Sderot: Man moderately-to-seriously injured by Qassam
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 19.11.06, 08:17
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1. Arm Sderot citizens with rocket launchers
2. Good idea, fire one random missle every time they fire two!
Joseph ,   Diaspora   (11.19.06)
This is ludicrous (not the rapper). I don't know what the so called "Defence" minister needs as an alarm? Missles falling in his own backyard (literally, no pun intended). Maybe his own legs should have been blown off? Or would he have still reacted we're doing everything we can? Whats with the UN voting 157-7 against Israel and not mentioning any Qassams rockets? What do they expect Israel to do? Bend over, spreads the legs and take the qassams up the *$&^. Answer is "yes". If Israel didn't retaliate and just blocked it's borders and took dozens of Qassams per week you know what the world would say? Poor P.A, Israel won't allow them access to materials to build real missles, look how good they are to build home made ones instead. Poor PA israel is illegally watching them starve to death blocking its borders to PA workers. Poor PA they want peace with Israel and Israel are pretending like they don't exist. NO MATTER what Israel does the WORLD (yes 157 countries) will vote against Israel such as they have been doing from day 1. Message is clear no more talk talk talk from Israeli leaders. If the "Strategic" minister wants to send Hamas leaders to Heaven then why are you telling it to the media and not your IDF counterpart? Is the media supposed to carry out your oders? Perhaps your waiting for UN to have a vote on it first? If Israel doesn't change it's poor leadership soon, then every decision Israel will make will go to the UN General Assembly for a vote! What kind of a tactic is calling head terrorist leader to warn him that you will be blowing up his house and he will be possibly killed in the process. DERRR ever heard of element of suprise? I'm suprised IDF, Dan Halutz didn't call up the UN General Assembly and ask for them to vote on destroying his house. Reading Israeli news just makes me sick, worst part is the rest of the world feel so justified after buying bullshit after bullshit after bullshit from the arabs. When will they learn that LYING is part of the Arab culture. They admit it openly, they write books about it, THEY LIE and cannot be trusted. EU, UN are blind, Israel get over it and do something useful for a change. Suggestion: Give PM/Defence minister time left measured in rockets to be landed in Sderot, 100 more rockets and they get kicked from office. At this rate less then a month.
3. Move the Knesset to Sderot
H ,   Jerusalem   (11.19.06)
Perhaps there the government will see for themselves what the residents are going through.
4. Fire Qassam-like rockets back indescriminately
Fasulia Hudra   (11.19.06)
All of the moral attempts to warn Gazan residents only prove that they are complicit with terror and terrorists. They are exploiting our misplace morality to save their terrorists. The answer is very simple. Don't risk IDF soldier's lives. Don;'t use helicopters, F16's, or any other high tech weaponry that let's PAL spin a David and Goliath story. Simply find low tech inaccurate cheap Qassam-like rockets and for every rocket they fire at us, fire a rocket back at their cities while broadcast the simple message. You stop firing rockets at our cities and we will stop firing rockets at yours. THIS WILL BRING A TOTAL STOP OF QASSAMS IN A WEEK AND REDUCE THE TOTAL NUMBER OF PEOPLE KILLED ON BOTH SIDE AFTER A SMALL UPFRONT FEE IS PAID DEARLY BY THE PALS. They and their govt. won't allow this type of tit for tat war iwth parity to continue.
5. Olmert and Peretz stopped artillery fire
John ,   sderot   (11.19.06)
This has lead to the rocket launching cells to have more time and get in better position to fire the qassams. Even after the causualties last week peretz still wouldn't allow the resumption of artillery fire. Sderot and Ashkelon will continue to suffer under this Kadima Govt. Olmert is dining on cavier in l.a will rockets are falling on sderot. We have 4 more years of olmert because he will not call for an election until the last possible moment in 2010.
6. Throw them out
MarlĂȘne ,   FRANCE   (11.19.06)
Time to take back the West Bank, Gaza & Sanai + change leadership which backs 100% homos.
7. Sderot
silvio ,   italy   (11.19.06)
You make come to sleep a substantial group of the U.N. for a week:
8. Most stupid newspapers i he world
Dan A. ,   Paris   (11.19.06)
Thank you, Israeli newspapers, for helping palestinians to adjust rocket fire in order to do most possible harm, you are their best intelligence collector, informing them about the precise location and exactly calamities.
9. to Marlene #6
silvio ,   italy   (11.19.06)
Time of withdraw from the Savoia, from the Provenza, from Nizza, expel all the French and leave France to the Moslems now that they are almost the majority. Israel to the Israelis not to the new French, the Moslems.
10. 1 Perhaps that is true.. What does the Bible say
freedom ,   canada   (11.19.06)
on this.. the torah???? Yes that is true... But in practice it will not happen.
11. Unfortunately, Lieberaman betrayed Israel
Roni   (11.19.06)
By joining the coalition, Israel our Home agreed not to topple Olmert government: thus, with Labour + Kadima + Lieberman, Olmert, Peretz, Halutz and other clowns will continue to destroy Israel for several years to come and there is not much that can be done about it!
12. it,s just the bigining
qassam ,   hamas stan   (11.19.06)
one rocket gives alot of Ticket to hill die with love ... It is Jihad a victory or martyrdom
13. #4 I agree.
magrudis ,   Houston, TX   (11.19.06)
and I have said this before as well, except it should be at a 50:1 ratio.
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