MKs: New phenomena - illegal Arab settlements
Aviram Zino
Published: 15.11.06, 00:21
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1. Hutzpah v daring
ussishkin ,   London UK   (11.15.06)
I'm not sure which is which. Is it Palestinian Arab Hutzpah to build west of the wall or daring? Is it right wing hutzpah to want more check points or daring - daring Palestinian Arabs to take a pro-active stance, build on the west side of the wall and seek to become Israeli citizens and avoid the incredible strictures we impose on them if they remain East of the wall? The biggest Hutzpah of all is that the right wing don't like the wall. Talk about "cake and eat it"!!
2. I'm on of these building illegally.
Khalid ,   Palestine   (11.15.06)
Here's my deal: Dismantle all internationally-illegal Jewish settlements, and we'll dismantle all internationally-illegal Arab settlements. Deal?
3. Re 1
dolma ,   Croatia   (11.15.06)
It seems to me you fail to understand the right reason. They want their own state, don't they. And yet, when they got it, they run away to Israel... ever wandered why?
4. no building in efrat? and comments for #!
For the sake of geting accurate information I will rebuke this writers comments. I live in Efrat and there are many palastinian laborers and contractors on site. They are building new homes. In fact, I just moved into on a few months ago. And by the way Ussiskinn...the arabs want to move on the israeli side not because of the sactions the west puts on them but because of the oppression they get from their own currupt and torturous government. Before this whole hamas in power thing, there were more arabs applying for Israeli citizenship then Jews. Ho do you explain that?
5. Arabs would rather have Israeli Citizen vs. PAL citizenship!
Fasulia Hudra   (11.15.06)
Arabs send a very strong message when they say that would rather have Israeli citizenship and enjoy prosperity rather than PAL citizenship and suffer the misery caused by their Intifada 2, terror, and war. On the one hand I am not surprised. It was not long ago that I did another trip through Arab cities around Sakhnin and so forth. It was wonderful to see their relative prosperifty (e.g. women driving nice cars) and exactly how well we could all get along, how good the prices were in the Suk as opposed to the Kiryon and Kanyons. Many things I bought for less than half price in the Israeli shopping centers. Also how hard they tried to accomodate and serve as opposed to suffering the hostility of the Russian security guard in the Kiryon for trying to shoot some photographs in the shopping center. Maybe the PALs should talk to their brothers and inquire about the quality of life that they are missing because of their hostilities towards Israel instead of trying to find ways of co-existing. On the other hand Israel should also re-examine the situation. Much could and should be done to help the Druze, Israeli Arabs, and Beduins. Israeli should try harder to help those who are law abiding citizens (including Druze and Beduin s who serve in IDF) and not continue to send the message that we will defeat you in war or in peace. The fact of the matter is that Israel's great enemy and threat is its own government. It causes greater harm to its own citizens, Jewish and non-Jewish, than the Arab terrorists could even hope to accomplish. Unfortunately the PAL terror has caused irreparable damage and there is no real hope of living in peace - Pals and Israelis. When taking the wrong turn at the fork in the road and choosing the road to war instead of peace, the way back is a thousand times further. But both sides should stop once in a while and look at some of the shining sucesses: Peres Peace center, Peace team composed of Israeli and Arab soccer players, Seeds of Peace, and others. A then the comes next stabbing, shooting, kidnapping, or suicide bombing which will be shortly followed by counter terror measures that PALs cannot corelate to the original terror acts. The nice offee break is over and we return to our war/terror business and start sabre rattling all over again. Elohim Yishmor Allah Ma'ak
6. And Where is Peretz? Why Is It Only Jewish Outposts
H ,   Jerusalem   (11.15.06)
that he always looks to destroy?
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.15.06)
Just because you don't want them doesn't make them illegal. The Geneva convention article dealing with this only applies to the territory of another country and it is not land of another country a-hole.
8. 5 - i agree and would add...
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.15.06)
as the husband of an israel arab i think what you say is correct. i would add that there should be some way for arabs to contribute to the state as an act of loyalty that can be in place of army service (since that is currently not desirable for both arabs AND the army) which one can bear proof to employers, as is the case with army service for jews. arabs need to be active about their loyalty because nothing positive is coming from their passivity. i'm not saying that they should endorse zionism, since many israelis do not, but along the lines of validating thier loyal citizenship, respect of the qovernment and laws of this state. why not give them the choice and opportunity?
9. Linda Rivera
Your comments are typically censored because they are merely copy-pastes from other articles. Ynet is not here to be a platform for other news sources. Also, your talkbacks often are not related to the subject of the article at hand, but mass distribution of an idea you want to spread. Furthermore, occasionally the subject lines in your talkback are potentially inciteful implications against Arabs. Your opinions are welcome, as long as they are YOUR opinions, and not regurgitations of other news sources. Please be advised.
10. Dumb and Dumber
bob ,   kiryat ata, israel   (11.15.06)
How absurd. Israelis own land next to Israeli town and the government builds the fence so the people can't use their own land. Only in Israel could something so dumb and absurd happen. What's wrong with you people?
11. #10
Umm... do you show the same outrage when the same thing happens to the Palestinians?
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