Sderot: Traumatized kids have nowhere to run
Meital Yasur-Beit Or
Published: 13.11.06, 23:39
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1. Bowing To Craven Dictates
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (11.14.06)
The Jewish children in Israel (particularly in S'derot) suffer because the regime refuses to do what is necessary to save them. Pinpoint operations here and there are like putting a bandage on a continual open and festering sore that is leading to gangrene. They are afraid to protect their own because to do so would ruffle the feathers of the international leaders, most of whom could not care less if Israel disappeared. The mark of a moral leadership is to take care of its citizens DESPITE the craven wishes of others. In any case, until the citizens of S'derot punish the authorities-by withholding taxes etc-their lives will be a living hell, both from the terrorists and from their own neglectful leaders.
2. The Poor Dears
Phinias Woppy ,   By the Sea, USA   (11.14.06)
Maybe they should move to a safer country. How about Lebanon? No. That won't do either. Their Uncle Amir might bomb them "by mistake."
3. Call me simplistic ... but
Steve ,   USA   (11.14.06)
B"H I think that a lot more attention needs to be given to these Kassams and defeating them. I can see how Israel might not want to stir the pot more than necessary, and hence is not defending Sderot adequately. But that does not mean that Sderot cannot take steps to defend itself. These steps do not need to be offensive, but rather careful observational ones. The first step is a very careful study and understanding of each of the missile firings. Each firing needs to be observed and carefully documented in terms of time and place, and a picture of each launch. If telescopes and blimps need to be obtained to study each one carefully, that is part of the price. Rather than just complain about the attacks, each one needs to be carefully understood to submit substantative complaints. The current form of "not enough" is not a usefull enough form of the complaint to get the issue resolved. It needs more specifics to it, and it needs to show an actual understanding of how to defeat the problem. Taking offensive action can be reserved for a military. Taking defensive action needs to be a call to the citizenry to understand the situation carefully. Someone needs to have the job to actually study it in detail and to be provided with the resources to do so completely. I would say it would be an excellent investment for city taxes, given the IDF is unable to resolve the situation at the national level.
4. The world yawns
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (11.14.06)
They're not "cute innocent little Palestinians" so NOBODY CARES.
5. Children of Sderot
M. Hartley ,   Alanta, US   (11.14.06)
Broken bones will heal with time and blood may make great pictures for someone, but there are much worse things. I, too, am a child of a war, and to this day, whenever I hear a siren indicating that we may have a tornado, my subconscious, still, listens for bombers. For years after the war, I'd wake up from nightmares and, walking and screaming for my mother in my sleep, would head for the cellar. I grew up, literally, on top of the Westwall, aka the Siegfried line, and the memory of glowing artillery shells slicing through the night sky and listening for the explosions to determine how far or how near they fell is something a child doesn't forget, ever. Ditto for "Christmas trees." Those were night flares outlining areas in the sky within which tons of bombs would be released on some industrial complex or the other. Whereas we always managed to get to some kind of shelter in real life, in your dreams you never quite make it. You see the flares, hear the drone of dozens of approaching bombers, and you wake up in a cold sweat, still shaking from the fear that you might lose your mother or your siblings to those bombs. And yes, your mother might not get you out of her bed until you're 10, 12 years old, because you want to know that she's there when you wake up. You put a child through that over and over, and there will be deep scars. To a child, the politics of wars mean nothing. The trauma comes from the terror of living under the constant threat of not knowing how, when and what will take away your family. Considering that those Qassams are not exactly meant for or can't seem to hit strategic targets, the people throwing those things should rot in hell or someone should make sure that they can't or won't keep doing it. In other words, somebody kill the bastards.
6. Just Because
ab ,   Montreal   (11.14.06)
Too bad the Palestinians childeren dont live to tell about their anxeity. When 155 artillary shells disteroys their homes
7. traumatizaed but not dead like Beit Hanoun children or Qana
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.14.06)
8. I agree with fadi
USA   (11.14.06)
They should be happy to be alive. Israelis make such a big deal about kassams or keytushas but if you were to add up all of the keytusha rockets that hit israel during those 34 days it wouldnt equal the destructive power of one or two israeli bombs. Plus the palestinians arent occupying israel so whos to blame if your getting shot at for taking someone elses land. DURRRRR.
9. #6
juljul ,   Mastrich   (11.14.06)
WHAT? 90% of the news in the westernized countries deal with the suffering of the palestinians. The problems is that because all the lies Arab propaganda feed the media, nobody cares anymore.
10. Political dogma - missing the point.
Marcell ,   Israel   (11.14.06)
As a mother of four children living in Kibbutz Nir-Am, a kibbutz situated right between Beit Hanoun and Sderot, it distresses me to read the talkbacks on this article. Instead of belabouring the political points of view (pro-Palestinian or pro-Israeli), we should be concentrating on minimizing the stress and trauma to our children - BOTH SIDES. it is clear that our leaders are ineffectual and do not have the answers. But we as parents and the community at large (on both sides) are responsible for the well-being of our children, and must do our best to keep them safe under very trying circumstances. Finger-pointing is not going to help. My children are also receiving psychological treatment, at the Shapir College, which is situated a little outside of Sderot proper and is more protected. Why don't they include the children of Sderot into this service, or at least provide them with premises? That would be a solution for this specific problem mentioned in the article.
11. if i get this right for 1 traumatized kid you kill 90
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.14.06)
civilians (40 of them are kids) during 6 days occupation of Beit Yahon
12. hizbollah terrorists failed to deliver bodies to qana
mick   (11.14.06)
first day hizbollah said 57 killed, the next day they confirmed only 28 bodies found, how did they know there were 57 killed in the first place? where were the rest of the bodies?
13. #7
Marek ,   Prague, Czech Rep.   (11.17.06)
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