Iran: Enemies cannot stop our nuclear work
Published: 10.11.06, 21:37
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31. Fire When You See the Whites
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (11.11.06)
As John McCain said recently, we cannot allow a nuclear Iran. Israel's Olmert said the same in Moscow. President Bush won't allow Iran to have nukes. So, guess what, Iran will not have nukes. The remedy is simple,a combined Israeli-US-British-French nuclear strike of their own on Iran's facilities, military and manufacturing complexes. That should put them out of the nuke game for a decade, if forever. As proof, our Iwo Jima aircraft carrier is now patroling the Persion Gulf, along with other ships..ready to launch Cruise Missiles. Israel is practiicing F-15E strikes. Do you pro-Palestinian-pro Jihadist posters get mein point? It's them or US, and we still have the advantage. So, I say, go for it, ASAP and put some duck tape on this guys mouth forever. I would not want to be in Tehran after our nuke strike on that despicable Muslim country. And for good measures, a strike on Hezbollah and Syria would not cause me one tear. It's in the bible folks.
32. Don't forget - Peaceful purposes
Chris ,   Australia   (11.11.06)
in the "religion of peace" encompasses the right to perpetrate jihad on anything and everyone they perceive to be at odds with their fanatical ideology.
33. Attack iran will be the end of israel
Mohammad ,   Sydney   (11.11.06)
Attack iran and its the end of "israel" there just waiting, if israel attacks iran will not stop until the PALESTINE is freed from the occupiers. And be prepared we will sacrifice millions to see the end of "israel"
34. #13 Ryan
Charles T. Brown ,   Gray Summit, USA   (11.11.06)
Yes, I would kill every terrorist in the world and be proud of the deed... terrorists are evil and need to be eradicated.
35. oh fadi, your conspiracy theories are funny.(end)
Charles T. Brown ,   Gray Summit, USA   (11.11.06)
36. soon
TOM ,   BSAS,ARGENTINA   (11.11.06)
37. #23 not a balance
jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (11.11.06)
it is time you stopped being ignorant! Iran with a nuke is like Nazi Germany with one! Not a good idea and not a balance but a disaster waiting to happen for everybody icluding the Iranaian people and the Arabs.
38. Poor iran
JG ,   US   (11.11.06)
Hey Iran, there are hundreds of ICBM's throughout the Midwest as well as Boomer subs ready to make Iran into a giant silicon wafer.
39. #18
Wanda ,   Montreal   (11.11.06)
Civil War. As catalyzed by the US. What do you call the destruction in Gaza? Anything answer less than murder will be a lie.
REUVEN ,   USA   (11.11.06)
41. It sacks ha
1.5 billion muslim   (11.11.06)
u reap what u sow. reality check , world.
42. #4 Mark, Yes I agree with you
Monk ,   USA   (11.11.06)
You wrote: "Instead the West particularly Bush works against the West. In 2003 they made an offer for peace and dialogue. They wanted to talk about all issues. Bush was against that idea." Yes of course, you are so right. If only we would sit down and be reasonable and dialogue with this murderer, things would be swell. I mean, why didn't Chamberlain offer Poland, France and Great Britain to Hitler? What was wrong with Chamberlain? Hitler had made so many offers of peace and dialogue. If only Neville Chamberlain had offered to continue the dialogue with Adolf Hitler and had made even more concessions to the Nazis. Alas, if only..............
43. Awarning to monkey boy; God will stop you!
Daisy ,   USA   (11.11.06)
God will always win over evil!
44. Iran will be stopped.
Elana ,   LA, USA   (11.11.06)
Ahmadinnerjacket is taunting the world because he thinks he can bring the hidden imam forth by throwing the entire world into a nuclear holocaust. He will be stopped. If the actual war does happen, his ilk will perish in it.
45. #13 The only intelligent person on YNET
USA   (11.11.06)
You are right about everything you just said. As far as you question if i could kill all israelis of course i wouldn't even if i could get away with it i wouldn't i wouldn't even kill all the terrorist if i could because then there would just be more terrorsist their fams would become raidcalised if they already werent. Plus i dont believe in killing people its retarded. I would however tell all those israelis to go back to where they came from (i used to think jews were smart but when i realised they picked a place that people were already living to make their homeland i realised either they were stupid or crazy i think its the latter.) PS. You israelis need to calm down. Iran would never nuke israel. He wouldnt dare radiate the al aqsa mosqu are u crazy? Dont portray this man as a nutjob he is anything but he is quite intelligent wether you care to belive it or not.
