Woman suicide bomber's family: We're very proud
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 23.11.06, 23:51
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1. Culture of death strikes again!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.23.06)
But now we see how cowardly men send women and children to do their dirty work. Again, how is Israel to make peace with this culture??? AND, where are all the Pali supporters when this stuff happens??? PATHETIC!!!
2.  Again about ZOO in gaza....
miron ,   ny   (11.23.06)
ONLY TRANSFER it's mean that arab-world MUST rescue their brothers and will take them from gaza and W.BANK to their home into muslim country as soon as posible -before I ran start attaked Israel people'
3. Question To Fellow Jews!!
David ,   Tel Aviv   (11.23.06)
How many more candels are you ready to light until you stand up and mean it when you proclaim 'NEVER AGAIN'? How many more days must we bury our dead until you mean it when you say 'NEVER AGAIN'? When will it be enough and the phrase 'NEVER AGAIN' will be the motto you live by and defend by? What will the enemy have to do and to say for you to truly mean it when you say 'NEVER AGAIN'? How many more Kassams, suicide bombings, hatred, calls for our destruction, will it wake you up that and proclaim'NEVER AGAIN'? Proclaim It and Live By It NEVER AGAIN SHALL WE ALLOW OUR BLOOD BE SPILLED To the seculars, many of you do not believe in the Almighty, you ask, where as he during the Holocaust. The real question is, where were your fellow Jews? Why didnt they raise heaven and earth to save Polish/German/etc Jews? NEVER AGAIN SHALL WE ALLOW OUR BLOOD AND OUR BROTHERS BLOOD BE SPILLED WE ARE ONE AND WE ARE WHOLE WE ARE THE JEWISH PEOPLE AM YISRAEL CHAI!!!!!!
4. Militarily useless
Boaz ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (11.23.06)
The most lethal tool of mass murder ever devised by men is the most useless one on the battlefield. This is the second attempt in combat and no soldier as of yet had been killed from it.
5. for DR' wish, Florida
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul / Turkey   (11.23.06)
I hope it makes you feel little better that there still are good muslims in world hate these attacks. its been published before on the other article, but I see its been necessary to talk about it again. the dirty language I use because this is the only way they see we hate them. we are in daily life very good people. never use dirty words. --------------------------- that is the most F.UCKED UP WAY. DEVIL DID CREATE IT. I tHROW THE LIBERTY TO GARBIAGE IF IT WILL COME WITH suicide bombing. WHO TEACHES THOSE UGLY WAYS. WE TURKS, ALL HATE THE WAY OF suicide bombing. My brothers (religion) there in deadly mistake with suicide bombing. THEY SOLD THEIR SOULS TO DEVIL. İt is a f.ucked up way. it is. f.uck all suicide bombings. I MUST TELL THEM THAT THAT IS F.UCKED WAY. Try to fight normal. You see, I hate todays fake Islamic people way. they all try to give a bad name to Islam. F.UCK suicide bombing.
6. Thank God For Quick Thinking & Reactions
Fasulia Hudra   (11.23.06)
Fortunately Quick Thinking and reactions averted a potential disaster and no one (of any significance) was killed. Only one more terrorist removed from the battlefield never to attack and Israeli ever again.
7. #3 David, i fully agree with you!
8. Maybe Olmert should set up another committee?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (11.23.06)
Every time there is a "crisis" in this country, the government establishes a "committee" and then does nothing but make promises. The North went through a war. The government did everything to stop a declaration of a state of war. The Finance Minister made promises. Again words with no action. Even the railway bridge at Akko has not been completed due to bureaucratic wrangle. No train to Karmiel. No air service. Just more empty promises. Our people in Sderoth are living a nightmare and where is the government? A Cabinet meeting was held yesterday that decided not to make a decision about the terror plaguing the town and surrounding areas. In Tel Aviv and Jerusalem “culture vultures” cry that there is no money for art and music while people in Sderoth live in terror and farmers in the north have to beg for the compensation promised to them during and after the war. Jerusalem gets a new railroad and we get a lot of nothing. But more promises. We in the “periphery” are sick and tired of being second class citizens. Prime Minister Olmert stop this eloquent rhetoric and turn words into action. We the people demand it!
9. a 57-year-old woman?
israeli ,   israel   (11.23.06)
Was it an honor killing in disguise? Did Hamas threaten to rape her daughters or to send her younger sons or grandsons (read 13-14 year-olds)? Was she the mother/aunt ____ (fill in the blanks) of a so-called collaborator? How much (or how little) money did they give her family? How low can these terrorist organizations stoop? Will the world never open their eyes? Will they never understand that these terrorists are cowardly murderers?
10. draw the lesson even from the others’ perspective
observer   (11.23.06)
what made a 57 old Fatima to explode herself ? she was not a hot-blooded-young, and she certainly knew that she might not be able to come within the deadly distance from the IDF troops, or she might even be forced to detonate herself . She might also make her mind to detonate herself as a "warning shot", for others to follow suit. The lesson is, Palestinians are ready to easily sacrifice their lives, for their cause, even if this sacrifice is just a "warning shot".
