Hamas announces missile 'upgrade'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 20.11.06, 14:09
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1. Israel helps Islamic threat to grow
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.20.06)
Israel does little to cut the cancer out of Gaza because their messiah George does not want the IDF to hurt his Road Map destruction of Israel plan. So Israel is restrained and the Islamic terrorists are coddled and helped under the LIE of peace. Israel has married lies and delusion and rejected the truth and for this will suffer greatly. DUMP THE ROAD MAP BEFORE TI IS TOO LATE.
2. Upgrade missiles. Keep attacking Israel & pretend as victims
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.20.06)
3. Why not - they know olmert/peretz will do nothing
Arie ,   Afula   (11.20.06)
4. You're history!
enzo ,   london,uk   (11.20.06)
Fire one and you will be history! You won't even have time to read these talkbacksif you do that! Blood-thirsty murderers!
5. Misile upgrade=standard of living downgrade
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.20.06)
Hamas again shows that they do not care for the security or wellbeing of the Palestinian people. By using violence and terror, they put all Palestinians in danger. Why don't Palis speak out about this? I guess they actually like the way things are under Hamas?
6. #1, Marcel
Alex ,   Washington, DC, USA   (11.20.06)
I'm really tired of hearing from posters on Ynet how Israel should go full out to destroy its enemies and how Bush is restraining Israel... I say: BULLSHIT! Israel is doing a fine job at committing Daily Crimes against the Palestinians and believe me if you they go do more without risking becoming a target all over the world and without facing more Isolation and Condemnation from the rest of the world, they would've done so without blinking. But there is a limit to how arrogant and violent one can be be and I think Israel has denfinitely reached that limit. So, for all of you morons who keep talking tough and wanting Israel to talk off those bloody gloves, just shut up and save us your idiotic comments.
7. Hamas stand strong
Ahmadjabbathehut   (11.20.06)
...behind the backs of women and children.
8. Who wants to play?
Hani ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.20.06)
9. Israelis Must Accept The Painful Facts
Hani ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.20.06)
Israelis must be brave enough to wake up from their coma and question the obvious: Is Israel a sustainable state? Are the basic ingredients of a viable, legal state on the ground today to continue its existence? The answer is no. Not because I am anti-Jewish or anti-Israeli, but simply because demographics are playing against it, and the regional balance of power has started to tilt (Iran, Turkey, etc.). Israel's foundation on an already inhabited land, and subsequent illegal immigration of Jews towards this settler state, and the forced expulsion of Palestinians, is being revisited, and rightfully challenged at last.
10. #5 You Bet
Hani   (11.20.06)
Yes we are perfectly happy with HAMAS, because they are uncorruptable (1) and principled (2). They refuse to recognize Israel because it's a settler state founded on the gun. Anyhow, Arafat recognized the occupation state and was poisoned in return.
11. "Armed Wing"???
Ronnie ,   Gedera, Israel   (11.20.06)
"The Qassam Brigades is the armed wing of Hamas." Hey, Mr. Yaakov Lappin, what's this "armed wing of Hamas" crap? Read my lips.......HAMAS IS A TERROR ORGANIZATION. Terror groups DO NOT have "armed wings". Are you trying to tell us that there are good sides to terror organizations? You'd better wise up! A terror group is a terror group is a terror group!
ALEX , YOUR WORDS BACK TO YOU FOR YOU TO REFLECT: FROM POST #6 ALEX : "So, for all of you morons who keep talking tough and wanting Israel to talk off those bloody gloves, just shut up and save us your idiotic comments" ALEX , SHUT UP!!!
13. To Alex # 6
Natan ,   USA   (11.20.06)
I am so very sorry that when God was giving out brain you were last in line and there was not much left!!! With US policies to kiss up to Arab butts and please rag heads muslims all over the world, it is so obvious that it is controlling the type of response Israel can conduct in Gaza. And if you don't think that this is the case, then your head is stuck up your ass alot deeper than i thought!!!
14. And this is why we give them 30 minute warnings
Fasulia Hudra   (11.20.06)
First of all it is time to go back after all the shield went home and obliterate the building and hopefully the PRC terrorist leader and family may have returned. Hell fire missiles in return for Qassam missiles, especially for those who order the launchers. 30 minutes warnings and patient 19 hour standoffs allow terrorists to exploit our morality and spin them into victories. Professional attack plans should include appropriate contingency planning and assets to effectively and quickly take end situations before they can complete the organization of their drag parades allowing terrorist to escape in pantyhose, high heels, and far too much mascara. The Arab/Moslem terrorists are incapable of learning. They did the Lebanonese kidnapping a couple weeks after the kidnapping of Shalit in Gaza. We must learn for standoffs and warning and strike quickly and immediately, without warning or mercy.
