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Operation 'cover up'
Chaim Levinson
Published: 17.11.06, 18:25
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1. To all the Rabbis out there who know Jack about
Jimmy ,   Canada   (11.17.06)
Yiddishkeit and menshlichkeit. I would suggest that you start showing respect for peoples choices in life. You do not have a monopoly in how people should dress, think or speak. There is a Torah and a shulchan oruch that specifies how one should behave. This pompous outrageous behaviour on your behalf clearly does more harm than good. A bit of Torah Chochma would be in order. I suggest you all take a pill and relax. The Jewish people and the Torah will outlive your pompous and outragious chutzpah
2. all men keep your coats on!
hanina ,   usa   (11.17.06)
That way we goils will avoid looking at your pants. Hey, boobs are boobs. Maybe your mothers stopped nursing you too soon. If you can't handle it, go home to your wife and make some babies. The Jewish birthrate is dropping. Be a good citizen and do your job.
3. Moderation, such a lonely word.
Dave from Canada ,   Toronto   (11.17.06)
I agree that the response of the rabbis is just a bit over the top, to put it mildly. I think our Israelite ancestors would have laughed. They certainly weren''t shrinking violets, unlike these rabbonim. Maybe someone should ask the Samaritans over at Mt. Gezirim what they think of this development., ha ha ! However on the other hand, sadly, there are also many western people and Israelis who have sex on the second date. To paraphrase an '80's song- Moderation, such a lonely word.
4. Correct, Dave and others
Paul ,   Austin, USA   (11.17.06)
Why is it that some zionist haredim are behaving like some Jewish parody of the mutaween? I know it's not all haredim, but this minority is highly obnoxious and seriously disturbing with their riots, assaults, and so-called moral policing. As for their women, it's basically a matter of household: religious values are instilled by parents. As long as they're doing their job, there's no problem. No one else has any right to harass or accost them for their fashion.
FORMAN ,   fl,usa   (11.17.06)
6. to Paul
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.17.06)
You wrote : no one els has any right to harras them for their fashion . Whats about harassing lycra wearing girls . To those "rabbanim" : you had done much better and utiler work by letting this conference on Agunot take place ! Back regarding women's cloathing , when will women have to wear burka's ? We live in a modern land in the 21th century , not in a Polish sthtel of the 18th .
7. these people are retarded
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (11.17.06)
My sister, a religious seminary girl, was yelled at by these freaks when she was walking along minding her own business. What she yelled back I won't say, except my mother claims she learned it from me.
8. #6 So showing the ass crack is modern?
Stay in your playground of smut, have some modesty.
9. #7: LMAO very good. #5:"Slutes?" Should they wear the niqab?
Zvi ,   USA   (11.18.06)
10. Rabbis Should NOT Do This !!!
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (11.18.06)
".. burning of clothing stores and spraying bleach on passersby ..". THIS is uncivilized !!! The Rabbis and followers should NOT do this !!! BTW if the Rabbis & followers want to change the mindset of the modern girls - they (the Rabbis) should do that ONLY by arguments. And NOT by any other means.
11. Can anybody say, "Taliban"?
John ,   Jerusalem   (11.18.06)
12. modern and charming,as well as a bit of the painties,#6
nelson faier ,   rio de janeiro   (11.18.06)
This is fashion here around but certainly it only fits if pretended beeing unintentional. But's official fashion, yes.
13. To The "Modesty Police"
NYC Girl   (11.18.06)
Inasmuch as Israel is under an existential threat from that maniac in Iran, do you think you could consider re-ordering some of your priorities? Somehow, the idea that there are religious girls wearing skirts that don't drag along the ground doesn't really seem to be as great a threat to society as that impending mushroom cloud that's hanging over your heads.
14. There is a correlation between a beautiful rack...
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.18.06)
and getting in the sack. Those short skirts keep the Jewish population a coming. Children are good. If it takes a short skirt and halter much for the future census!
