Michael Richards: Jewish or not?
Associated Press
Published: 29.11.06, 23:13
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1. This is like that Sienfeld episode, where the dentist conver
converted so he could say both Christian and Jewish jokes. First things first, NEVER let your publicst do the talking, Richards if you want/are Jewish, say it clear and proud.
2. And I'm a monkey's uncle!
Rick ,   USA   (11.30.06)
He "became Jewish" by appearing on Seinfeld just like hundreds "become Jewish" by eating bagels?
3. get a bris!
accept all of torah, get a bris or hatafas dam and go to the mikveh. not just wake up one day and say so
4. being jewish
jackson ,   montreal canada   (11.30.06)
I too feel jew, much of the time. Being jewish is indeed a state of mind, like suffering from anxiety, or the sense that there are serious dangers in tthe world. Being jewish means holding the moral high ground in the historical struggle for the future..
5. Thank you, YNET
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (11.30.06)
I appreciate this article, because I felt ashamed that a prominent Jewish figure would utter such negative and racially inciteful statements, particularly in public setting. Now that I know he is not a Jew, I feel less shame.
6. God is the One who says whose a jew nobody else.
m   (11.30.06)
whose Jewish? you can only be jewish if you have had a least a jewish mother.What ramblings. jesus said 'For he is not a jew who is one on the outside , nor is circumcision that which is on the outside upon the flesh. But he is a jew who is on the inside , and his circumcision is that of the heart, by spirit and not by written code . The praises of that one comes not from men but from God.' Now these words belong to us who have entered into the new covenant with the God of israel and received the promise holy spirit that writes in our hearts and minds. Human can all say according to their own dispositions but i believe the covenantal God of Israel
7. The man has serious mental issues....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.30.06)
whether he's Jewish or not. I hope he curbs his enthusiasm next time when he's on stage.
8. what etnicity is he
Mikey ,   USA   (11.30.06)
I saw some cnn interview after the 'incident' Paul Mooney and a black leader were commenting on it. The other guy said Kramer was Jewish, Paul Mooney jumped in and corrected him, that in fact Michael Richards was not Jewish. It is a common misconception. So what is his ethnic background anyway?
9. to Jackson
me ,   israel   (11.30.06)
You can't "feel Jewish' any more than you can Feel black. either you are or you aren't! wno cares about Richards anyway the guy is a loony
10. Rubbish
Josh   (11.30.06)
The conevenant was with started with Israel and not Judah. There are twelve tribes and despite the Rabbinical claim the blood lines still exists or the prophecies could not be fullfilled. So Krammer could accept the the G-d of Israel, Torah and get circumcised and he would be required by heaven to fullfill Torah. That doesn't mean he will be accepted by the establishements. In fact Christians are required to fullfill it, afetr all they are the fallen Jews collected by Jesus who they believe is the Messiah. Even if he does convert, he still might not be accepted. Beyond that the Religion of "Judaism" has very little teaching of the true context of the Torah and more to do with Rabbinical cerimonies, added interpretations (most I think are false) of word segments and phrases (like Gan Eden), Kabbalah, and added commandments that were never in Torah. For example we know the Hebrews, Moses included, wandered the desert. Did the have a separation of men (machizah) and women, kosher salt, mikvahs, did they dress as "Hassidim" (Christian Noblemen atrire), did they carry around candles for shabbat, carry tephillan and wear kippahs, replace G-d's name? Probably not. Mosses had a speach impediment thus he could he have pronounced the Amidah or recite the Shema as we know Rabbis insist upon? So "Krammer" wants to be accepted as Jewish. In Hollywood who doesn't? So give to Caesar what is ceasar and give to the Rabbis what is the Rabbis (not even mentioned in Torah) and tell your Press Agent to CYA when you make anti-semetic remarks with the BS "thinks he's Jewsish" PR release. Sad world. One G-d one love.
11. Isnt it ironic...
Cantake a heckle ,   dont do comedy   (11.30.06)
Here we were thinking that Kramer was Jewish, because of Seinfeld. After this incident we find out that he is Catholic but.he feels Jewish.. The man sounds confused and should seek help moreso for his frustration and anger than anything else. I dont really care what his background is, and because he depicted a Jew he is seen as one and hence we as Jews lost points here even if he's not Jewish. Although the N-word is used in videos/songs by many black americans ( but as soon as someone white says it it becomes racist... (double standard) The historical connetation the word has to many Americans is not something you can ignore...
12. His mother is Italian don't know about his father.
Daisy ,   USA   (11.30.06)
And he was raised Catholic.
13. Hey #1 I just saw that re-run episode the other night!
Michael Richards has always been a strange guy. I'm not surprised at everything that's happening to him and the excuse he used.
