Lieberman: Target Hamas, Islamic Jihad leaders
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 15.11.06, 22:31
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1. Israelis Start Organizing, ELECTIONS NOW!!!!
3. Send Liberman back to his home in Maldova, wherever that is
john ,   usa   (11.15.06)
This Maldovian bigot has no place in Palestine.
4. i thought u will bring something new
hanzalah naji ali ,   al shajara   (11.15.06)
Dear Mr Liberman, i thought u will bring something new, if u dont know i will tell u , Israel killed ahmad yassin, abd elaziz rantisi and others from hamas, and killed shqaqi head of jihad, and abu ali mustafa head of plfp, and since sixties killed a lot of palestinian and nothing stops, i think u make the same jalk that asks of giving death panilty for suisiders who carrying bombs, as if they care, please try to be initiative and bring something new that may work, otherwise your addition to the government will be worthless, lol, as if it worth
5. Take back Gaza, NOW!
Shlomo ,   Plano, US   (11.15.06)
Land for peace does not work i.e. gaza evacuation last year. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. There is only a one state solution and that state is called ISRAEL! Time to tell the Pallies to get off our land. We'll even give you a few shekels to go away :-)
6. Another Politician - BLA BLA BLA BLA
JB   (11.15.06)
how much longer are we going to place our hopes in the politicians and the ARMY. The entire world is against you, even if you tried to whipe Gaza off the map you will still face Iran etc. and the entire world will fight you (if you eliminate gaza) Qassam are here to stay, PEACE with then will NEVER happen, it does not matter what you give them. We are now like our great grand parents in Egypt, stuck and helpless. We need to go back to our Father in heaven and pray to him he should save us from the claws of the nation ASAP.
7. NYET! Don't prolong the agony of the olmert gov't !
aaron ,   ra'anana   (11.15.06)
8. Re #3: Who is the bigot here?
Steve ,   USA   (11.15.06)
B"H What Lieberman is quoted as saying is target those responsible for civilian carnage. What does not make sense with that? Are you saying because the civilians are Jewish as well as Arab that he is a bigot in asking for those responsible to face appropriate consequences? I think you are revealing your own bigotry here.
9. Pass a law that says no m.k. can leave Israel
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.15.06)
for more than 10 days per year. We need new elections and throw out everyone in the regime. We need to make sure only people who have served in the I.D.F. can serve in the govt and vote.
10. lieberman
darryl ,   israel   (11.15.06)
go home go back to beating up kids
11. Liberman is wrong. Instead, expel all Aza's arabs to Egypt.
Dudu ,   Kfar sava   (11.15.06)
That is waht the Torah says!
12. Damn what a smart strategist !!! Israel so lucky to have him
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.15.06)
13. Wake up sharon !! see how the fellow idiots u left behind
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.15.06)
will take israel to its destruction
14. Rabin rise from ur grave ! see how ur fellow idiots are
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.15.06)
destroying ur dream of peace :)
15. #9 Sadly, that didnt help Halutz - what a failure
and Peretz lives in Sderot, almost got killed today and is the dangnabit Defense Minister but HASNT DONE ANYTHING. It Is Time For Samson Option
16. To John, No. 3
New Yorker ,   NY   (11.15.06)
What do you have to do with Palestine? Perhaps, it's you who should mind his own business whereever you happen to be. Lieberman is HOME in Israel, so he will take care of his home like you should be taking care of yours.
17. No more blood
عوفيدا ألوهيم ,   kuwait   (11.15.06)
killing more palestinians = killing more israelis , Mr Lieberman want to be PM.
18. I MISS SHARON on his young days
hayim ,   istanbul   (11.15.06)
Ariel Sharon would demolish Gaza after todays happenings. But this Olmert gov. does not have the guts to answer the terorist. All Olmert can do is follow Iranian lunitics words and move Israel out unilaterily from where its located to another part of the world....
19. #3
Jane   (11.16.06)
There is no Palestine and, at the rate your moron relatives are going, there never will be. People like you make me consider supporting Lieberman. After all, you gave birth to him.
