Court: Non-Jew can inherit her spouse
Aviram Zino
Published: 29.11.06, 14:26
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1. Constitution
yve ,   Haifa   (11.29.06)
This is the kind of nonsense that needs to be ruled on when you don't have a constitution enshrining all our rights, all equal under the law! In any western country the petition woud be thrown out of court without even a hearing it is so racist!!!
2. hmm
Zoe ,   TA, Israel   (11.29.06)
Oh, yes Israel is such a modern western country, hmm....
3. Solution: Write a Will
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (11.29.06)
This guy probably had no Will. What this means is that any bimbo (Jewish or not) can marry some old guy and claim half his property ahead of the man's children. This has nothing to do with the spouse being Jewish or not Jewish.
4. Constitution
Dovid N. ,   Jerusalem   (11.29.06)
He have something better than a Constitution. It was written by the worlds greatest author. It is timeless and will never need any revision or new models. It is called the Torah. Acts of kindness will reinstate the Torah as the law of the land.
5. what a joke...
democracy freedom and westernism...good luck!
6. To Dovid and fellow religious fanatics
michael ,   NYC USA   (11.29.06)
How different are you , when you proudly talk about reinstating the Torah as law of the land, from the muslim fanatics who want to reinstate the coran and the chariah. Thank God for the french revolution who separated once and for all state from church, we should all be working in that direction
7. michael ....
Dovid N. ,   Jerusalem,   (11.29.06)
Are you comparing the Torah to Islamic fundamentals or maybe you comparing it to the corrupt politicians who run this country or the US or any other country in the world.
8. High Court of Justice
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (11.30.06)
Neither sits on HIGH nor it delivers JUSTICE Poor kids, loosing inherithance to a goishe mini skirt from a SECOND marriage
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