Egypt begins construction on nuclear power plant
Roee Nahmias
Published: 13.11.06, 12:34
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1. What this is really about
Shai ,   Israel   (11.13.06)
The US is losing influence over its Egyptian ally. Egypt is preparing, over the next 10 to 15 years, to realign itself with China, Russia and/or France. Guess what those countries build, all around the world? Nuclear power plants, and they have shown in Iran that such commercial interests, which are worth $billions, are significant enough to innoculate client states from anything that the United States could do to punish "disobedience" to its overall foreign policy strategy, in the UN security council. And precisely where would Egypt like to be disobedient? Well, that seems clear. It's awfully inconvenient to be on the border of an israel that acts as though its afraid to fight because of what the world thinks about the results, when Israel's enemy has no scruples. This same enemy can threaten Egypt if it doesn't tow the line of the Islamic nationalists, who are cradle to grave anti-semites. And what to do with all those Abrams tanks that they built in Egypt? "If you have a stick", Theodore Roosevelt said, "use it." No, with all the natural gas they have, it's highly unlikely they need the nuclear power, as that could easily and cleanly power their electric grid.
2. things are just getting more interesting :)
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.13.06)
3. So now we'll start to hear that egypt is a terrorist state
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.13.06)
and should be added to the axis of evil !!
4. Or better idea to US & Israel: spread democracy in egypt !
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.13.06)
Mubarak is a dictator who needs to be replaced in democratic free elections. just an idea: didnt hamas government reach authority by free democratci elections!?
5. Saudi arabia needs to develop nuclear power too as they dont
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.13.06)
have any other sources to generate power :)
6. So if its not iran.. it will be egypt.. if not egypt
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.13.06)
it will be saudi arabia .. if not saudi arabia maybe syria .... So start accepting the idea dudes: soon ull be surrounded by some nice neighbours with some new "toys".. these are same nice neighbours u always punch in the face and leave them with bleeding nose or u stab them in the back !!!
7. So true #1
David ,   Israel   (11.13.06)
Number 1 is totally correct. All Arab countries fear a nuclear Iran and after Israel's fiasco in Lebanon, they don't see a strong Israel with guts to fight the good fight. So, they need their own nukes. I don't blame them. Getting kinda tired of paying the high taxes in Israel and continue to see this country's war blunders. Ceeding territory to an enemy sworn to destroy Israel at any cost.
8. Egypt and nucleur
Hilda ,   USA   (11.13.06)
Why would Egypt need the bomb except t go after the country it loves to hate? This does not bode well for the State of Israel especially when it stands alone on Iran, despite all the protestations of the hypocritic world. The truth is they would prefer to be taken over my the Muslim hordes than stand on their hind legs and do something about it.
9. Egypt
Brod ,   USA   (11.13.06)
Develop your country from a starving Third World country to First World before wasting money on crap mega project that leads to hell.
Enemy of State ,   Judea   (11.13.06)
×™How come you've got nothing to say about your good friends the Egyptians building nukes (for 'peaceful purposes', of course). I know you hate me more than you hate them, but how come you "peace" loving freaks have nothing to say?
11. I agree... to nr2
Alexander ,   Israel   (11.13.06)
Things are getting more interesting indeed. Egypt will soon be a sand covered archaeological excavation site with Mubarak's face on the sphinxes.
12. hope they do it
and even i will not mind that they make neuclear weapons to make powe balance in the area .
13. Fadi
Dan ,   U K   (11.13.06)
Every day you have a dig my friend. Looks like you need to get a life : ) Dont you work ? Dont feel so smug and happy about this new situation. Even if the unthinkable would happen Israel would take all the surrounding countries down with it . Great for Lebanon Hey ? : )
14. based on cairo construction safety-you sure you want this???
aaron ,   ra'anana   (11.13.06)
15. #Fadi
enzo ,   london,uk   (11.13.06)
You're giving me a stomach ulcer! On the other hand, if we allow Ahmadinejad build nuclear plants, don't do anything about Korea, consider Pakistan a "friend", what signal are we sending to other arab countries? It's our fault! We should have acted ages ago!
16. there's nukes, and there's nukes
tom ,   toronto, canada   (11.13.06)
not all nuclear power reactors require highly enriched fuel. some, such as the candu design, are much safer, more efficient, and use fuel that cannot be made into bombs (without further, and detectable, enrichment). egypt has very carefully avoided mentioning the context of those "international agreements" on nuclear power plants, because they occurred as a result of the peace treaty with israel, which they are trying very hard to forget. and at the time, israeli analysts recommended a candu reactor as the best solution to reduce israel's dependence on imported energy, but you can't do that with american aid dollars.
17. limited spread to creat a buffer; a reasonable thinking
18. to #3, fadi
tom ,   toronto, canada   (11.13.06)
egypt invented the PLO itself, and an egyptian, named arafat, headed it for over 30 years. more recently, egypt is helping (by its failure to carry out its treaty obligations) the palestinians in gaza to smuggle hundreds of tons of munitions across the border from sinai. without this illegal smuggling, the peaceful inhabitants of gaza couldn't have fired over 4,000 qassam rockets at israeli civilians. calling egypt a "terrorist state" would not be an exaggeration...