46. Well which is it?
Jill ,   Colorado   (11.11.06)
One day I read how the Middle East and Europe want us to mind our own business in the USA and now I am reading when there is a potentially real threat you want us to jump in??? Which is it in or out? Your rich Uncle George cannot keep bailing everyone out. Our own house needs a little sprousing up. Painful but true for now anyway. I will continue to pray.
47. Mark #4
Brod ,   USA   (11.11.06)
Don't be naive about the Islamist-Jihadist world and Iran. You would need to do alot more reading on Current Affairs books to know what is going on in the world and the Middle East in particular. The following books are MUST READ: 1. "Countdown to Crisis--The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran" by Kenneth R. Timmerman. 2. "Preachers of Hate" by Kenneth R. Timmerman. 3. "The Final Battle" by Hall Lindsey. 4. "The Everlasting Hatred The Roots of Jihad" by Hall Lindsey. 5. "Militant Islam Reaches America" by Daniel Pipes. 6. "They Just Don't Get It" by Colonel David Hunt. 7. "The Rage and The Pride" by Oriana Fallaci. 8. "The Force of Reason" By Oriana Fallaci. 9. "Atomic Iran" by Jerome R. Corsi. 10. "World on Fire" by Amy Chua.
48. Ahmadinejad
Brod ,   USA   (11.11.06)
Ahmadinejad is still living in fantasyland. And the Iranian masses that the Ayatollahs have been brainwashing all these years are also still living in a dream world. When Reality starts falling over their heads, it would be too late.
49. Iranian president
Bachrach Andres ,   Kfarsaba il.   (11.11.06)
You hope?or do you know,that america can't do a damn thing? What I can tell you,that there are a lot of things what Y O U don't know.There are a lot of happening what can and will surprise you! So I advise you to be a bit more circumspect with your boasting,becouse you will experience things,what- after it will be late to whine about your inexperienced bad luck. Andi kihakfar
50. message for President Ahmadinejad
Scott ,   Haifa   (11.11.06)
Samuel I 17:26...For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should taunt the armies of the living God? Samuel I 17:46...that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel, Samuel I 17:47 and that all this assembly may know that the LORD does not deliver by sword or by spear; for the battle is the LORD'S and He will give you into our hands.
51. Solar energy now!
Ron ,   LA, USA   (11.11.06)
it's the only way to win
52. 4 No I disagree... youre totally out to lunch...
freedom ,   canada   (11.11.06)
Take a look at fadis response... youll get the idea of why peace and harmony doesnt work with someone that wants to eliminate your society... you must be a naive democrat.... too bad...
53. Since when is joe an arabic name...
freedom ,   canada   (11.11.06)
Joe grab some reality.. youre very one sided... didnt you know that hizbullah used cluster bombs in the latest fracas... as a christian that I hope you are you should be ashamed that the christians in the west bank have not removed the palestinians from the home town of your messiah jesus christ... hear about the five christian churches burned in the west bank a few weeks back....????
54. Send the birds and erradicate the nukes
Josh   (11.11.06)
55. 14 Actually partition Iraq, keep US troops in
freedom ,   canada   (11.11.06)
Kurdistan... The US needs a presence in the area... I hear they are looking to arrest the last Iranian PM .... wonder why...... state sponsered terror?????? IN argentina.... interesting...
56. 22 Iran is nothing without oil and would
freedom ,   canada   (11.11.06)
soon collapse inwards, just like Venezuela.... more than 85 percent of the Iranian economic output is defined as oil related... THink about it..How nice would an embargo be.. The chinese would be worried they would have high prices to deal with.... Likely the USA would just ration... wouldnt take long for Iran to collapse....
57. 33 Israel is already being attacked by rocket fire from the
freedom ,   canada   (11.11.06)
territories... Your opinion is kind of pathetic... and sad... you have no tolerance for others...
58. #7 cry me a river
jason ,   usa   (11.11.06)
59. #51 Ron
BC ,   Sweden   (11.11.06)
An even better alternative would be fusion power. Unfortunately that's not a viable option for some years to come but when it arrives, it will not only solve the global energy problem but also be better for the environment and hopefully convince most countries including Iran to abolish nuclear power as a means of energy creation.
60. Enemies and Friends
silvio ,   italy   (11.11.06)
What I don't understand is that all the Moslems must have their land. Israel instead no. Like they think about the U.N. and in Europe, Israel must have a Nabuccodonosor that destroys Jerusalem always and deports the Hebrews! This is an unbelievable shame that takes me deeply and it makes me to take the parts of the Israelis with strength. The only Political Party in all the World that has the like his Hymn" VĂ  pensiero sull'ali dorate..." that he remember the deportation to Babylon of people Jew suffering, and that he opposes firmly to the Islamic overcoming is quite the League Padania North. Don't forget it.
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