15. Fundamental flaw: toltalitarian behavior
alan ,   Kodiak   (11.18.06)
When religion regulates how you look, it goes beyond the sacred into the profane. Rabbis do not see they are profane in this stance. But if they watched the number of yashiva bookers at x rated web sites, they would be aware of the sheer hypocracy on this stance. This is as bad as making women wear head scarfs on pain of death.
16. What a wonderful world
arielush ,   Israel   (11.18.06)
Iran is threatening us with annhilation. THe residents of Shderot are being bombarded with missiles. All around the world Anti Semitism is rising to new levels. And the harridim are worried about hemlines and lycra. If they are so desperately in need of a cause to fight for, perhaps they should send their boys to the army .
17. Cover Up and Save the World
arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (11.18.06)
Iran is threatening us with nuclear annhilation. The residents of Shderot are ducking rockets. Anti semitism is at an all time high. And the Harridim think that fighting lycra and hemlines is the greatest priority. I think they have too much time on their hands. Perhaps they should defend the faith by doing some time in the army.
18. Dont read what's not meant for you ,
Una   (11.18.06)
all you tired bored Ynetty freaks. You can't keep away though can you,?from people with ideals, religion, discipline, 'cos you don't have any ideals, religion discipline...Get a life obviously can't apply to you shmerels , as you don't have one. Shavua Tov and Gut Voch. Till your next vicarious venture into a world you don't belong in, but can't keep away from. Peeping Toms!
19. theological propoganda
mike ,   gedera   (11.18.06)
next the rabbis will have all the women wear burkas
21. Stop the incursion of LUSTFUL clothings
Dr. Wrath ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.18.06)
I agree totally with their decision, and to expand their actions toward closing all chain clothing markets that are not accepting our own standards. The Israeli young girls & women are showing up too much like slutty lewid whores !
22. Mea Sheariyah
Vitaliy ,   NJ   (11.18.06)
"And the law has come from Zion..." And it's name was MeaSheariyah! Starting with banning the parade, continuing with pouring bleech on passersby. What will it continue with? I hope people in the end realize what's happening, and have one big united anti-Mea Sheariyah parade! Right through Jerusalem!
23. dr wrath
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.18.06)
And you of course do not like to see those girls ? HYPOCRITE !
24. As a woman, seeing such slutty clothing offends me
Shira ,   Israel   (11.18.06)
25. to shirah
arielush ,   ramat ha golan   (11.18.06)
What century do you live in. Slutty clothes offend you? It offends me when people tell me what to do and what to wear. Doesn't it bother you that the holy sages have nothing better to do than to complain about cleavage.
26. Crapola
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.19.06)
Give me a break ! Just because you're on a diet, doesn't mean you can't look at the menu ! Let the women decide what they want to wear ! With all those large families, it seems to me that Haredi men are already oversexed, and, typically, are blaming the women. Keep it in your pants, guys, and if you are offended, stop staring !
27. thats it girls
Meggie A ,   Israel   (11.19.06)
cover up and spoil their fun...I often notice the dirty old sods, peeping at bikini clad girls
28. You don't seem to be getting it
NJ   (11.19.06)
What noone seems to be getting is that the idea of covering up in it of itself is not holy and going to save the world... What makes it important is that G-d told us to do it and therefore we must listen. And therefore it is not a result of too much extra time and it doesn't mean the Rabbis are just looking for something/anything to fight for. They are fighting for the word of G-d. And if we want good from G-d, we must do what He instructs.
29. meggie
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.19.06)
Meggie , those hypocrites do not look at girls , what do you think ? In their eyes those girls wearing unorthodox clothes are ......[ they like to visit them too ] And for women offended by those clothes : jealous of their youth ? their beauty ?
30. nj
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.19.06)
did god tell you also to throw stones ? did he told you to be hatefull ? Did'nt he tell you : veahavta et reecha kamocha ? or Drech eretz kodem latora ? And why do you not listen to those wise words ?
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