12. Victims
Yosh ,   Abuja   (11.23.06)
It's unfortunate this people keep sending their women and children off to their deaths. Now the world's media would gladly turn a blind eye to this one. A very sorry state of affairs
13. another reason - 10
perspective   (11.23.06)
Perhaps frustration was the reason. Here's another equally valid possibility - extortion. For example, women who are caught having an affair have in the past been forced to be suicide bombers or threatened to be killed or exposed (pretty much the same thing in areas where honor killings are practiced) and thus, since they're dead either way, prefer to suicide bomb to spare their family the 'shame'.
14. Well said #3!!
Jordaan ,   South Africa   (11.23.06)
May God bless and strenghten all His people in this difficult times! A short while, and He will come!!
15. Fatma Najar
BRL ,   USA   (11.23.06)
What is 57 year old Fatma Najar going to do with her 72 Virgins?
16. Was she a virgin! Would she be considered a virgin?
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.23.06)
I mean she did blow herself up. Think of the lucky 18 year old suicide bomber that gets her in his stable of women.
17. Mindset of Bomber
mike ,   Chicago, USA   (11.23.06)
Is related to the community of the religious person that believes that this will expiate sin or guarantee heaven. It is seen among the educated and middle class not the underclass. Think about the sept 11 crew. these are not related to economic or personal deseration as much as religious idiologic opportunity. Perhaps she sinned and this will set it right, perhaps she is unhappy at home. Ask the person who recruited her. Take a moment to damn her, her recuiter, the bomb maker and accomplices for murder. Off to hell for attempted murder and the murder of her self. "May she receive that which she planned " Another moment to pray for peace. Peace in Israel and blessings to her friends
18. 10, 13 - try another reason: pure hatred
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.23.06)
from the inciteful preachings from the intolerant religion of peace.
19. to number 9
ricardo ,   portugal   (11.23.06)
or u may ask, ~Did we killed her sons or daughters? ( i mean israelis by we), Did we destroyed her house ( by mistake rockets!!!!!!), Is she disperate of the life we created for her. These are the real questions, i don´t agree with suicide bombers but as the palestinians for 12 years negocitated with israel and their life is each day worse , then israelis think again
20. 19-erroneous statement
NL ,   Israel   (11.23.06)
You said, the Palestinians have been negotiating with Israel for the past 12 years? Really? The facts would indicate otherwise: 1. Post-Oslo, Arafat called the oslo accords "a red herring" and reiterated his call for 'resistance' 2. Later, PM Ehud Barak offered arafat 97% of his land demands, and in exchange for the last 3 %, offered him lands that he had not requested - a land-for-peace deal unprecedented in its generosity. Arafat refused. 3. Ariel Sharon, formerly hawkish, evacuated all Jews from Gaza. Rockets were launched back. (Only in recent months, did the IDF launch a military initiative, despite the fact that rocket attacks began almost immediately.) 4. Palestinians elected Hamas after Arafat's death. In their charter, they call for Israel's demise, refuse to recognize Israel and refuse to abide by any previous agreements of the PA with Israel. Their press statements for the past year have focused on their refusal to compromise with Israel. All the while, for the past 12 years, there have been ongoing rocket attacks and suicide attacks, aimed at civilians. Many of these attacks have been celebrated by the public. Many of these attacks are perpetrated by the so-called military wings of political parties, including, very often, Hamas. This is your idea of negotiation? If so, what in the world in your idea of conflict and contention? The Palestinian leaders have fostered conflict in the past 12 years, not negotiation. If the Palestinians are (rightly) frustrated by the lack of dialogue or negotiation, they should point their frustration at the correct source: their own (elected) leaders.
21. Scraping bottom of barrel - suicide granny...
Nora   (11.23.06)
Suicide bombers do their job from being BRAINWASHED. 9/11 and London bombings prove this - perpertrators were healthy, educated and in some cases wealthy - not oppressed and depressed. Its all down to the BRAINWASHING.
Palestinians negociated? suicide bombing,blowing up schools and buses does not count as "necotiation" They were offered solutions and repeatetly rejected them, chosing the path of terror. What you are doing with your posting is trying to justify a terrorist act.
23. This won't stop jewish terror, Pals need tanks, air force
ta ,   usa   (11.23.06)
just a fraction of what Israel has, to be able to defend themselves from jewish terror & occupation that has been murdering them, demolishing their homes, and stealing their land every day to build settlement for Indian, Ethiopian jewish colonists .
24. With Grandmas, women, & children trying to kill you
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (11.23.06)
You now have good reason just to kill them all. For they are all soldiers on the battlefield.
25. No:16
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul / Turkey   (11.23.06)
we cant get your point. look like too dirty. very dirty. we hope we are wrong. and you should hope.
26. Culture of resistance.... Against racisim inside the other ,   Nablus   (11.23.06)
John ,   NZ   (11.23.06)
28. to#19, for 12 years???
Adi ,   Israel   (11.24.06)
the only way the pelestinians negotiated with Israel was with bombs and rockets, please learn the facts before you post a comment here, and spare us the empty recycled language.....
29. to#20 AMEN!!!
Beni ,   T.A   (11.24.06)
30. Dave, #3
Alex ,   LA, USA   (11.24.06)
I love what you have said and I totally agree. The GOD will help only those who are willing to help themselves. I also agree that most of Jewish problems are due to the fact that we were not united. GOD bless you and people like you.
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