British 'silently boycott' Israeli academics
Moran Zelikovich
Published: 12.11.06, 04:33
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TAL   (11.12.06)
2. It's the Brit's loss
Little Miss Muffett ,   Sitting on a Tuffett   (11.12.06)
If they are going to boycott Israeli academics, then it's the Brit's loss, and maybe it will turn out to be America's gain if the academics come here. The boycott will net the Brit's nothing. They should learn a lesson from Spain, which kicked out all the Jews long ago, and in the process lost all the Jewish contributions that would have been made to their society. It's no accident that Spain is the least advanced of the Western European countries. They kicked out their Jews, and now they have lots of lovely Muslims to deal with (ha! ha! serves them right!)
3. UK
juljul ,   Mastrich   (11.12.06)
The British empire was and still is the most brutal oppressor on earth. A britton will NEVER admit his/her wrongdoing. Israelies should fight this boicott but be not impressed by its moral standing
4. Impeding academic advances in support of terror
Well done Britain. Maybe you need another train bombing before you understand us.
5. They should also boycott all the Israeli innovations.
Daisy ,   USA   (11.12.06)
Let's see they would have to throw away their computers, cellphones, certain medicines etc. The world can't live without Israel but we can live without the useless Arab countries. That is why these dhimmi idiots will never really truly boycott Israel. They can't afford to or else they would be living like barbarians.
6. Boycott UK and All UK Products
lynne ,   USA   (11.12.06)
I have posted this before in response to the anti-Israel bias in the UK. If you support the US and Israel, boycott all travel to the UK and all products from the UK. It is the very last place I would go.
7. Those were the days..............
Bill Pearlman ,   New York, USA   (11.12.06)
Brings you right back to those carefree days in the fatherland, the horst wessel song and all. Oswald Mosely, the white paper, and Bevin. Now it's from the left. But the eternal constant is hatred for the Jews. Actually kind of fascinating on an intellectual level.
8. Ahhhhh, anti-Jewish sentiment is alive and well.
Micha   (11.12.06)
Good to see our buddies in the UK are full of vim and vigor and vile and bile and spewing hatred as always. It's to be expected really. Just look at the pockets of moslem neighborhoods there that don't even allow non-moslems to enter. Ahhhh, happy days are here at last. Yes, let's look at the wonderful fun england and france and their moslem brethren bring to their glorious nations!! Oh, happy day. It's the Jews, right? Source of all evil? Oh, right. And the Jews did so much bad from the time they were expelled from their homeland, Israel aka Palestine aka Israel/Judea etc. Aka projection, aka moslems deny history...aka 1964 PLO charter doesn't include GAZA or the WEST BANK...aka perpetuation of lies....aka read your history...aka you've been hoodwinked...aka collaborators of the Nazis...aka Never AGAIN!
9. Jewish academics
JK ,   LA   (11.12.06)
If Jewish academics, and there are plenty of those, in turn decided not to publish with boycoters, they would bancrupt them in a hurry. Alas, it will never happen. We are too civilised or... too stupid.
10. british academics just like the church of england
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.12.06)
they both sacrifice their core values, beliefs, and principles on the altar of hypocritical moral equivalence in order to support islamic intolerance, hatred, ignorance, and terrorism. a national disgrace and they show the depths to which the UK continue to plumb.
11. #2 It's the Brit's loss
AB ,   WA, USA   (11.12.06)
My sentiments exactly. Only in the elitist communities of journalism and academia could they come up with something this stupid.
12. Boycot
Joe ,   Israel   (11.12.06)
So what else is new. The expulsion law in England is still on the books. At least in Spain, the expulsion law was finally cancelled. In England, that land of "Fair play" the law still exists.
13. Merry Old England
Paco ,   Mexico City, Mexico   (11.12.06)
May JESUS sink you! And, may your denizens' lungs fill up with ice cold North Sea water!
14. As usual unthankful Israelis
kais ,   Qatar   (11.12.06)
the UK gave Israel a homeland and made sure it survived in the midst of the Arab and Muslim world and now Israelis want to boykot Britain!!!??? You are a sad and unthankful bunch of people who deserve to be placed in the Amazon with all the monkeys. I can't wait to see how Israel will bash its CARING Father, the USA, when the later starts shifting its policy and views in the ME because it finalay realized Israel is the source of most trouble in the ME! This may take at least another 20 years but it will happen eventually, and then what Israel??? I guess the whole WORLD IS THEN ANTI-SEMITE? You guys have a serious inferiority complex....
15. Spurious UK
Sam ,   NY USA   (11.12.06)
For 700 hundred years UK has occupied Ireland. Called Norhern Ireland.
16. sour grapes
Laura ,   London, UK   (11.12.06)
I wouldn't worry about it - the best research comes out of Israel and our academics just can't compete - Its a case of sour grapes masquerading as some pious misguided, one-eyed 'humanitarianism'.