15. #6 - Marcel's and the UN's hypocrisy!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (11.20.06)
Why aren't you condemning now the pals when they claim so clearly that they will continue if not worsen their rocket attacks on Israeli civilian centers? Do you expect Israel to sit like a lame duck and wait for its population to get killed? Which country in the world would accept such absurdity? You are just bloody anti-semites! Go Israel go, do a GOOD CLEANUP JOB in Gaza before these blood thursty criminals start killing your children.
16. Sorry Marcel! My message was for Alex.
Maurice ,   Montreal   (11.20.06)
My message was addressed to #6 Alex not to you. Sorry for the error.
17. the cause
they are through with the spirit, so they have to work on the material.
18. Who is the manufacturer of Hamas's weapons ?
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul & Turkey   (11.20.06)
I really like to know. What country and what company. Thanks. Sincerely
19. Delusional Thugs & Make-Believe Warriors.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.20.06)
What a bunch of pathetic losers. Big words for people who dress like women to escape capture & hide behind civilians to shoot rockets. The IDF doesn't use 5% of its capability to handle Gaza - we're just too humane to bomb the hell out of them, unlike these homicidal maniacs. But they get carried away by their own rhetoric pretending to be resistance fighters when all they really are is cowardly sneaks trying to kill innocent civilians in buses, cafes, & markets.
20. #6...daily crimes???
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.20.06)
SO in your book, going after known terrorists is a crime? What world do you live in. Palestinians chose Hamas to lead them and everyone in the world knows that hamas wants to destroy Isarel (its in their charter for god's sake). So all your nonsense about Isarel being a criminal state is jus a bunch of BS. People like you deny the fact that Palestinians always reject peace and always make the wrong choices when it comes to their leadership.
21. of course,nazislamists understood who they're dealing with..
stephane ,   france   (11.20.06)
they know that as long as they're dealing with the 2 most cowards deciders israel ever had(olmert and peretz),they will have all the time and the freedom to upgrade their why should they miss this opportunity??i'm ashame of our 2 clowns,and i really feel sorry for the residents of sderot who are suffering daily from the coward behavior of peretz and olmert,MORE than from the rockets! we need men like liberman and netaniahou at these 2 posts;and then,the nazislamists will start to upgrade their human shields and tactics to run away.
22. Yikes Alex!
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (11.20.06)
Like you, I also question why Israeli hospitals treat wounded Palestinians. Such a violent and arrogant country should absolutely not help its enemy. And yet it does. Why do you think Israel does that? I also had a MAJOR problem with Israel leaving greenhouses for Gazan Arabs. Why on earth would such an arrogant and violent country even attempt to help their enemy economically? And yet it did. So like you, I question Israel's behavior toward the Palestinians. There is definitely a limit to the amount of sympathy and outreach a country should give her enemies before forcing them off the land. I think Israel has reached that limit.
23. to Hani #10
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (11.20.06)
Arafat died of AIDS, luv. He got it from homosexual intercourse.
24. connect the dots Hani #9
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (11.20.06)
You state a handful of facts and expect them to show how Israel's demise is self-evident? Ridiculous. And people wonder why discussing difficult issues with Arabs is useless! Try again with your "argument." Show some cause and effect next time.
26. #13 Natan dont call yourself an american.
AR ,   Cali USA   (11.20.06)
"Any content which exhibits or incites racism or discrimination based on ethnic or national origin, color, culture, religion, sex, occupation, sexual orientation, disease, physical or mental disability, belief, political view or socio-economic class" is forbidden NATAN "raghead" that is offensive and racist. Anyways people like that dont deserve to be allowed to voice an opinion of that nature on Ynet and i hope it is removed shortly. His comment was pretty much a elementry argument anyway. Israeli's why do you call the people who's land you have taken terrorist for fighting back? No matter how you look at it people were there and you came and took it know your calling them crazy muslims i think your crazy if you thought they wouldnt fight. If you came and tried to set up your country in california i would blow up your busses too. Im not trying to be insensitive but im just being honest.
27. Hani's frustrations!
Eric ,   Toronto   (11.20.06)
Yes, Hani you are just frustrated that Israel has become in such a short time one of the most successful countries in the world, a hightech giant, a GDP per capita of four times that of its Arab neighbours, a democratic country where everyone can voice their opinion, etc, etc. The incorrect statements you are making (which aren't even worth discussing) give your frustrations away. Eat your heart out Hani!
28. just like sex... practice makes it better :)
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.20.06)
29. the time of fighting tanks with stones is over...
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.20.06)
its time for israel to realize this strategic change in time before things get worse... time for israel to change its strategic mentality of occupation, humialtion and ethnic clensing of palestenians before its too late for israel!
30. Palestinians Help your brothers
Jessica ,   USA   (11.20.06)
out of GAZA....shame on your for leaving the poor and undeducated to fight and be killed. Move them to Paris, London, Qatar and Jordan where they will be safe.
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