IAF strikes Gaza structures, 2 wounded
Ali Waked and Reuters
Published: 16.11.06, 01:19
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1. Worthless
Yeah, keep firing out houses with arms, what about those that fire them, WHY ARE THEY BEING NOTIFIED? They should be killed along side of them. Guns dont kill people, its the people that pull the trigger. And since you have left the Route to the Egyptians thousands of tons of arms have already passed through. STOP WARNING THEM, SEND THEM A MESSAGE AND DO NOT APOLOGIZE
2. Terror Has Evolved Faster than Society Has Adapted
Fasulia Hudra   (11.16.06)
TERROR HAS EVOLVED FASTER THAN SOCIETY HAS COMPREHENDED OR ADAPTED. Current laws and military strategies have not kept pace with the evolution of warfare especially with respect to terror of the 21st century. Terrorists exploit the humanity, morality, legal systems, and tactical weaknesses of countries to maximize their terrorist impact and corner major powers into submission simply by outlasting them. The Afghans did this to Russia. Iraq defeated USA this way in the first Gulf war. Chechnyans are trying this against Russia. The key to success is to beat the terrorists at their own game. Today the PAL terrorist use the rhetoric of occupation to justify a fallacious argument about their right to resist. This is further spun into justification for Qassam launches, stabbing, driveby shootings, suicide bombings and all other forms of terror. The Qassam launches, which unfortunately killed a 57 year old woman and caused another to lose both legs, has been transformed into a nationalistic symbol of resistance for the PALs. The incursions and specific targeting of terrorists have been subverted to become a rallying point for PAL resistence and vehicle to gain press exposure, sympathy from nations lacking an objective moral compass, and a catalyst for UN debates. Through the chicanery of smoke and mirrors the PAL terrorist try to hide their culpability as the aggressor and initiator or all terror. All IDF efforts to minimize PAL civilian casualites are counter productive. The incursions and targeted assasinations endanger IDF soldiers unnecessarily. The PALs spin it into a David and Goliath battle and try to fool people into believing that the PALs are poor victims instead of victims of their own terror. The PALs are incapable of understanding cause and effect in complex terror and focused counter terror operations. The solution is to dramatically simplify the equation to rocket for rocket and eye for an eye so that the PALs can comprehend it and not be able to spin it for the world. This means that Israel should use low tech highly inaccurate rockets randomly fired in the general vacinity of Qassam launches against Israeli cities and fall where they may. This will create an image of parity instead of the argument of disproportionate force, high tech vs. low tech, and major military army vs. armed militias. All the other tools in the arsenal can be reserved for an emergency contingency plan and deployed when really needed. The argument suddenly becomes dramatically simple and defensible in all quarters: Stop shooting the Qassams at our civilians and we will stop shooting Qassam-like rockets at you. This is so simple that even the PALs can understand it once they suffer enough rockets to their cities. The argument can easily be made in every other forum as well. Ironically the "parity" of weapons turns out to be tactically advantageous to Israel because of population and architectural density differences between Gaza and Israeli targeted cities. In conclusion PAL terrorists will quickly stop firing Qassams when Israel learns to respond in kind.
3. Qassam
manoel rechtand ,   rio Brasil   (11.16.06)
Incursions into Gaza as a response to Qassam rockets, no matter how disruptive to the terrorists and the population does not seem to bring the desired result.Announced in advance and taking place 3,4 days later it does not seem related to the Qassam which prompted the incursion .Immediatly after a Qassam lands shell them causing as much damage aspossible. For dissuasion nothing but tit for tat .. .
4.  Bombing will not stop the rockets
kurt ,   israel   (11.16.06)
Suggestion for ending the endless War: First, you must believe in G-d. Then, I suggest the radical idea of moving all the Palestinians by bus to the southern tip of Israel. Let them live between Egypt and Jordan in the city of Elat and surrounding cities. Give them the piece of land captured during the war, and a port city to live in. When this is done, Israel will annex Gaza back into the state of Israel. The same must be done to Judea and Samaria. If you believe in G-d, then you will see the brilliance of redrawing the borders according to the Torah. Until this is done, until they are removed from the land, there will NEVER be peace. The war will NEVER end. This is the absolute according to the Torah. TRUTH.
5. Gaza assault
Milo Perez ,   Carnuel, USA   (11.16.06)
I love Israel and it's people. They have tolerated enough from Hamas and it's Jihad BS. May Israel keep up the pressure on Hamas and assainate it's leaders wanna be's.
6. sderot problem
is olmert finally getting the message? we do not need to retaliate. we need to systematically warn all of the residents to leave homes with these caches of weaponry so that the iaf, by air can eliminate them and the source of gthe sderot problem. iaf needs to do it once, not millions of time....and they need good intelligence.
7. IDF behaving like the "keystone cops"
Y ,   Israel   (11.16.06)
Bomb empty buildings?! Why, the buildings didn't fire the kassem rockets.
8. Aer These Empty Building the Terrorists?
H ,   Jerusalem   (11.16.06)
Have these buildings harmed you? If the IAF would fire at the terrorists hiding and not at empty space and infrastructures, they might get eventually get rid of the terrorists. Israel's false mercy.
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