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Will US position change?
Zalman Shoval
Published: 29.11.06, 22:11
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1. Baker Is Trouble With a Capital "T"
Jeff ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (11.29.06)
Baker and his minions will connive to convince Bush to deal Israel to the Arabs. Carter calls Israel an apartied entity. Tutu investigates Israel. John Bolton is out of the UN. Is anyone home???
2. #1 Bush is worse then Baker
Mark ,   USA   (11.29.06)
Bush wanted Israel to strike Syria during the Lebanon war. He has created a dangerous world. He promotes war. Baker at least uses diplomacy.
3. #1 Baker will try to prevent World War III
Mark ,   usa   (11.29.06)
Bush will lead the world into World War III.
4. Bush is the "Anti-Christ" 666
Mark ,   usa   (11.29.06)
He said he is a war president. #1
5. Between Baker and his Jew Hate friend Carter...
malcolm   (11.29.06)
...Israel will be cornered from all sides. The situation turned hopeless when Olmert refused to fight Hizbollah.
6. To #1
frank ,   cleveland, ohio   (11.29.06)
who cares idiot bush should put the proirity of the American Public first no Israel, thats none of our business whether israel exists or vanishes who cares, we should stop supporting Israel if thats what it takes to win in Iraq
7. ignote relationship
Ike Kantnow ,   usam   (11.29.06)
"There is no need for particularly sharp brains to recall the linkage to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict " Could you explain what is the link between Irak inter-tribal rivalry and jew-muslim conflict?
8. To Jeff
Dovy ,   Toronto   (11.29.06)
What's wrong with all of that? According to what criteria does the Zionist state deserve peace and happiness? For having created something against the Torah? For having expelled Palestinians and stolen their land? For having confined them to ghettos? According TO WHAT CRITERIA??!!
9. Will US position change?
sam   (11.29.06)
Minimum needed is UN resolution 242!
10. Baker and Oil Money
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (11.29.06)
Baker and Oil Money
11. #1 Looks who supports the Carter Center
Sam WEinstein ,   USA   (11.29.06)
Look at the principal givers of money on the Carter Center on Peace website. Saudi Arabia, Oman and a prominant Saudi Family no wonder carter is so Anti israel.
12. #1
John Bolton is useless at the UN .He can lead the gay parade next year ! so don't worry !
13. This Would Be Scapegoating, Pure and Simple
david ,   USA   (11.30.06)
14. Insurgents Trying To Create Palestinian Homeland In Iraq
Dale ,   Omaha USA   (11.30.06)
There is no doubt in my mind that the current instability in Iraq is tied to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The insurgents, unable to create an independent homeland for the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, have now decided to take over control of Iraq and create a Palestinian homeland for the Palestinians in Iraq. It's clear as night and day. Baker understands this, Blair understans this and so does Jimmy Carter. The connection is so simple and yet simple minded Israelis fail to get the connection!
15. The position now is to make peace even if Israel doesnt want
larry davidson ,   mimai fla   (11.30.06)
Israel will be forced to the table. Look Guys, israel couldnt even fight the Hezbos. What makes you think they are in shape to fight a real war? Israel can only shoot at unarmed old ladies and kids or drop bombs Willy-Nilly on high rise homes in Lebanon without a plan. . What heroes. LOL
16. To #6 Frank
Jerry Sussman ,   Alexandria, USA   (11.30.06)
I find your comment somewhat bizarre. On the one hand, you say that the US should come before Israel. With that, I am in total agreement. However, the hollowness of your pretended patriotism becomes evident in the face of your suggestion that it is better to fight to preserve a stridently anti-American, Islamo-fascist Iraqi regime than it is to support a pro-American, democratic Israel. By what stretch of the imagination do you justify the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and the expenditure of hundreds of billions of American dollars for Iraq, but castigate the expenditure of far fewer sums and no lives for Israel? Sir, I suspect that it is not patriotism that drives you, but anti-semitism.
17. #6 Good thing israel has nukes
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (11.30.06)
If the US did that for the sake of Iraq attempt to sell out Israel as you seem to want. I think Israel would know how to respond.