14. Who is a Jew? The answer is simple
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (11.30.06)
A Jew is someone who has the courage to get up in this anti-Semitic world and say "I am a Jew and if you don't like it, screw you!" He goes on to say "I am proud to be a Jew and if you don't like me and my people, then kick me out of your club!" This is the real Jew. Because a certain actor's "bobba" (grandmother) was Jewish does not make him a Jew. The “Brit” is our identifying symbol. The Arabs go the oil and we got circumcision! Anti-Semites don't care which Synagogue or Temple you go to. They hate you all the same because you are a Jew and particularly if you have the guts to be proud it. Remember that Jews too have their “Pride” Day. It is called Yom Ha Atzma’ut – Israel’s Independence Day. Because we have our State, the only place where a Jew is really free, is the reason we can hold our heads up high and not bow down and appease our critics and so called friends like some of our “allies” do with the Muslim World. Oil is money – chicken soup is a miracle.
15. I guess Noam Chomsky has a new buddy, then...
Haifa, Israel   (11.30.06)
16. How strange
Keren   (11.30.06)
that Michael Richards would seek absolution for racially insensitive remarks by appearing on the on the radio programme of Jesse Jackson, the man who referred to New York City as 'Hymie town' because of its large Jewish population. As for Al Sharpton, to whom Richards also felt the need to apologise, His anti-Semitic remarks over a period of many years are too well-known to require citation.
17. HEY #10 JOSH
DACON9   (11.30.06)
DACON9   (11.30.06)
YOU ARE PREACHING WORDS SUPPOSEDLY SAID BY a man, WHO WAS KICKED OUT OF THE JEWISH COMMUNITY, TO JEWS WHO CONSIDER YOUR mangod A HERETIC. you ae insulting JEWS AND JUDASIM WITH YOUR PREACHING. THERE IS ONLY ***ONE COVENANT YOU SAID ''but i believe the convenantal 'GD OF ISRAEL''. IF YOU DID BELEIVE THAT....... THEN YOU WOULD IMMEDIATLY DISMISS ALL YOU RHETORIC ABOUT YOUR mangod AND IMMEDIATLY LEARN THE NOAHIDE LAWS THAT ABRAHAM, NOAH AND MOSES TRIED TO TEACH YOU . YOU OPEN WITH ''WHOSE JEWISH ....WHAT RAMBLINGS....'' *THOSE *RAMBLINGS * ARE 'GDS' WORDS GIVEN TO MOSES DIRECTLY,,,I SAID ,,DIRECTLY BY 'GD' HIMSELF TO MOSES. REMEMBER THAT ? yeah, i am asking you, do you remember thats where your mangod started learning.... ...FROM TORAH ,,, THAT MOSES BROUGHT DOWN TO HIS PEOPLE AND TO THIS DAY HAS NOT A LETTER CHANGED ... 3700 YEARS OF UNCHANGED WORDS.. THEN your mangod rebelled , went against torah and 'GD' , he changed the words, the laws the ways, he rebelled against the rabbis the community the people , he wandered to the ignorant the unlearned and showed them sorcery and taught herecy and deception ........ ask me 'how do you know that?' BECAUSE I AM A JEW I READ THE ORIGINAL SCRIPTURE and original oral laws by the ancient sages and prophets in the original language written and directed to the jewish people.. that you xtians have taken and twisted your literal translations to fit your version.. i do not read NOT man made COPIES. revised every 10 years or so by the way....did you know that.... you have 6 versions of what you call a bible. THERE IS ONLY ONE TORAH. #6 i advise you to get ready...... if you dont.. you will miss it
19. That's funny he looks Jewish..... ;)
Seinfald Fan ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.30.06)
That's funny he looks Jewish..... ;)
20. #18 What a bunch of crap!!!!!!!
HAL ,   Dallas, USA   (11.30.06)
21. Thanks, #20
Paul ,   Austin, USA   (11.30.06)
Dacon9 should skip the histrionics and make a succinct point instead their normal diarrhea of the keyboard. Richards is an ass of the likes of Mel Gibson. He should be wholly shunned- Seinfeld and the rest of the TV show's crew, however, should not since they had nothing to do with this jerkwad's bigotry.
22. He looks Jewish
semsem ,   New York, USA   (11.30.06)
He looks Jewish and speaks like a New York Jew. I don't believe a word that he's not Jewish.
23. Some Italians look Jewish
laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.30.06)
Yes #19 he does look Jewish but he's Italian and tsome of them look Jewish.
24. No. 22, Semsem
Renee, NY   (11.30.06)
He's not Jewish and he's not from New York, he's from California. It sounds as if you're confusing him with his Kramer character.
25. So he said anti-semetic remarks?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.30.06)
What is he a member of the knesset? Or sec.general of the u.n. Or jimbo baker?Or jmmy carter?or desi tutu? If he did not say an anti-semetic remark,that would be news.
26. Maybe he is passing?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.30.06)
27. #14 cliche
Joe ,   Brooklyn, NY   (12.01.06)
Believe me, as an American Jew, I am "really free" here in the USA.
28. I think of myself as batman sometimes too....
....that doesnt mean I have a mansion and a snazzy black ride
29. Dearest DACON9 #17
Josh   (12.03.06)
I think your message speaks volumes about you. What you are speaks so loudly I cant barely hear what your saying. You seem to suffer from the very same thing you want to label me with. Obviously there was some truth in what I stated that pained you. I make no apology. Torah is clear on converts - people should read it for themselves - not take my word.
30. What else is he going to say?
Another Jew hater whose career is over. thank heavens.
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