Olmert: I did not use classified information
Moran Rada
Published: 22.11.06, 14:35
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1. Olmert's House-O-Cards
malcolm   (11.22.06)
2. PM's corruption has compromised Israel's security
Adamush   (11.22.06)
3. BIG SURPRISE: Olmert serves Olmert and Olmert alone !
aaron ,   ra'anana   (11.22.06)
who are the 12.5% of people polled who said they would vote kadima if the elections were held today ... WE MUST GET THESE PEOPLE PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIATRIC HELP IMMEDIATELY !!!
4. but for for personal financial ends, it's Okay. Halutz did
5. People are still naive about Olmert
Amnon ,   Beer Sheva   (11.22.06)
They don't know that Olmert is a vicious corrupt individual. When they will wake up? Olmert's family and friends are the uglieat people in Israel's history, a bunch of criminals.
6. Olmert did not use classified information
Dr. David Feigenbaum ,   Netanya, Israel   (11.22.06)
And Bil Clinton did not have sex with that woman...
7. 12.5 % who support Kadima
Dr. David Feigenbaum ,   Netanya, Israel   (11.22.06)
Do the math and you will find that Kadima won 29 seats with votes of 12.5% of the electorate. We got the government that we deserved...
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