HP exec: Israel is our winning ticket
Avi Shauli
Published: 20.11.06, 04:57
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1. The previous CEO was forced to quit..
Elokim ,   Israel   (11.20.06)
The previous CEO was forced to quit over the grey market affair. Grey importing refers to taking kit from a lower cost area to a higher cost area - HP has long taken a stern line against such activity. Let's hope Joshua can do a better job. Better yet bring Apple Computer over and the real innovations begin!!!
2. HP news
Murray M .Gorelick ,   Chestnut Hill MA   (11.21.06)
I think this news should be sent to all business sections ao all newspapers and to all News TV stations This is the type of news that would send the Arab Nations that Israel has the brain power the worlds largest company neew and are willing to come to Isreal to build their plants.
3. OK, but why Boaz?
OMG ,   US   (02.06.07)
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