V. n.y. ,   Usa   (11.13.06)
arab countries are building nuclear bombs because they know they cannot obliterate israel by conventional war means. we are too, too, strong a survivor for them. so, they resort to the most lethal assurance in eliminating our presence in the mid east in the future. what they may not understand or realize is that should the above scenario occure, israel already has all of it's aqromic arsenal pointed to iran and every arab nation in the mid east. and, when push comes to shove, and it suspects an arabic button push, they'll unlease all their arsenal and take out all the arabs down with them. there will be not one muslim extremist to enjoy the victory over israel and the kews. there will be no candy throwing or sweets handing to the arab muslim victors. there will be no hizbullah flags on the streets and hanging from roof tops. there will be no celebration. all will be quiet in a pile of rubble and sand. but you know??? i have a very very good feeling that, despite this maybe occuring, knowing the jews and israelis (who by the way, have nuclear bomb shelters in every home and apartment building against such an occurence. it's a building code law now in israel), they'll come out of tgheir shelters and build a beautiful country again with all the perks it had before. it'll take us years, but, we'll prevail. while the arabs, the ones who pushed the button first, would present zero problems to the israeli state because all of them would be french fries in the sand. FADI, this is the scenario you'll be facing. go ahead, encourage all these countries to aquire atomic bombs and your face will be in the sand together with your terrorist nations. do not underestimate jews when it comes to survival. we are not the lambs of 1939 led to the gas chambers and crematoriums. we have learned a very very good lesson on our own skin what can happen to us and will never, never forget or stop defending what is precious to us: our holy land, our civilization, our children and future, and our survival.....we are entitled to it no matter what the world, the un, the arab nations, etc... think.
20. Another Nuclear Nail in the World's Coffin
emanon ,   USA   (11.13.06)
There is no such thing as safe nuclear power. I'm not even talking about the potential to convet it to weapons. I mean problems like Three MIle Island and Chernoble. And these are just the ones the world media knows about. I'm sure there have been other accidents. Then there is the problem of disposal of spent fuel. The spent fuel is still deadly. What is more, it remains deadly for a LONG time. How do you dispose of it without contaminating somewhere else? The nuclear power stations already in existance are a mistake. We can't safeley dismantle them, so we are stuck with them. Let's not create more of them. Making these mistakes in unstable countries is even a bigger mistake, one almost sure to create havoc on a world wide scale.
21. Nuclear energy doesn't mean "the bomb"
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.13.06)
As long as there are monitors who can assure the world that this energy is for peaceful purposes...who cares. I don't think Egypt wants to start another war with Israel...they have learned their lessons....BUT, if Iran continues to enrich Uranium for weapons, and is not transparent about its work , then there is a problem. So it doesn't matter what idiots like Fadi say, the world will not stand for rogue countries developing nukes.
22. 19#. i love you.
23. what happens if if blows up?
jason ,   usa   (11.13.06)
24. In response to #19
Micheal ,   Laurel,   (11.13.06)
25. Continued from previous response.
Cairo, Egypt   (11.13.06)
happens and refuse to talk to each other and learn about one another, we will never be able to live in peace. I am an egyptian and yes, I am muslim. I would love to live in a world with peace were no matter what religion you are, you can live your life without fear of prosecution. If the Palestinian and Israelis would suck it up and learn to live together under one country, then almost all the problems we are facing in the world today would be solved. The israelis should give the Palestinians a chance to live in the country they used to live in for hundreds of years before the Israelis invaded.
26. #25
israel didn't invade "palestine" palestine and palestinians didn't exist. it is a roman term and name given to the land the rfomans stole from jews centuries ago. jews from europe settled the land in "palestine" by buying lands there from arab landowners who were more than willing to sell these lands to european jews for a very high price. we bought it legally from rthe arab landowners that resided in syria nad jordan. most of these lands were uninhabitable and there were very very very few arabs living on them. the jews started draining swamps, fighting malaria and finally making this coutry a land of milk and honey. arabs saw it and flocked to settle near the jewish settlements because it gave them jobs and an infrastructure they could benefir from such as medical care, purified water, farmong and food to eat. prior to 1967, the word palestinian and palestine was not even heard or was not even an issue. there was no palestinian struggle. only after the 7 arab armies attacked israel in 1967, causing the 6 days war in which israel prevailed and won hands down, they also captured land like the sinai, gaza,west bank, etc...these were lands the israelis captured during a war staged on us by arabs for no reason at all but to annihilate our existance there. have you ever seen az c ountry who wins a war b ut has to give the lands back to the loosing party? but, we gave the lands back. we gave gaza and sinai back and look what happened in tghese territories. mayhem, terrorism, bombing suicide attacks, etc.... can the palestinians govern themselves in peace? don't think so. the issue is not the arab palesestinian/israeli conflict. the issue is the right of any sovreign nation for self defense against coutries and people wishin g tghem death on a daily basis.
27. Stop these lunatics!!
Concerned ,   USA   (12.11.06)
These lunatics must be stopped!! Imagine if Iran had nukes before the revolution, and the US was OK with it because they're a friend... What if we let these crazy Arab countries, which are our friends now, get the nukes, but then they get overthrown and replaced by some radical idiots?! They would not even hesitate to use them. The US & the whole world should stund up to these "friends".
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