Lieberman: One-way ticket to heaven for Hamas leaders
Published: 18.11.06, 17:37
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31. 2, 3, & 4 - You're going to hell bastard! All Jews don't
take coward Arab crap!
33. Israel defend himself
silvio ,   italy   (11.18.06)
If Israel could live in peace. If his People is not forced to shoot for making to survive his children. If the historical land that belongs to Israel were to Israel. If the Moslems don't want to destroy Israel maybe then the Hell would be to his place and not on the land of Israel. Israel must defend himself!
34. Pete! Stupid blind liberal idiot! Have you seen what these
arabs are doing and saying! They say the want to go to heaven, by taking as many Jews and innocent westerners. LIEBERMAN IS RIGHT!
35. Hatered
Sameer S Reehani ,   Houston,Tx U.S A   (11.18.06)
...Enough hatered ,and bloodshed. Instead of extending you hands in peace,you "re basically promoting violence and world wide catasrophe.It also appears to me, that you"re most incapable of speaking in peaceful terms.You"re about the most hateful human being i"ve ever heard of.This certainly is not what Jews are all about.You "re not a true Jewish.
36. 18. Hey stupid idiot. Oil bribed UN saved you muslims
you're hiding behind UNIFIL skirts now. How deluded you people are.
37. Let's apply the European standard here, shall we?
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (11.18.06)
Let's say Lieberman is elected PM on a platform of say . . . .murdering or displacing every Muslim between Sinai and the Jordan River. According to the logic of the Europeans, The U.N. and, most of all, the current Palestinian government, then he should be recognized, encouraged, praised, subsidized and widely supported. This is because he was elected in a clean election. I wouldn't want to see him in this position, but I just wanted to remind everyone that by current standards, his aims would be as legitimate as any held by the fanatics inhabiting the Mid-East and the U.E.
38. 16. No. Blind fearing liberal thinking yours cost Israel.
40. # 2,3,4 I also dissagree with Lieberman.
Natan ,   USA   (11.18.06)
They should not get a one way ticket to heaven, but a one way ticket to HELL!!!!!!
41. Fadi # 13
Natan ,   USA   (11.18.06)
and with such fanatic people !? its a real tragedy ... no one is really working for peace in israel fadi , lebanon (11.18.06) Very interesting comment...Hamas leaders repeatedly state that they will never recognize Israel.. I don't recall seeing a similar comment from you... Besides, while Lieberman is making statements, Hamas is actually also acting on it's statements (Kassam missiles, right Fadi???) So it is time that you and all the other TRUE fanatics take your heads out of your asses!!!
42. Avigdor, A Man Going Places?
Dan Friedman ,   NYC, USA   (11.18.06)
Can you say, "PM Lieberman?" Lieberman sounds like a man whose message could resonate with Israelis and perhaps wake them up.
43. I did not realize that Lieberman loves Egypt that much,
observer   (11.18.06)
untill I have caught him saying that he wants to transfer Israel to the border with Egypt.
44. liebermann and number 1 should be targeted for assassination
david ,   london, UK   (11.18.06)
45. send libermann to heaven - or back to Moldova
sean ,   dublin, ireland   (11.18.06)
46. international sanctions against Israel NOW
amy ,   boston, MA   (11.18.06)
47. long live scotland
damien ,   london, UK   (11.18.06)
Scots 1, Israel 0 (Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign: "Israeli Ambassador Visit to Scotland Cancelled in Face of Planned Protests - We will Protest every Visit by Israeli State Agents to Scotland")
48. #36
Show us how brave you are and go bring back your kidnapped soldiers. :)
49. never leave 4 the past
1.5 billion muslims   (11.18.06)
the era of 6 day war is over , if hisbullah who hace 3000 fighters can resisit the whole Israel army for 34 days and Israel army could not even captured small village in labanan's berder : u do the math my fellow misguided humin being . Reality check , world
50. Lieberman is the true face if islael's racism.
Juval ,   NYC, USA   (11.18.06)
So he is good since he will embarrasses israel's friends. :-)
51. #1 4 president ! he is not even as fat as sharon !
52. #1 4 president ! he is not even as fat as sharon !
observer   (11.18.06)
53. Lieberman
Joe ,   Israel   (11.18.06)
Finally, someone in the government who uses his brain instead of his fat ass.
54. Lieberman, a face-saving for Olmert
Do not expect much from him; Olmert oppointed Lieberman just to help him facing the Israeli. Avi is not supposed for decisive deeds.
55. #53 Lieberman is a big looser
Lieberman uses his shity brain instead of his shity ass.
AVINU   (11.18.06)
57. Minister of Strategic Threats
sami ,   Palestine   (11.18.06)
the Israeli minister of whom many Israelis are proud can go even beyond that as killing and murdering is part of his mentality and part of the culture his party. He has the military power and the Bush's support, so he can assassinate so many Palestinians but this won't solve the problem of the Israelis as Sharon and his successors didn't spare any effort to kill as many palestinians as possible , but they didn't bring peace to Israel so it would be advisable to the Israelis to end their oldest occupatin in the modern history and give the Palestinians their rights to enable the two peoples (palestinians, israelis) to live peacefully side by side and i call on those living in the States who support the war between Israel and Palestine to leave the two nations alone becaus we who know what the loss of a son or a brother means
58. lieberman
sas ,   israel   (11.18.06)
he is a dangerous man. he should not be a memebr of the government.
59. Lieberman is like Begin
Alex ,   LA, USA   (11.18.06)
I have noticed that many Arabs on this board are really scared of Lieberman. Lieberman is a moderate right-winger like Begin, and Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza lived very well until the Oslo war started by Rabin and Peres.
60. LIEBERMAN: a man with b@lls
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (11.18.06)
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