20. Fadi
Jane   (11.16.06)
Keep you nose in your own mess, Fadi. Your "country" is about to implode.
21. fadi in lebonon
me ,   chicago usa   (11.15.06)
this is shalon peace, and rabins as well it is time to realize you can not make peace with enemys that dont want it! time to realize this is war and fight it blow up every last thing that stand in the way of security in israel
22. A simple solution to qassam fire:
Roni   (11.16.06)
Get unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to patrol Israel-gaza border 24/7 - as soon as the camera on such plane identifies a group of terrorists preparing to fire qassams, IAF helicopter (that should be on stand by 24/7 as well) is called in to destroy the terrorists. In my opinion, this is very effective solution which, unlike ground operations in Gaza, does not threaten soldiers' lives - the terrorists will have no chance to escape as it takes only several minutes for IAF to get to Gaza! I really do not understand why such strategy is not being used.
23. What other country would tolerate this?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.16.06)
Ask yourself what Russia would do if it was fired upon? How about the US, France, Germany etc. These other countries would have obliterated the Palis by now, but Israel for some reason is expected to act with restraint. Weird huh? Peace will come when these fanatic, suicidal Palestinains elect leaders who trully want peace. Until then, this cycle will continue and many innocent people will die.
24. #Roni 22
enzo ,   london,uk   (11.16.06)
Roni, that is an excellent idea! it feasible? What requirements for military capabilities could potentially be filled by UA (unmanned aircraft) systems? What processor, communication, platform, and sensor technology are necessary to provide these capabilities? Are we there yet? UA systems have been successfully used in Iraq and they do provide excellent results. Is this government ready to take such step? I agree with you that that is possibly the penultimate resort...
25. # 22 and 24
Sagi ,   Israel   (11.16.06)
I do not intend to be facetious although my initial thoughts were in this direction. Technology and communications are only auxiliary elements in warfare, ultimately the well trained foot soldier and especially the special units will do the dirty work and decide the outcome. To defeat an adversary who wants to annihilate you, you have to clean him out, to clean him out you have to enter his territory, on foot, occupy, clean up and clear out, technology does not do this, except for the nuclear bomb option.
26. 23. None. Get a real, it's Israel; fair play doesn't apply.
--Israel was urged to give land for peace. It did. It got "thank you" rockets. --Israel was urged to cease whipping Hez/Hamas and ratify 1701. It did. Muslim Russians are now in Lebanon and France is getting "itchy trigger fingers" --Just recently, GWB urged Olmert to allow thousands of armed PA into Judea and Samaria. The preceding, in addition to everything else: Reuters, BBC, Al-jazera, Democrats, Israel's liberal secular blindness, biased UN/EU, etc. God bless Israel.
28. Calm down Guys
1.5 billion muslims   (11.16.06)
seams whole israelian having Colective nervous break down since Hizbullah war : wl come to new Midle east. Reality Check , world
29. Death in Sderot
Elisha Bosch ,   Lakewood,NJ USA   (11.16.06)
The Unholy Three ! Lefty olmert , Field Marshal General peretz , Working Class Millionaire livni are at it again! Another Jewish Life Lost ! And what do we hear? Those who are responsible will pay dearly. The same old tune from the broken record of these moral cowards! These Unholy Three do not have the human decency to resign! After all General peretz and Working Class livni are desperately seeking that top position of PrimeMinister that Lefty olmert has! So Stabbing each other in the back is nothing and the blood of innocent Jews is also nothing to The Unholy Three! It is way past time for NEW ELECTIONS!
30. #22
v. n.y. ,   usa   (11.16.06)
because these terrorists fire these quassmas from NEIGHBORHOODS AND HOMES FULL OF CIVILIZANS. even if you have a drone to film a quassam about to be launched from a home or a rfooftop, there is no guarantee there are no "innocents" living there. this is why they do it from populated areas. because they know we don't have a heart to bomb a house full of people....just them. but it is hard when they blend and hide behind cribs and women.
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