Report: Olmert orders targeting of Hamas leadership
Published: 19.11.06, 04:43
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1. Less Talk More Action Please!
Joseph ,   The Diaspora   (11.19.06)
2. Long overdue
Art ,   Sydney   (11.19.06)
This move is LONG, LONG overdue. All members of the Hamas leadership: military and political must be targeted and liquidated. But don't announce it please JUST DO IT!!
4. now that they have been warned less talk & more action
jerome ,   Colorado, US   (11.19.06)
these chicken HamAss leaders say they want the destuction of Israel and the Jews, so it's only fair that they are targets. hopefully sooner than later!
5. Targeting Hamas leadership
Dr.Joji Cherian ,   Aluva India.   (11.19.06)
Hypotheticaly,if Palestenions gain the stength and decides to eliminate your leadership what will you call it then?Terrorism?
6. What an idiot, why the HELL would you warn them?
YB   (11.19.06)
Why would you give them a chance to hide?
7. Just reduce Gaza to rubble (End)
8. Lame Duck thinks that would stop Kassams?
Hani ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.19.06)
Bring it on Olfart, follow in the steps of your predecessors... Kassams will increase as a result, not decrease (duh?).
9. to #5
Avi   (11.19.06)
nooooo, we will call it doomsday!
10. Inshallah!!! one by one!!!
Alan ,   u.s.a.   (11.19.06)
11. #5 Dr.Joji
jerome ,   basalt, co   (11.19.06)
if they had the strength to kill Israeli leaders and civilians, children and all they would do it in a nano second, and yes it would be called terror, and murder. R U a Doctor of ignorance and no understanding of what is going on in the middle east?!?!
12. Olmert orders targeting of Hamas leadership
Arlen Davis ,   USA   (11.19.06)
It is about time! The leadership of the terrorists carries the greatest blame. Eliminate them and the rest will eventually quit.
13. It seems kind of foolish
Mike ,   USA   (11.19.06)
to keep doing all this talking, especially about what your plans are. I agree with the person who said it doesn't make sense to target those in the refugee camps, instead start killing the ones in positions of leadership, but for heaven's sake, don't announce what you are going to do.
14. Remember that Diskin is a leftist fraud.
sk ,   USA   (11.19.06)
You doubt me, oh Ynet reader? Consider the following: "Diskin recommended trying to strengthen Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, because he is widely viewed as a moderate and an antidote to the increasingly rampant extremism amongst the Palestinians." OH YES, that will certainly be effective. As if Israel could fine tune the Arabs, strengthening one party and weakening another! That has SURE HAPPENED! Like ... well, like never, I guess. But let's say that Israel suddenly learned how to manipulate the Arabs (as opposed to being manipulated by them). Why on earth should a Good Cop be "strengthened" at the expense of a Bad Cop, given that IT IS A CHARADE and that both cops are working for the same force? Clearly, Diskin needs to be "realigned" some place far, far outside of Israel.
15. you tried that before
teflon moslem ,   k iraqufa   (11.19.06)
and all what you got is more killing may be you should try the american wisdom ((crime does'nt pay)) and no such thing is a prefect crime so quit while you are ahead and take a quantum leap to the unknown because the the known that coming towards you is unbearable
16. pussy-wussy wakes up?
Tal ,   Jerusalem   (11.19.06)
17. Dr.Joji Cherian Voodoo Doctor
Carlos Murphy ,   Red Hill   (11.19.06)
Joji,all the doctors that Iknow don't have that much time to post on websites, Indian doctors seem to have a lot of time on thier hands. Perhaps you are a doctor of B.S.
18. #12 __Go Back to School
Hani ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.19.06)
"Eliminate them and the rest will eventually quit" The true words of a mafioso. Words of a robotic citizen of an outlaw state, naturally criminal and violent in mentality. If you think continued assassinations will end HAMAS or Kassams - then I urge you to go back to school for a refresher on "HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY 101". But what am I saying? You are a hopelessly Zionist monster.
19. 5 Factually speaking when you solely target civilians like
freedom ,   canada   (11.19.06)
Hamas does.. Then factually speaking you are a terrorist.. Thus, if youre part of Hamas you could draw the conclusion. Are you a lost soul, read the papers, rockets have been targeted at Israeli civilians for a long time... Do some research and then come back.
20. 8 Kassams will decreas if Hamas leaves the
freedom ,   canada   (11.19.06)
region that it is occupying illegally.. The west bank is of jewish origin and even christian origin. Yes, you did hear about the burning of five churches in thee west bank.. Yeah, thats how its done.. get it.... or do I have to explain it better for you.. If you need another example.. Go to the Sudan.. thats pretty obvious as well...
21. 15 Interesting you threaten and tell the other side
freedom ,   canada   (11.19.06)
they should stop. Targeting civilians like the qassams do is a crime so get the two by four out of your eye before you start to criticeze.
22. 18 Too bad you are in Canada we dont believe
freedom ,   canada   (11.19.06)
in the violence and threats that Hamas represent. What do you believe in??? That guy is not a zionist, thats just rhetoric. So the violence wont end there. People like Hamas and Hizbullah will not let it end. If youre so blind then not to see that I truly feel sorry for you.
23. #18 Hani you are obviously an educated
Palis should stop ,   shooting kassams   (11.19.06)
person...surely you cannot see the logic in the Palis continual bombing of Israel..You wanted us out, we are out..why do they keep drawing us back in...are we their ticket to keeping them in poverty, and hand outs. Hani I would wish for nothing more than a free palistinan state or people...they are humans just like the rest, and not all of them are out there killing people still you have to call a spade a spade. You got out and moved to Canada where you are safe, so its easy to voice your opinions from a far. I dont need to be an arab to understand their plight...but we will respond when and wherever necessary to protect our citizens..were it the same from their end, this discussion would be irrelevant.
24. Lets just advertise all our intentions
anything else the ,   world needs to know   (11.19.06)
in the International newspapers. What is going on here..?.they know about things before we do, and how come.?.How stupid is that?..we are coming after you...DUHHHHH Maybe they should say when and where and at which time they plan to make the might make it more interesting to see if we achieve our goals or not..or is this another statement from Olmert as in.."We will bring our boys home " oh and he forgot to mention and lose over a 100 others trying to save them...
25. that's right Hani,
Saun   (11.19.06)
26. Olmert targets Hamas leadership
The Israeli leadership should recognise & talk to the democratically elected leadership of the Palestinians ( the Hamas government) rather than resort to murder/ state terrorism. It should not be forgotten that the state of Israel was founded on murder and terrorism and dispossession and has been maintained for 60 years by subjugation intimidation and murder. 60 years of subjugation has not been successful. The rockets are still coming. What else could be expected given the erection of a concrete dividing wall producing the inevitable injustices and ill will.The time has arrived when the Israeli leadership should realise that the continuation of the state of I srael must be reconsidered. So many of the blogs are just plainly hysterical and reflect an attitude of mind that is no longer tenable.
27. It's about time!
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (11.19.06)
Why warn them?! Kidnap as many as possible and put them on trail!
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