German academics: Enough of special treatment for Israel
Eldad Beck
Published: 16.11.06, 09:33
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1. And the foolish Jews continue to build Shuls in Munich!!!
Choni Davidowitz   (11.16.06)
2. Twenty five influential BIGOTS & IDIOTS are in universities!
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.16.06)
3. Favor us for 6 million years!
D. ,   Israel   (11.16.06)
6 Million Jews were murdered in the most horrific way on the hands of Germans...the least Germany can do is favor Israel for at least 6 million years and that does not even come close to what a life is worth!
4. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was Hitler's guest in Berlin.
Elana ,   LA, USA   (11.16.06)
The so-called "Palestinians" are not victims of the Holocaust. They were Hitler's allies. The whole Arab world was allied with Nazi Germany during WWII. Next, these German "academics" will be asking Germany to start embracing and loving ol' Adolph as a 'man ahead of his time' or something. NIP THIS IN THE BUD, GERMANY!!
5. Germans! Keep out of our lives!
Ishak Haskiya ,   Roskilde-Denmark   (11.16.06)
6. Now All the Holocaust Industrialists will call those honest
Kais ,   Qatar   (11.16.06)
academics anti-semites!!! You can not escape this insult in any argument with Zionists because they don't have any convincing arguement in the first place! Wait and see how this talkback will get full with comments by Holocaust Industrialist. Oh Norman Finkelstein how right you were in your book: "The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering". An American Jew who is not afraid to state the truth! Thank you so much and finally European academics wake up and see reality in the ME :-)
7. Antisemitism alive and well in Germany
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.16.06)
8. A leopard never changes its spots. (End)
Reuven ,   Petach Tikvah. Israe   (11.16.06)
9. Germans
Jew ,   Israel   (11.16.06)
Nazis will always be nazis
10. It's immoral to side with the Pali death cult.
Chanah W. ,   Chicago, USA   (11.16.06)
Considering Germany's history of having been a death cult at one time herself, it would be unseemly and a return to Hitler's own visions for Germany to side with mass murderers who also target random Jews. Germany needs to stay out of the death cult business for the rest of time. Empathizing with Hitler's buddies is not healthy or moral for anyone, but particularly not for Germany.
11. a “friendship free from past burdens,”
Yes I can imagine they would like that. No more paying back money to victims, nobody who want to reclaim stolen art and other property now in German homes and museums, nobody who would remember the shame of these murderous pigs. This past burden will be a burden until eternity.
12. The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological
Kais ,   Qatar   (11.16.06)
...weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world’s most formidable military powers, with an horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a “victim” state, and the most successful ethnic group in the US has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable dividends accrue from this specious victimhood, in particular immunity to criticism, however justified!!!!
13. Special treatment
David ,   Haifa   (11.16.06)
It is a shame that the fathers and grandfathers of these academics did not demand from their government to stop giving "special treatment" to the Jews 65 years ago! That would have saved about 6 million Jewish lives.
14. 61 years? That's all you feel you need to embrace?
Observer ,   New York   (11.16.06)
Germany is on the rise with neo-nazis, of course now they want to support palestinians who wish to destroy Israel. Oh Germany, you will never learn will you?
15. Poor darling germans
like the poor darling palestinians.
16. German Acadamics
Dr.Joji Cherian ,   Aluva India   (11.16.06)
Long overdue.Jews pressurised the academics to do what they did
17. Good step! Go ahead Germany.
Jennifer ,   Ramallah, Palestine   (11.16.06)
18. germans and the euro left -what goes around comes around....
yonatan ,   ny   (11.16.06)
we don't forgive and we don't forget. i just want to say that these traditional european anti-semites, who coddle and embrace islamic terrorists deserve what's coming to them.
19. What do you expect from natzi land?
Avraham ,   Netivot   (11.16.06)
20. Herr Professor
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (11.16.06)
I recall all the cheap labor in Germany after the war. All those workers from Turkey are now German (European Community) citizens. The professors are referring to them when they say - Unrest amidst the German people. The same is happening in France, the UK and Spain. The professors should use their positions and make first an efforts to give us a clear picture and explanation of what is this Islamic Jihad all about. It will be also very useful for us to understand why frustrated unemployed young Germans( EU in general) turn Skinheads (Neo Nazi) or Jihadist. But we understand what make the professors pee in their pans.
21. @ ALL...But you do have the honor and dignity to take around
Kais ,   Qatar   (11.16.06)
....$ 60 billion in compensation from the german gov. by german tax money ! WHat a disgrace you are !!!If you really think Germans are still Nazis then you should not have taken all this "dirty Nazi" money !But Israel takes any money as long as its money :-) ! shame on you....
22. So what?
Leonid ,   Beer Sheva   (11.16.06)
Academics in UK are very anti-Israeli, so are academics in many European countries. Even some academics in Israel share similar stances. So why Germans should be different?
23. #17 Jennifer - At first, I thought you wrote "Goose step!"
Chanah W. ,   Chicago, USA   (11.16.06)
Actually, it would have been more appropriate than what you did write.
24. academics continue the "work" of their fathers
dante ,   uk   (11.16.06)
the germans, the euros, swimming in the blood of innocents, eagerly join the war against the Jews that their rotten parents and grandparents waged. and, they congratulate themselves that they are virtuous for so doing! there can be no greater indictment of the fundamental corruption of germany and europe.
25. To #6, Kais.
Jewish ,   Israel   (11.16.06)
These "academics" aren't honest, and yes, they are anti-semites. What would you say if muslims would be murdered in the holocoast and german academics would say "Hey, stop favouring the muslims just because our country massacred a several millions of them, it's not THAT much, come on!" Jeez, you are disgusting.
26. Actually, I think Germany has given Israel $300 billion.
Chana W. ,   Chicago, USA   (11.16.06)
The reason I know this number is because the Palis are asking Israel for this amount in compensation. The Palis are literally trying to become the "real victims" of the Holocaust. They want all the German money for themselves. Germany paid this money not as a gift but as a return of stolen Jewish wealth, though. The Palis had no stolen Arab wealth. They were illiterate villagers who burned animal and human feces to cook their bread. The Jewish people built the state of Israel out of what had been a wasteland for almost 2000 years.
27. ok, if they stop favoring palestinians & other terrorists
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.16.06)
too bad they morally equivocate israel's fight against terrorism with the terrorist and genocidal aims of palestinians. you don't have to be a university professor to clearly see that distinction - but it seems german professors aren't smart enough to do that simple exercise. if this is the state of german academia, it shows how unacademic and unintelligent german academia has become. pity and embarrassing.
28. Urgent need for new leadership
Aaron Rabinovich ,   Canada   (11.16.06)
Well ,this is worning and in some how expected.After British here we have the German and tomrrow will be more if we continue with this fire back politic.The fact ,that the palestinian had nothing to do with what happened to the jewish people in europe is true. Each disproportional action by the IDF is firing back and not preventing palestinian from attacking Israel,here the fact of over use of force in not playing factor of deterrant.This has proven many times period. We need to talk to palestinian ,peace is urgent for Israel and for its existance as well.
Dan ,   UK   (11.16.06)
30. When culture is USELESS
Paolo Ortenzi ,   Rome, Italy   (11.16.06)
Before the Academics in UK, now a bunch of idiot savants in Germany. Evidently european culture is USELESS. Especially to open eyes on WHO is really the enemy: Islamofascism.
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