Awaiting the Iranian messiah
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 12.11.06, 22:42
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1. Messiah(?) would be the first casualty if he preach PEACE!
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.12.06)
2. one word: hutzpah
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.12.06)
make it two: crazy
3. Super nut!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.12.06)
What happens, if that mahdi speaks English?
4. In other words, the 'man' is a homicidal maniac
Arie ,   Afula   (11.12.06)
5. since Bush talks to God, Bush should have a clearer idea
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.12.06)
about when the Messiah will walk on earth again !
6. Wait till Eliahu comes along with his sword
Hans ,   Markdorf, Germany   (11.12.06)
DACON9   (11.12.06)
8. To Fadi
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.12.06)
Well, most of us talk to god, but she doesn't seem to listen to any of us. Maybe she's laughing off her head at the show. Besides, we're not just waiting on some Messiah. Some of us insist on getting raptured-maybe that's ruptured- and some of us are waiting on Hale Bobb. I'm sure, though, that we can squeeze in a mahdi or two. Las Vegas hasn't put out any odds on either, and we might just have to wait and see what shakes out.
9. Insanity, fanaticism, and a apocalyptic visionary!
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (11.12.06)
Boy! This guy has it all!
10. faithless Israel stands for nothing
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.13.06)
Fearful and in retreat Israel has tied itself to a peace agenda that brings no peace. Israel has only faith in burning bush george and his failed schemes which only reward Islamic terrorists. Israels enemies have real faith in a false god while Israel is faithless with the true God.
DEBRA ,   USA   (11.13.06)
12. This guy is messed up
Scott ,   Haifa   (11.13.06)
Messiah is Jewish, not Islamic. Messiah came as a Lamb, will return as a Lion. Messiah Ben-Joseph, and Messiah Ben-David, His name is Yeshua. Either way, He is going to be Jewish, and not Islamic.
13. No Time To Lose. Either Iran Will Survive Or Israel
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (11.13.06)
The question remains - who will preempt the Iranian Prez, Israel or the US? This is the clearest case in modern history for the justification of anticipatory self defense.
J ,   UK   (11.13.06)
15.  good and evil
jerome ,   Colorado, US   (11.13.06)
if there is such a thing as Satin or the devil it's very obvious that Islam's fundamentalist are following the evil and the lies. Let's all hope that the good will prevail over the bad!
16. Prophesied Imam Mahdi...
Norway   (11.13.06)
- and a Promised Messiah. They are two different figures. Be aware of the Islamic belief in a coming Messiah coupled with an apocalyptic aspect. There are also differences within Islam regarding the prophesied Imam Mahdi and Messiah. Who is this Imam Mahdi, and what is his significance? He is NOT the same as the promised Messiah. Mahdi means “the Guided One” – the belief is rooted in Hadiths – or tradition. He is a descendant from Muhammad’s family. He will enter the stage, at the time of the end. There will be injustice and tyranny and the Moslems will be under oppression. Before he enters the stage there will be a great earthquake, and it will flourish in desert lands. The Mahdi will receive knowledge directly from G*d. Many Moslems believe Iammadinthehead is the Mahdi. And he recently claimed that he was in contact with G*d; in a mosque in Teheran 16.10. He claimed that he had received a divine message; that they would win. The Mahdi will rule over the Moslem country for 7-9 years, spreading brotherhood, equity and devotion among Moslems. He will bring justice, unite Arabs and other peoples under Islam. Note: These events will occur prior to a Second comming of Hadhrat Isa bin Maryam (Jesus, son of Mary), The prophesied Messiah. Jesus and Mahdi will rule together for a short time. When Jesus returns, he will kill the false Jewish Messiah He will rule according to Islamic law. Jews and Xtians will embrace Islam It will be justice – peace – prosperity He will be victorious in the battle of Gog & Magog These events are said to happen before all believers will die prior the Day of Judgement. Then; resurrection of the dead Judgement and punishment Allah will establish his Kingdom on earth. Islam will be the worldwide religion. Return to the Truth http//
17. To Fadi (wrt wooohooo)
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.13.06)
In answer to one of your posts to a previous article, I am a girl. Although I am an old girl, I can still and always will wooooohooo.