18. peace
toni ,   sabme   (11.30.06)
the us cannot have peace . why aint we the great satan.im jusst fedup with these islamic countries . however we need oil. almost like acatch 22. but ill digress, and wait for something positive comming out of islam
19. u.s. IS changing positions
DAN ,   USA   (11.30.06)
Baker has always been a pro Arab, anti Israel oil man who once was quoted as saying "f... the Jews". Asking the U.S. to engage in dialogue with Iran is like asking the fox to protect the hen house. Of course the fox will do so for the beginning cost of one hen per night. The number of hens to go up at a later date. For it to allow the U.S. a safe and "honorable" strategy out of Iraq, Iran will demand no interference in its nuclear program and a part of Israel. The cut and run Democrats along with Bush, who has used up all his political capital ,will agree and the deed will be done. It certainly doesn't help that Israel is being run by idiots and can no longer defend itself...much like the U.S.
20. #6 You Are A Putz
Jeff ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (11.30.06)
21. To The #6 the real IDIOT
PatriotUSA ,   Redmond, Oregon   (11.30.06)
What a shallow jerk you are! Sacrifice the only thing close to a decent gov't in the entire ME to the bloody, booby trapped, kill anyone who disagrees, or who will not convert to islam(that includes you too, Frank, the idiot) islamofacist to "win in Iraq. Like sacrificing Israel would "guarantee" our victory in Iraq? You are so stupid, you must watch ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and othe commie left wing news pollution networks to gather your intelligence since you have none of your own. Once Israel is gone, these pig sucking arabs will never stop killing in the name of allah for their stinking religion, or cult because that is what it is. Anyone who thinks this is the answer needs to do their homework. The ONLY THING these islamofacists understand is they will try to kill us first, unless we kill them first and that IS the only way to fight them. We should have turned iraq, iran, syria, saudia arabia, all of those backwater 16th century hell holes into glass parking lots a long time ago. Now with the Looney left in control starting in 2007 the real fun will begin, not for just the U.S. but the entire world. There is no deal making with these terror driven perverts from hell!
22. #3 Mark, nobody can prevent a war already in progress.
Uzi   (11.30.06)
It's the world war Moslem terrorists started against the First World. The terrorists will lose, like the Nazis did, because the First World wants to survive and win and because the First World is stronger. Israel can't afford to suffer too much before the final victory.
23. #6, is it our business?
Vitaliy ,   NJ, USA   (11.30.06)
True, it's not our business. We already sold out Taiwan, democratic movements in Russia, people suffering in Darfur. Israel is not the first. It will not be the last to sold out. Just remember that one day we will be done selling out others. Then our government will sell out us, its citizens!
24. to # 7
Vitaliy ,   NJ, USA   (11.30.06)
Recall that after the end of the 1st Gulf War, the United States pressured Israel into negotiating with PLO at the Madrid Conference. The resulting agreements turned into more than a decade of suicide bombers killing Israelis in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other cities.
25. # 12
Vitaliy ,   NJ, USA   (11.30.06)
I resent your comment about John Bolton leading a gay parade. It's obvious what you were doing in Mea Shearim this month or what you would be doing there if you lived there. As for John Bolton, he is not useless, but he is not an independent actor. whatever the state department and Bush says, he has to do. Maybe you should lead a parade of the Mea Sheariyah and its Jewish imams.
26. # 15
Vitaliy ,   NJ, USA   (11.30.06)
and what "real war" is Israel about to fight? Are you saying US will attack Israel? Behind the dead old ladies that ended up on the TV screen ended up hundreds of terrorists. They were neither old, nor ladies. Israel managed to kill them.
27. Prophecy
Josh   (11.30.06)
I seem to remember that a brazen faced king who even mocks G-d helps bring the world under a UNified govement and that that King with all his partners thinks tey can walk into Israel and tell them what to do. This of course is at the end - but it must make you think that at some point in the future the world hates Israel and thinks that G-d has abandon them. So it is inevitable that Israel get blamed for something to justify such military movements. They under the King ruler invade and are defeated by G-d himself of course. In the future....
28. To # 6
Natan   (11.30.06)
" we should stop supporting Israel if thats what it takes to win in Iraq " This is the most bizzare statement i have ever seen!!! If that what it takes to win the war in Iraq you should consider retraining your army!!!
29. #3 Baker will turn Bush into Chamberlain
AK   (11.30.06)
WWIII will not be prevented with the betrayal of Israel any more than WWII was prevented with the betrayal of Czechoslovakia; to the contrary, it will make the war more likely and more bloody -- Hitler got Czech's industrial complex and Arabs will get Israeli military complex and Dimona. Those who refuse to learn from history will lead us into another war, far more bloody and destructive than the previous one.
30. #6, frank, Israel is America's business
AK   (11.30.06)
If Israel will cease to exist so will America , at least the America we know. And only a total idiot could believe that betrayal of Israel will win the war in Iraq -- this threory simply defies common sense.
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