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Bend it like Rebecca
David Regev
Published: 15.11.06, 15:38
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1. KOL HA KAVOD!!!!!!!!
Rebab ,   Raanana, Il   (11.15.06)
2. This is a great of luck to these girls....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.15.06)
I hope they thrive.
3. For a change
Love your heading. Very good.
4. Bene-Barak
Jesse ,   Israel   (11.15.06)
Good, that these religious girls have some way of proving themselves. it is really sad that in today's world there are girls like those living in Beni Barak that make news for playing footfall in skirts. I guess it is an achivement afterall.
5. Gym outfits
When my daughter attended Bais Yaakov, the girls wore gym outfits with baggy pants like the "bloomers" worn years ago.
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