Shin Bet chief warns of large-scale confrontation in Gaza
Ilan Marciano
Published: 14.11.06, 11:52
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1. moderate arabs
David ,   Judea   (11.14.06)
Well we all know(except for our esteemed leaders) how moderate the plo is. So give them all the arms they need maybey throw in some tanks and while you are at it some helicopters . Lets talk some more , maybey set up another commission with experts ,we have plenty of them siting around waiting for some good pay.Issue more warnings and do nothing about it and show us all and the whole world how pathetic you are.Don"t worry that it might cost us many lifes,after the the dust settles, do some finger pointing for whom to blame. And if you decide to continue to bomb empty buildings(after warning our moderate arabs that you are going to) make sure that you keep on apologizing to all our "friends" for doing relativly little to protect your citizens. So stop talking and do what has to be done,the world will condemn us no matter what we do. For once think about our well being.
2. you Israeli dumbasses
Aaron ,   Chicago   (11.14.06)
3. I am glad my itnatkut policies are working!
Peace Now Member ,   Ramat Aviv Gimmel   (11.14.06)
4. Road Map to Large Scale Confrontation
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.14.06)
Not content with a victory ,a defeat of the Palestinian threat, the elite of Israel's suicidal Masada class decided to embark upon a phony peace sheme wherein the Islamic terrorists were rewarded. Today the elite look at the success of their Road Map master in Iraq and prepare for same success in Gaza and Israel. Stupidity does have it's rewards.
5. Only G-d can protect us.
Eliyahu ,   Tzfat, Israel   (11.14.06)
We can't depend on our politicians or the army (IDF). The Lebonese 2nd war showed us that. We can only depend on G-d for protection & salvation. My HIS (& ours) APPOITED ONE come soon in our days, AMEN.
6. Only G-d can protect us
Dovid ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.14.06)
Only G-d can protect us. The politicians & generals are blind. The US and west has been building the largest ship build up since WWII ready to strike to Iran. When that happens we will get attacked by our neighbors on all sides. The PA has been building a large cache of missiles in Aza and Yehudah & Shomron thanks to the open border with Egypt. Hizbullah/Lebanon has been restocking and rebuilding the destroyed bunkers that will make the previous war with them look like a walk in the park. Syria is getting ready to attack with a similar attack that Hizbullah used. Egypt are nothing but snakes and will use their offensive army that they built over the last 30 plus years and attack Israel if the next war looks bad for us. The US and west will not be able to come to our rescue they will be occupied with a very tough war. The politicians & generals don’t and won’t have the answers. We will have no options but to cry out to HASHEM to SAVE US. We did not win the 48, 67 or 73 war because of great strong army. We won it by a pure miracle with the help of Hashem. We must thank Hashem and cry out for HASHEMS. Acts of kindness will bring (MBD) an end to this madness.
7. Where Was Hashem
Dave Zionist Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (11.14.06)
To someone, only G-d can protect Israel? Well, 6m Jewish deaths should refute that nonsense. What should have been said is, "G-d helps those who help themselves". To go on, Israel, since Oslo 1 Intifada and Sharon's perhaps ill-timed Temple Mount gathering, still doesn't get it. All Israeli has to to is look east, to Iraq. Just today, 150 Iraqi academics were kidnapped. Thousands of Arabs are being murdered monthly (by their own people). What can Israel expect? Taking back Gaza is dumb...take back those areas such as the northern strip and Philadelpia Corrider (for security only)., thus stopping the smuggling and some Kassam launches. But, more importantly, the Strip "withdrawal" should serve all of Israel a lesson. This conflict is all about it's destruction, totally and unequivocably. Any thought of returning the Golan as part of some American "deal" with Syria is off the table, as is returning Marwin Barghouti. Israel is too soft. A 12.00 hangman's noose for Barghouti was the proper punishment., not making him into a live, recurring hero (see the so-called prisoners agreement). Israel's actions and inactions are nonsensical..the laughing stock of the world.
8. Help Needed?
Mac   (11.15.06)
Dovid You are dismissing the fact that USA has been a friend to Israel as an irrelevant coincidence. Over 3 decades Israel has had the richest country in the world equip it with the best weapons in the world. That's what I call Divine intervention - the smart way! And Iran? Give me a break. The only thing funnier than Arabs in the military are Persians in the military. It will take the USA exactly the same time to take out Iran's military capability as it took them to do same to Iraq's. Then I am sure they will be more than willing to help Israel.
9. Acts of kindness (Dovid, 6)
sk ,   USA   (11.15.06)
Does that mean the Haredim will avoid burning trash cans, lobbing rocks, and attacking the mayor in the future?
10. Dave (7), didn't you support the Gaza expulsion?
sk ,   USA   (11.15.06)
I could be wrong (I don't have my records with me) but didn't you support the expulsion? Why is it "dumb" to take back Gaza drive the Arabs out? It's as easy as selectively cutting water, electricity, bombing, "realigning" to smaller and smaller areas. How do you plan to stop the terrorists if they continue to have a base in Israel?
11. ABBAS: Little Jihad is Over, BIG JIHAD STARTS
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.15.06)
Why does Diskin, et al pretend there are moderates in the PA ??? Abbas tells the truth about his genocidal intentions in Arabic. When Abbas gives speeches in English the U.S. UK and EU require that Abbas does not reveal the PLO/Palestinian Authority goal of Islamic conquest of all Israel. Abbas: Little Jihad is over, Big Jihad starts STOP Inciting Children to Kill !
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