Olmert: Ready for US-Iran talks
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 13.11.06, 16:22
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1. Olmert, For Once, Is Correct
emanon ,   USA   (11.13.06)
I hate Bush, but if he can get Iran to stop its nuclear program, we will all benefit from it. Olmert is correct in saying essentially the same thing. It would not matter to me *who* got Iran to halt it's program. The real trick is what guarantee does *anyone* have that if the Iranians voice the words they will indeed abandon their program. Talk is cheap. If they agree to stop the nuclear program, let them demonstrate it by physically dismantelling the equipment involved and taking down whatever buildings have been constructed.
2. Stop this nuclear epidemic
enzo ,   london,uk   (11.13.06)
Talks, meetings, promises. Talks, meetings, promises. No wonder Mubarak is starting his nuclear program! And if Qaddafi finds out what his neighbour is doing, he's going to do it too!
3. Iran and Syria Are Still Rogue States
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (11.13.06)
Nothing will be accompiished if we (US) talk to Iran and Syria. They have been, and will continue to be rogue states, defying morality. Remember why Israel per se, is in the Golan Heights. Remember that Iran, which has never fought Israel in battle, is now Israel's worst enemy. So, what is their benefit to talking unless it pushes the Muslim demand on Israel, back to it's pre-67 borders, the right of return and the dismantling of ALL SETTLEMENTS. If the US can push Israel for the above, much the better (according to Iran and Syria). Talking to these countries about Iraq is a waste of time too. Iran will never give up it's atomic bomb goals. Why should they? Israel, for it's part, will have to stay tough and not yield to the oncoming pressures. The WTC bombings were not due to Israel, but loftier ambitions of Al Qaeda. To blame the Israeli-Arab conflict is ridiculous. It's an excuse for other underlying problems between East and West.
4. Sure just like talking to Nazi Germany in WWII
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (11.13.06)
Sure just like talking to Nazi Germany in WWII the world wants our destriuction as a people and a state. Israel must make public her nukes as a deterance against hostile countries that threaten Israel militarlily like Iran and economically if a boycott ever occurrs like the EU
5. Talk
Brod ,   USA   (11.13.06)
Talk does not work with fanatical Islaimist-Jihadist entity. Those who advocate talking with the fanatical Islamist-Jihadists in Iran are resorting to simplistic solution that leads to a bottomless pit. Would the world talk and negotiate with Hitler and his brainwashed Nazis that were hell-bent to dominate the world with their agenda and by force? Those who tinker with this idea, are playing right into the hands of the Islamist-Jihadist regime. Once the latter has their nukes, they will unleash them without hesitancy.
DAVID P ,   SANTA CRUZ, USA   (11.13.06)
7. Where is Israel, Where is Iran
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul / Turkey   (11.13.06)
what a big talks for a little country ! a few days ago, for couple minutes, I start thinking about that little (7 millions, I think) country called ISRAEL. she has to fight to a few 100's millions :) yes, I felt bad. than I suddenly become a radical muslim and forget they are just 7 millions. If there was no civilians deaths in Middle East, I could better understand Israel. I believe Israel existance. I believe the people of Israel must live there for ever. I hope and I wish they break the bad luck. I want to believe Israel. I really do. But I get depression when I see dead civilians. As you see, I am very confused. In my heart, there will be always a place for the people of Israel. and I wont stop to tell the politicians that they are not good, unless they are good for civilians. what I mean, I want to see A HAPPY ISRAEL, A HAPPY PALESTINE. so, than I am happy. I hate to talk about religions. Do I believe, there will be ever be peace in that places. Why not. But Iran wants to hurt Israel. I feel this. I hope all nuclears go to hell. Where is Israel, where is Iran :) But they are as if NEXT DOOR. This is the hate. Hate, no matter where, it is our next door. Sincerely Atilla Karagözoğlu
8. Olmert, You're embarassing. Go Home!!!
malcolm   (11.13.06)
9. # 1
wATCHMAN777 ,   USA   (11.13.06)
WHAT incentive can ANYONE give Iran to hault their nuclear program OTHER THAN Israels destruction? WAKE UP!!! Are you that BLIND or just slow of wit? Olmert is a moron IF he thinks for 1 minute that Iran WILL through negotiations!
10. #9: Re-read My Second Paragraph
emanon ,   USA   (11.13.06)
We're essentially on the same side of the issue. I seriously doubt *anyone* can really stop Iran's program through negotiation. If anyone can, though, I'd certainly be greatful.
11. you give up yours and...
Ringo ,   Zurich, Switzerland   (11.13.06)
Isreal has the ultimate barganing chip: Isreal isthe only country in the ME with nuclar weapons. An idea! Isreal close down its own nuke program in the manner that the Ukraine did, or Lybia did, or N. Korea is about to do, and the incentive for Iran to even think about developing Nukes is reduced. Think about it.
12. to Atilla
fadiha ,   kfar fadiha   (11.16.06)
You are a decent man, Atilla. Look at dead civilians in Darfur. Did Israel do this? 400,000 people dead, many more wounded and enslaved. Look at Algeria. 200,000 people dead. Did Israel do it? Look at Iraq. 100-200 thousand people dead. Nobody knows how many. Sunnis killed Shi'a. Shia killed Sunni. Sunni Arabs killed Sunni Kurds. Saddam killed Persians. Iranians killed Iraqis. That's Middle East, Atilla. That's NOT Israel. We - you and I - us - are stuck in this crazy neighborhood. Fadiha!
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