Reuters photographer admits selling stolen goods
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 17.11.06, 12:08
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1. Raid BBC bureau tooo..may find Quassam rockets !!!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.17.06)
2. one needs a lot of equipment in order to fake many photos
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.17.06)
and i thought journalists were unbiased transmitters of truth and facts. silly me, they are just self-righteous oportunists like everyone else.
3. It takes one to know (eh...employ) one
Jack Klaber ,   R.Hasharon, Israel   (11.17.06)
4. This proves Reuters employs criminals
Jay ,   israel   (11.17.06)
5. slanderous accusation of Reuters
observer   (11.17.06)
what Reuters has to do with this? You had the motive to defam Reuters, and you did. Reuters has nothing to do with this photographer's private business. another questions, is it the routine policy that special police forces and IDF handle such cases as dealing with stolen property? If they did not have reliable infeormation about the nature of the crime, then it is malfunction in the procedure !
6. Thief
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.17.06)
This guy must have relatives in New Orleans.
7. # 5...A blind observer...eyes full of hatred.
8. #5 Reuters is a lying fraud
Neal ,   NJ,USA   (11.17.06)
You terrorist liberals will always seek to reframe facts. The facts are documented Reuters has been employing Pali/Hamas/Jizballah propagandist terrorist liars as reporters (movie directors). Director of Reuters is now director of Al Jazeera in Washington as its chief. You seem to be another terrorist sympathizer who has chosen their side and now will get whats coming.
9. #5, you're right...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.17.06)
Reuters had nothing to do with this man's personal life, BUT this shows what kind of scumbags work for Reuters and that the standard by which they hire their personnel are kind of low...maybe you should apply for a job there?
10. to 5: Observer - answer to yr question
Jack Klaber ,   R.Hasharon, Israel   (11.17.06)
because the culprit lives in the occupied terrotories, israeli police has no jurisdiction there. Therefore the IDF and special forces were involved........
11. The boys from the Neverland.
Anna ,   Canada   (11.17.06)
It seams that the words Liar, thief, terrorist and similar are changing their values. Liar who doctored the photos just “tried to emphasize the atmosphere around”. He is an artist in his heart. It’s a hard work to be a thief. These guys are earning their money by rescuing their freedom. And terrorists are the freedom fighters: peter pans, robin hoods and aladdins. And the least: the stone throwers. They are just trying to apply the justice (Sharia law). Let send them into the space.
12.  Anna from Canada: forging risks are shared by another side
To make things worse, Israel also found itself involved in an embarrassing diplomatic incident with the government of Canada. It was discovered that the Mossad tried to cover its tracks by equipping Mash‘al's assassins with forged Canadian passports. The Mash‘al case is a good example of the risks involved in assassination attempts carried out in foreign countries. The short-term gain derived from a successful operation can be easily offset by the severe damage to long-term diplomatic relations in the case of a blunder.
13. Reuters
judy ,   UK   (11.17.06)
Photography is a form of journalism. Journalism requires honesty, integrity etc etc. So what does this man's thieving imply about his photo-journalism? And what does it say about the pics that were bought from him and publicised under the imprimateur of Reuters?
14. And reuters didn't blame the Jews?
Arie ,   Afula   (11.17.06)
15. To unnamed freedom fighter #12
Anna ,   Canada   (11.17.06)
Mashaal is a criminal. He has all chances given by Israel and by contributions from the West to build Palestine as a country. But he believes Israel doesn’t have rights to exist. He believe that Arabs in Palestine have to suffer till the end and maybe to fell into the sea with the fellow Jews for his own cause. So Mashaal is a master minder for many of losses of Israeli’s lives, for the instability in the region. Spies are very common subjects in the policy of modern countries. And some times they make mistakes. Look into your soul, Mister, and ask yourself: why I don’t want my neighbors children to be happy? Can’t they leave anywhere on these planet without being terrorized and frightened because they are not going to the Mosque?
16. thiefs and rapists
Lebanon   (11.17.06)
Reuters employs some thiefs but Israel elects rapists and thiefs and worst to run their country.
17. # 16
Ivri   (11.17.06)
look around you in your socalled country,and you will find many leaders who are thugs,murderers,drug traffikers,women killers and circumsizers,child enslavers etc. no need to strain your little neck which supports your even smaller head to see things south of the border.
18. #17 Ivri
Lebanon   (11.18.06)
We may have some thugs,murderers and drug traffikers not as murderous as your own though. But women killers circumsizers,child enslavers What are you on about
al mann ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (11.18.06)
YNET, how come you keep getting into trouble with using Reuters as a news service? Now one of its employees has done something wrong. What does it take to convince YNET to not use this fraudulent company which works with frauds>
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