18. Messiah
Carol ,   Tampa USA   (11.13.06)
Jesus declared Himself to be the Messiah. What other prophet can make the claims that Jesus has made about Himself. Jesus called Himself the Son of God, thus making Himself equal with God. Jesus repeatedly used expressions about Himself that can be true only of God: I am the truth I am the way I am the door I am the bread of live I am the resurrection Whoever lives and believes in me will never die I am the Messiah (John 4:25-26) "Before Abraham was born, I am!" (John 8:58) "I and the Father are one" (John 10:30) "All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me" (Matthew 28:18) "Your father Abraham rejoiced at the thought of seeing my day; he say it and was glad" (John 8:56)
19. Lock him up!
enzo ,   london,uk   (11.13.06)
His unconscious identification with God is an unequivocal form of madness that any health professional can certify under the Mental Health Act.
20. Iran's nuke intentions are peaceful not military
Angel   (11.13.06)
Honestly, why do Zionists insist on spreading lies about Iran's nuclear program? They're not working on atomic weapons... they're NOT allowed, otherwise Iran will be rejected by the Mahdi himself. The destruction and chaos that precedes the Mahdi's arrival is not caused by the hands of his faithful, but the hands of his enemies. In other words, the Iraq War, the war on terror, the warmongering ambitions of Israel in the middle east is the destruction and chaos in prophecy. It's not Iran threatening nuclear war... that's a load of rubbish. It's ISRAEL threatening nuclear war. Ahmadinejad is confident about his beliefs because HE knows that all those nations with nuclear weapons will miss out on the divine blessing. He knows that the Mahdi hates nuclear weapons and despises anyone that uses them. He knows that the Mahdi hates war, hatred and destruction that the world is afflicted by today. The Israeli State and US are idiots to continue accusing otherwise. Anyway... the lies against Iran from Israel and the US will soon be exposed for all the world to see. The world will finally understand that Zionism has no relationship with ALMIGHTY GOD at all... but that they have been deceived to serve the enemy of souls. It is Ahmadinejad's job along with GOD's faithful, to preserve the world including zionists from these lies that imperil their souls to eternal destruction. The fact, Olmert & Associates want to destroy him and Iran etc, in order to prevent his divine duty is a real shame, because they are resisting GOD's forgiveness and salvation.
21. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
David ,   London   (11.13.06)
We have our own dumb Moshiach beliefs. We dance a catchy song at barmitzvahs instead of threatening genocide. But the belief in some guy making the world a utopia is still rubbish. It exists in many religions and reflects humanity's need to believe in a children's-story "happy ending", no matter how irrational the belief is.
22. He Is Not Mad
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (11.13.06)
The Pres. of Iran is not crazy, just another religious (Islamic) zealot. On the other side of the coin, are those that think we are in the "end of days". Some Jews call for the Messiah now. All these people are not crazy. These are their beliefs. However, most Germans prior to, during and even afterward, thought Hitler wasn't nuts, that he was simply undoing WW1s demands on Germany. We, in the West, and Israel must take this guy's attitude and views seriously, or, we, will suffer the same fate as the Holocaust Jews (and others). That said, sooner or later, we must take Iran's nuclear capabilities and ancillary arms factories and weapons. We can do it with a few dozen Cruise Missiles..tipped with our own nukes. It's just that simple. But first, get the 25,000 Jews out of that miserable, despicable country.
