Police: Only public will find serial rapist
Avi Cohen
Published: 25.11.06, 13:28
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1. he might have joined the IDF
Noora ,   Bahrain   (11.25.06)
2. As the account of his escape come in
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (11.25.06)
it is obvious that he had help from very big people with a lot of money. Going to a court he had no reason to appear in that was closed for the day anyway? Who wants him out so much and why?
3. Or maybe he joins Israel govermemt lol!
Arabian Wolf   (11.25.06)
4. Serial Rapist Escapes
Major ,   USA   (11.25.06)
An Arab laughing at the escape of Sela, a serial rapist? Sela, who raped both adult and juvenile females? You like that? Do you know how many of these victims were Arab females? Do you care? Does it matter? *sheesh!*
5. For a moment i thought they were after Mr. Katsav
Arabian Wolf   (11.25.06)
6. Karadi must go to jail
Alex ,   LA, USA   (11.25.06)
Karadi must go to jail at once, and Dichter should be removed from his ministry. Karadi knows very well what is going on in police.
7. i think he must have joined the police to look for himself
laughing ,   very funny storie   (11.25.06)
8. Israeli Scum
efi g ,   washington dc   (11.25.06)
Typical Israeli scum. I saw lots of nitwits when I was there. Maybe the guy is in New Jersey working at a 7-11 shop now or ripping someone off at a cheap electronics store. lol
9. In many countries they would cover it up las never happened
Israeli Arab ,   Haifa   (11.25.06)
Israel is a true civilized democracy where people take responsibility for their mistakes and inform the public about what happened. There is law and justic in Israel, unlike many countries. The brave Israeli police men and women fight both the regular criminals and the terrorists every day. My deepest respect goes out to the Mishtara members and the members of the Border Police for their tough jobs.
10. Find him already IDIOTS...
tel aviv woman ,   il   (11.25.06)
if you let him escape, clean up your own mess and put to jail all the "policemen and guards" who were "on duty"...oy, i can't believe's been 2 days already!
11. noora bahrain
bauer ,   germany   (11.25.06)
solve the problem and get him a one way tiket to bahrain
12. Noora, Arabian Wolf - Arab Hypocrits
Fasulia Hudra   (11.25.06)
What hypocrits. Arabs/Moslem Taliban beat women in Afghanistan mercilessly. There is nothing wrong with murdering Arab girls to restore the "Family Honor" or send them to be suicide bombers to restore the family honor. Pakistani Moslem courts regularly order women be raped as punishment. In Darfur Arabs are making sport of murder and raping hundreds of thousands. With the worldwide terror and examples of Arab/Moslem barbarity towards women and in general, Arabs/Moslems should be the last ones to criticize a modern civilized country who made a mistake, admitted it, and is doing eveything possible to capture the rapist. By the way Arabs/Moslem, you might for once try behaving civilized, take ownership of your problems instead of always passing the blame for all your failings.
13. Of course the public will find Sela
Bruno ,   Haifa   (11.25.06)
because the police won't/can't - they can't tell one end of a police horse from the other. The police couldn't find him if he were sitting in a police car handcuffed to the driver. How surprising that he went to visit his mother. Why didn't the police think of that BEFORE people called in to report they'd seen him in that area? And surprise surprise - he may even have had a PLAN to escape - wow! how devious and how unusual.
14. Learn from USA - Wanted DEAD or Alive Posters & Reward
Ahmad Cohen   (11.25.06)
USA had a great solution that would work brilliants in a smally country like Israel. Put out Wanted Dead or Alive Posters with a reward. Either he will be captured or will run for the nearest police station to save his sorry butt. By the way 35 years for 14 rapes is ludicrous. It should have been 35 years for each of the 14 years for a total of 490 years and would be eligible for parole after 320 years after castration.
