Diplomats tour Sderot, Qassams follow
Anat Bereshkovsky
Published: 23.11.06, 14:45
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1. Diplomats in Sderot
Teresa Pollin ,   USA   (11.23.06)
high time for correct PR - good job.
2. Sderot
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.23.06)
If those diplomats now report correctly to their governments , maybe we can have positive results . This is PR at it best , well done Tzipi
3. Tzipi Livni needs a style advisor
4. This Is Pathetic
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.23.06)
Does Livni really expect the foreign diplomats to give a damn about us? She's like a beggar with no self-respect. Is this "diplomatic preparation" for military action? This is really pathetic. I'm disgusted.
5. This is war propaganda
atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (11.23.06)
Musad agents sebd the rockets while diplomat in Sderot, exactly same thing happened two days ago through UN ambasador visit. Stop the game, and give people freedom.
6. diplomatics: not dramatic enough
silvio ,   italy   (11.23.06)
But did the Diplomatics thing expect, the arrival of the Atomic Bomb of Amadinejad?
7. Damn you Ynet!
Sam ,   Atlanta   (11.23.06)
Who were the diplomats? What countries were represented? Did any of them comment on what they saw? WHY was the tour not dramatic enough? Horrible article!!!!
8. No to external interferences
Brod ,   USA   (11.23.06)
Israel should not even allow these foreign elements intruding in its internal affairs and national security interests. They are the product of the latent manipulations of Islamist-Jihadist entities that continue to harass Israel. They contribute to adding fuel to the tinderbox in the Middle East. It is time Israel stops these external interferences to its internal affairs. If this is the other way round, would these foreigners like Israel and other countries intruding in their internal affairs and national security interests? The answer is NO. As a sovereign country, Israel should say NO to these external intrusions in its affairs.
9. Good Job
1.5 Billion Muslims   (11.23.06)
when she will take the Diplomat to Gaza , so they will see the desrtuction IDF caused, this look like Batched PR , u can fool people one time but u can not fool people all time . the World see Israelis true coler . Good luck Livini , three year old can do better job she did. Reality checlk , world
10. For Atmawi #5
Brant ,   Hilton Head, USA   (11.23.06)
Many people around the world hope you Palestinian Arabs get to build a peaceful, fruiful country. However, to build it on lies such as yours about Mossad sending the Qassams means your Palestine will collapse. Historic ally, "Palestine" was the new name the Romans gave Judea. It was Jewish land before any of your ancestors ever set foot on it and despite all that, most Israelis would agree to you havig a state called Palestine. Build it on truth, Atmawi; not on ugly, hate-filled lies and you might stand a chance.
11. #3: i couldn't agree with you more!
she's an attractive woman, but she really needs a clue in terms of fashion. if you look at how the average israeli woman dresses, she is not properly representing. but she's not doing a bad job as foreign minister.
12. Sam # 7 Brod # 8
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.23.06)
He Sam ! did you want a list of all 70 diplomats ? and a 10 page reaction from each of them ? You are surpassing all the permitted limits of human stupidity . Brod , if they have'nt to put their nose in our internal affairs , why did you react , you are not living in Israel ! My reaction is maybe a little exagerated , Sam you can not await a mile long article . To know that 70 diplomats were there is enough . Sad they could not enjoy an alert [ without casualties of course ] Brod , do you think this is only an internal business ? look at my first tb on this subject . Had they be there with 5 times more people , it would be better . Maybe something positive can come out of this . Not only the "palestinians" have to show the damage caused by our defense forces , we have to show how they try to kill our children .
13. terry
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.23.06)
If only one of those diplomats reports correctly to his capital it's already a good point . Do'nt be so destructive , Tsipi whas 1000 % right and well inspired to do this .
14. I think she is doing her job just fine. the question is what
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church, VA USA   (11.23.06)
You guys want from your leaders. A FM Job is mostely Diplomacy based on real fact, and she is doing her part for you guys. About the way she dress: I think she was hired to be a FM not a Super start model, or to have her picture taken onplayboy magazine. you are so free to the point that you are getting crazy and making your leaders and the people arround you crazy too.
15. Ok Charles...
Sam ,   Atlanta   (11.23.06)
It's beyond the permitted limits of human stupidity to ask for facts? Evidence? Supporting stories? What kind of limits are you talking about? Don't worry man, you ARE allowed to ask questions!
16. sam
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.23.06)
you did'nt ask for facts . who were they , what were their comments , that's what you asked . and that's beyond....And that's why i asked if you want a list of those 70 diplomats , with their 10 pages of comments . and that's exagerated and beyond..... if you did read the rest i wrote : my reaction was exagerated ..... You have a reaction of the French ambassador , read . Thank you for your permission to ask questions . Sorry if i hurt you , but do not ask too much of a newspaper . If you do'nt know : Ynet is the Israeli Yediot Aharonoth's website
17. #9 if muslims were not afraid of retaliations
rachel ,   usa   (11.23.06)
from fanatics brain washed Muslims , most would convert to get out of this war mongering religion. "the religion of peace" my ass.You are all afraid of each other . You really think the world can't see your hypocrisy
18. #17 taht is what they call Rule and law
1.5 Billion Muslims   (11.25.06)
If we do not afraid of each other it will be choas , since u live America the poeple who want go over the Spead limit do not wanna do cause they do no want get ticket , these said people r not lover of safety but they afraid the Punishment so if afraid each other to commit crime , is in it wath they call Domocracy , upholding the rule of law , how u like me now , Democracy is not what u like but the will of majority , people speak u do not like it then live with it . Reality Check , world
19. #18 We are not talking of speeding tickets here
rachel ,   usa   (11.27.06)
are you insane?We are talking of choices . As long as we don't hurt each other , we have the right to make choices of what religion we want to have ....Big difference with your countries ....anyway why don't you say where you are from ? are you afraid ?Is there no freedom of speech ....We know how you all want to come here because its so boring in your own countries....As they say ....Why don't you :LIVE AND LET LIVE stop trying to control everyone ....Life is short , you only live once ....relax a bit ....don't take it so seriouly ...have a little wine must be so frustrated....Stop controlling your women ...let them live also ..The earth is small and can disapear very easily .....take my advice ...relax
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