17. Smart move
Joe ,   Pa USA   (11.12.06)
BOYCOTT all Israeli scientific papers, you might learn something if you don't .. A real English progress move.
18. to uneducated # 14
Josh ,   USA   (11.12.06)
In case you have not passed first grade let me let you in on something the Great old Brits as you refer to them left Israel to defend itself against superior numbered arab countries that attacked them right away and if it wasn't for our courage we would have been wiped out. Oh and I guess we should be thankful to the Brits for trying to ease their conscience by letting some of us go to Israel because they did not want to harbor us in Britain during WWII so get your information right and get an education even though I guess it would be hard for you since your country is so backward and gets its money only from oil otherwise you would be herding sheep.
19. to #14 Kais Quatar
juljul ,   Mastrich   (11.12.06)
Kais: perhaps thew Brits gave Qatar to you, but they gave nothing to us. WE BUILT our homeland! At least I agree with you about the Amazonian monkeys: they would make better neighbours!
20. LOL kais
Ilan ,   Ariel   (11.12.06)
We get a lecture on an "inferiority complex" from Qatar, where the only thing of value is the oil under the ground. You guys can't have an inferiority complex because you have never accomplished anything.
21. #14 a hypocrite at its best
Christian Bianrossa   (11.12.06)
The US takes down Saddam, one of the worst tyrants of the 20th (and 21st) century, and your co-religionists declare it a "war on Islam". Now who is it that has an inferiority complex?
22. Report From Londonstan
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.12.06)
I guess the rumor is true, Britain is joining the Arab League & the Queen will soon be wearing a burka. The British academics evidently don't see a contradiction in boycotting us where we have complete academic freedom & supporting those who have no academic freedom, censorship, & no human rights to speak of. I guess they havn't done their homework.
23. Boycott
M. Kleg ,   Waverly, USA   (11.12.06)
Why in the world would Israeli academics even entertain the machinations of British academia? Many of Great Britian’s intelligensia is now, and has been for many years, mostly a pseudo-intellectual shell whose time has come and gone. Why in the world would or should Israeli professors even consider these intellectually useless appendages of the past. If they are worried about their publications lists, then they might want to be bootlickers without taste. My advice: Tell them British bigots to go to hell and forget them. What goes around, comes around! Have some self respect and stop sobbing. M. Kleg Prof. Emertius, UCD
24. Hahhahah...poetic justice.
Vincent   (11.12.06)
Its just funny to see that bitch Shlesinger, who used to head Amnesty International in Israel, get her just rewards. What did she think the slimy Brits would do after years of reading her AI reports slamming Israel for defending itself against Islamic facism? Most of the Israeli academia affected by this boycott are themselved lefty liberals. Makes me almost want to support the boycott.
DSM ,   USA   (11.12.06)
Who cares what third rate thinkers in a second rate country think. Soon they will be over run by the Islamic facists they have afraid to face down in the name of political correctness.
DAN ,   USA   (11.12.06)
The British did not give Jews a homeland. In every country the British occupied during their imperialistic time they cut and ran at the first inkling of trouble. Palestine was no different.
27. The Curse of Israel
kurt ,   san diego ca   (11.12.06)
The latest blend of negativity coming from that incident of firing high explosives into civilian areas of Gaza. The academic world is not overt in nature, so they quietly shun anything Israeli. I think Israel needs to look at the Torah, and notice the boundaries set forth by G-d. Then transport the troublemakers to the Southern Tip of Israel via bus, to allow them their own port; thus ridding Israel of the never ending problem.
28. Brits are afraid
JD ,   Los ANgeles   (11.12.06)
The Brits are afraid from competitive minds. No other explanation will do
29. Who cares about the limeys opinion!
Mike ,   USA   (11.12.06)
They can't even figure out how to use a fork corrrectly.
30. How disgusting
Sagi ,   Israel   (11.12.06)
for grown mature, intellegent and in some cases intellectual academics to boycott their fellow colleagues on false grounds and trumped up charges of colonialism and occupation. If these folks would put as much effort into understanding and researching three points as they do into fabricating their vitriol and rhetoric, they would not arrive at their baseless conception of Israel as an occupying Nation. Point one, the history of what is known as the ancient world. Point two, the wording and clear intention of decisions reached by international convention throughout the course of the last century, starting from 1917 onwards. Point three, the factual reason as to why Israel is where she is territorially, pending destruction in June 1967, she had two choices, lay down and die, or distance the destructive forces from her borders to ensure her existence. Those who have minimal understanding of the topography and of basic military tactics and strategies will arrive at the conclusion that Israel had no choice, if she chose the path of existence. To the writer I would like to add that in my humble opinion it is also disgusting to describe a person with the appendage "chair". A chair is an inanimate object usually made from wood or metal, whereas a person heading an organization is animate and should be respectfully treated and named as such, chairman, chairwoman or chairperson. "English as she is spoke has had the best took away ".
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