15. to 8 you sound slightly bitter
pilpelet   (11.25.06)
you must have stayed at the same hotel as i did in tel-aviv the abdulabullbull happy home for weery travelers, yes you may have been there when my ex and his family were on there hols a lovely maroccan group a pleasent mixture or nuts and screw loose people (i dont mean screw in the sexual way) yes i can understand your revultion but there is one thing you can do to improve israel for the rest of the visitors. DONT COME BACK. and may you have a lovely week. svooah tov
16. #14 - Why do people think castration helps?
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (11.26.06)
Well, from my earlier post you can see that I'm hardly on Sela's side, but castration does not help. There have been rapes by impotent men and rapes using objects that have been as, if not more vicious, than "conventional" rape. Rape is just as much a hate crime as a sex crime, if not more. Susan Brownmillers _Against our Will: Men, Women and Rape_ has been translated into Hebrew, I suggest you read it.
17. What?!
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (11.26.06)
"Police: Only public will find serial rapist " Oh, so now the public is at fault if he isn't found?!
18. Amazing how they find a suicide bomber within an hour!!
Talula ,   Israel   (11.26.06)
I'm getting VERY VERY ANGRY!!!!
19. #18
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (11.26.06)
Yeah someone asked me in the street yesterday, when the 'copters were flying overhead around Sd. Rothschild what Arab terrorist escapeed. I told her no, dear it's the Jewish rapist.
20. Dorothy
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.26.06)
Dorothy ! of course not . The public can open an eye and help in this way . The same when there is a suspect object , people call in police
21. #20 - Charlie - don't be daft!
Talula ,   Israel   (11.26.06)
This man raped loads and loads of women - he eluded capture for ages. What do you think a woman should do if they see him, hit him with their handbag? - He'd be very sorry if I got hold of him though.
22. 19 - Dotty...
Talula ,   Israel   (11.26.06)
Let's get a vigilantly group of mad women together and go track the scumbag down!
23. #22
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (11.26.06)
There are groups, or were before the wall came down anyway, of lesbians in Berlin that would do just that! A friend of mine has slipped a set of brass knuckles into her purse, though
24. talula
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.26.06)
what a woman should do if seeing him ? Read my tb . The same as when seeing a suspect object : call the police . I hope that i have not to repeat it a third time .
25. 24 - Charlie oh Charlie!!
Talula ,   Israel   (11.26.06)
People have spotted him and HAVE called the police, do you think he's going to wait around until they get there? - He knows the country is after him. He's going to keep moving, let's hope he's exhausted enough to keep his mind off raping anyone.
26. 22 Dot...
Talula ,   Israel   (11.26.06)
Where can we buy a Taiser gun here? I'd like to test it out on him. Bet you it's a woman who finally catches him. Us women need to show men how things are done around here : )
27. #26
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (11.26.06)
It would be nice if my friend with the brass knuckles is the one. She also has a baseball bat under her bed and can bench press over 50 kilos. Did you take your name from the magnificant Miss Bankhead?
28. to tal [ ula]
charles ,   petach tika   (11.26.06)
no , he shall not wait . but police can then concentrate on this region or part of town . Have i to explain everything to you . Listen , my dear , if you see him , take your phone , call the 100 , 1 then 0 and a second 0 . When the 100 answers , you tell them that saw him , that you are in ... [ town ] then you explain EXACTLY where you are , street , number of the house you are in front of , in wich direction he runs . OK ? did you understand ? Try to remember well .
29. 28 Charlie...
Tal [ula] ,   Israel   (11.26.06)
I won't call the police. I'd like to take care of him myself. I'd like to beat him senseless for all the lives he's ruined........ THEN I'd call the police!! I'd be a national hero! I'd be able to demand things! I'd be able to make demands for my heroic act.
30. Charles, PT
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (11.26.06)
What is your experience with the Israeli police? I've been here 30+ years, and have had some in my time. They've come a long way since I first arrived and they were taking men with 8 years of education into their ranks, but they still aren't always user friendly. Also, I've called to report suspicious objects, etc., and have had to wait 10 rings or more 'til they anwered. You seem to be going out your way to not only stand up for the police in this *fashla* while insulting women as well.
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