best part is when is supposed to speaking the native language of khazakastan to one of his friends, he is actually speaking HEBREW
4. Borat
Lobbus ,   In Florida   (11.10.06)
This movie is absolutely hilarious ! Any movie that the Russians want to ban because it might offend someone is surely worth a look ! It does sail somewhat close to the wind at times,pokes fun at some of the USA's most sacred cows, and is certainly often distasteful. It is, however one of the funniest and most original comedy movies made in years and is certainly worth seeing. Israelis should pay close attention to the dialogue when Borat and his sidekick speak together in the "Kazakh" language .................
5. It Is Not About Kazakhstan!
Oren ,   Israel, TA   (11.10.06)
It is about western society and its ignorance from all the rest of this planet. It is about western fake tolerance towards minorities and about hidden racism. It is about western hypocracy in its attitude towards jews. It is about attitudes like: let's talk to Iran, let's fight Iraq because of 9.11, let's work together with the palastinian elected Hamas government, let's convince the lebanease government to disarm hizbollah - by westerns who doesn't have a clue about what's going on here, but still have strong opinions. I saw his shows in youtube. I'll see what that jew has to say the momment it will come on the screens here, and I'll laugh and cry on the same time.
6. Pity
enzo ,   london,uk   (11.10.06)
Shame! They don't know what they're missing!
7. Film is not insulting
semsem ,   New York, USA   (11.11.06)
The movie insults no one. I found it funny in parts but it is not offensive even to khazakstan. It makes more fun on the USA than on Khazakstan.
8. Borat speaks Hebrew!!
sarah ,   dallas   (11.11.06)
Borat 's "Kazak" is actually Hebrew ... Ali G. thought no one would notice, or what?
9. Borat
mark ,   westfield usa   (11.11.06)
I went to see this movie and I walked out within 10 minutes of being there. I have never walked out of a movie before in my life, but I was so disgusted by the absolute filth from this man, I couldn't stand to sit and watch any longer. Yes I am jewish and I did not like the beginning of the movie where he joked of "running with the jew", and some other anti-semitc comments, but the worst part of this movie was not the anti-semitism, but the disgusting behavior he shows towards all humanity, and kazahkstan in particular. Showing him defecating in the middle of New York City was not hilarious. It was just disgusting! And I am not a prude. I love movies like Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Animal House and such. They are funny. This was not. Don't waste your time or money seeing this movie.
10. what is it rated?(in the US)
jason ,   usa   (11.11.06)
11. "ani mitchaten et pamela"
yonatan ,   nyc   (11.11.06)
i loved the movie and borat's "kazakh hebrew" is soo funny.
12. people that are offended by this need to calm down...
yonatan ,   nyc   (11.11.06)
first of all, no one is going to start convincing people who are real anti-semites to all of a sudden start liking jews. i don't care what they think, and they deserve to be exposed for what they are. the scum of the earth. secondly, sacha baron cohen is a staunch zionist and an observant jew. i think those of the older generation, particularly in the diaspora need to start understanding the reality, and maybe stop wasting their time caring about what anti-semites and certain goyim think.
13. #10, it's rated R, and deservably so.
yonatan ,   nyc   (11.11.06)
14. Sasha Cohen is a genius!
Sam ,   Atlanta, GA   (11.11.06)
The movie is by no means anti-semetic, it's a parody of antisemites. Can't anyone see the difference? Its main focus isn't even Jews! RELAX people. And why is no one getting the point here? It's baned in Russia because of Cohen's depiction of people from Khazakstan, a former soviet republic. Don't you think the soviet mentality that remained since the fall of communism is touchy, like mark from westfield (grow some balls) about anything that degrades the 'glorious country' of khazakstan? Get a grip! Go see the movie and lighten up. This kind of acting could NEVER cause a rise in antisemitism, simply becuase of the brilliance of the film's portrayal of it.
15. Animal House??? to # 9
me ,   Jerusalem   (11.12.06)
How can you compare this wonderful satire on racism to Animal House which is puerile , pathetic slapsticK?? this is far more sophisticated. Obviously you don't get it!! Sasha for president!! A comic who can get a Kazakh government minister to visit Israel to prove that Kazakhstan is not antisemitic is definitely very powerful!! well done Sasha and keep the politicians jumping
16. I was surprised that it got by with an R rating.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.12.06)
The film could of been done in Arab countries and showed much more ignorance and prejudice towards the world as a whole. But hence, shitting in Central Park is no different than what the liberal media do to the US every day of the week. Or European media for that matter. Why push the ignorance of society in America. You could just as easily go to Israel and ask if an Israeli knew any Christian friends? Or what a Christian was in the first place. In 1979 on Kibbutz Haogen I had a friend ask me what black people were like. He had never met one before. This was before Ethiopian Jews had been brought to Israel. Any society can be made fun of because of their ignorance. What was the purpose of the film. To show only Americans prejudice and ignorance? If it was only for slamming Americans, Jews ought to figure out who, if any, other nations are good enough for them to associate with. Many people don't know Cohen is a Jew. They go to the theater and follow along with the Jew bashing and either laugh, because they don't have a clue about what a jew is, or they have not considered that they were baited into laughing at Jews being made a joke of in the first place. One of my black friends asked me what a Jew was recently. He didn't have a clue. Just as one of my Jewish friends didn't know where Australia was on the map. Ignorance is bliss--And the whole world has it---they just prefer to focus on America's.
17. borat
yossie rachamim ,   norwood mass. usa   (11.13.06)
i laughed so hard i had to go to the urin room seven times . is sasha an israeli? .
18. #5 What???
Trish ,   Willard, USA   (11.14.06)
The whole world hates your country and your people. If it was not for God and this western country trying to keep Iran and the rest of the of the world from making it one big parking lot while you are laughing and crying at a perverted movie. You know what is so sad I will still pray for you safety. Dumb American huh? Wake up!
19. #17; His mother is from Israel and he's dad is a British Jew
Daisy ,   USA   (11.14.06)
Mr. Cohen speaks Hebrew fluently and has lived in Israel.
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