23. Who is the promised seed of God?
marilyn   (11.13.06)
Well the man is passionate in what he believes. He is a good lesson for us all to examine what we really are putting 'faith' in. I believe we all should know why we believe what we believe as the 'truth' because my experience with Christian groups has been the calling of each other from the Devil, whilst they claimed their religion to be the 'truth'. But I came to discern none of them was the 'truth' because only 'Christ' was the 'truth' . A person not a place. This means I have to examine what others say who claim they are the 'truth' like Mohommed and I have to examine him against the righteous standards. of the 'Law' and see how he stacks up He fails the test, as does budhism and other isms. Because not one of them came from 'above' , Only 'one' sent. And even the prophets of Israel prophesied about a coming 'seed', not themselves.
24. To #20, Angel
Guy ,   USA   (11.13.06)
How are the zionist spreading lies? Iran's ambitions are obvious, to create nuclear weapons. Iran doesn't even need peaceful atomic energy because they have so much oil, it would just be a loss of money. Israel shows no threat of nuclear war, because if they wanted to destroy Iran they could've done it any day since the 1979 revolution. Why put nuclear weapons into the hands of somebody that wants to wipe Israel off the map?
25. Go for it Dacon 9
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.13.06)
You have my support!
26. What the hell is he talking about?
USA   (11.13.06)
This article is full of probablies maybes and hypothesis with nothing to truly stand on. So what who cares what amadinejad says he dosnt have any real power. The guy is a joke who cares what he says or dose. We need an article on khameni not this idiot. All this mahdi crap is a load of bull if iran wanted to use a nuke to bring about the mahdi which is just a rideculous theory they could have bought one from russia, china or even cheaper north korea. This article is stupid. Oh the iranians want to start a nuclear holocust in there country to bring about the mahdi what a joke.
27. Superpower(s)?
Stacie ,   Canada   (11.13.06)
In referring to the fact Israel is a superpower, the author is alluding to the fact Israel has 'nuclear' superiority over its neighbours. The author surely knows Israel does not own up to its nuclear arsenal and the oversight that comes along with it. Who's to tell the World Israel doesn't have a religious fanatic in charge of the firing button? What are Israel's rules of engagement when it comes to its nuclear weapons? Israel is, in fact, a rogue superpower much in the same way North Korea is and likely Iran soon.
28. hmmmm!!! What if there is some truth in this!!!!
Media Critic ,   USA   (11.13.06)
The Evangelicals have been waiting for this for a thousand years. :)
29. #20, et al
RIB ,   USA   (11.13.06)
I keep hearing this same misinformation, over and over! The reality is that they DO! Just not ENOUGH. >The EMP commission conducted a worldwide survey of foreign military and technical open source literature and found the international community is well aware of EMP and its military potential. States aware of the military potential of EMP attack include Egypt, Israel, Taiwan, Pakistan, India, Iran and North Korea. The panel also found that “China and Russia have considered limited nuclear attack options that, unlike their Cold War plans, employ EMP as the primary or sole means of attack.” An article written in English about EMP was recently published in a Chinese-language technical journal. ~Consider Iran. The leading sponsor of international terrorism, Iran is also defying the efforts of the United Nations to restrain its nuclear ambitions. Iran has successfully tested launching a Scud missile from a vessel in the Caspian Sea. Given the gross inaccuracy of the launch mode, a Scud armed with a nuclear weapon would probably be unable to hit even a very large target, like a city. However, an EMP attack is not dependent upon missile 'accuracy'. Moreover, Iran has conducted a number of flight tests of its Shahab III medium range missile, which have been described as failures by the Western media because the missiles did not complete their ballistic trajectories, but were 'deliberately exploded at high altitude'. Iran has described these same flight tests as successful. Is the West misinterpreting Iran’s purpose for these missile flight tests? ~There's no way to disconnect China's Tech. from N. Korea, Iran, Libya, Syria, Turkey, the Saudi's or Egypt. Like Russia, the World is their market place.
30. Ignorant Americans
susan ,   minneapolis, MI   (11.13.06)
Most of the US population has no idea what is happening to Palestine. The word has to get out about the the slaughter of innocent people being killed with tax dollars from the US
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