Nasrallah to Lebanese: Take to streets
Ali Waked
Published: 30.11.06, 12:23
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Nasrallah is a complete dork! Come on Mossad, time to take him out.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (11.30.06)
My foot you will,whoever you are! You could not manage handful of Hizbullah's.
3. will they be busing in "supporters" from syria this time?
aaron ,   ra'anana   (11.30.06)
4. ur father is an idiot
hassan ,   nigeria   (11.30.06)
if u had leaders like hassna nasrallah,the world would have been a fair place,bloody racist
5. Nasrallah OK - but why Aoun ?
rh ,   Ashdod Israel   (11.30.06)
I cannot understand General Michel Aoun's motivations for allying himself with HZ. These demonstrations could easily spark a civil war, which could in turn become a regional or even global conflict - It is very irresponsible of Aoun to play this game. Let us hope it passes peacfully.
6. this is DEMOCRACY!!
Lynne   (11.30.06)
every Lebanese party has EVERY right to demonstate.. Europe and the US were boasting with Lebanon's democracy during the "Cedar Revolution".. remember? or.. oh.. I forgot.. democracy should democratically be only pro-US..
7. don't worry;we lebaneses will all be there..
julia ,   ashrafye.;lebanon   (11.30.06)
I will be the first one there...This goverment is just for harriri..the cristians and the shiites are not represented there...All the supporters of Mr oun will be there;and we will show to them that we represent 70%of the cristians.. fadi;I'm waiting for u there!!!!
8. I can't stop laughing...
Natan ,   USA   (11.30.06)
Everyone saw this coming...Lebanon, get ready for life under Islam ala Iran... You called Nassrallah "defender" of Lebanon but you were not smart enough to see what his real goals were!!! Women of Lebanon, better get fitted for a Burqah as soon as possible, and men of Lebanon start shopping for a black rag for your heads. Make sure it looks like a small radial tire!!! just can't stop laughing!!!!!
9. racist
ben ,   usa   (11.30.06)
It is you who is the racist...
10. God bless you sayed Hassan Nassralla
Noora ,   Bahrain   (11.30.06)
11. #8
You idiot, stop talking BS. Even Ahmadinijad doesn't wear what you call radial tire .
12. #7 Julia-"lebanon" died in the 80s. RIP
Arie ,   Afula   (11.30.06)
13. rh;I will tell you why mr oun..
dina ,   ashrafiye;lebanon   (11.30.06)
becuase mr' oun represent more than 70%of the cristians(according to the elections)..and the gangs of 14 march who represent the goverment now didn't permit to him to enter in this goverment...this goverment is just for harriri and sunnits..all the other cristians and shiites are not represented... I'm not a supporter of hezbollah.;but he represent the shiites;and he is lebanese one and his supporters are more than 30%of the population;than he has the right to be well represented in the goverment ...we will not fight with hezbollah to rearm him;even israel failed in disarm him....we will disarm him by conversation...because you know well that we can't desarm him by force.. but I'm not with the idea to disarm him now;first we must have strong army to defend our lebanon from your monsters in israel... And nasrallah also say that he will disarm when we have a strong army..he promise us...and like you know everybody beleive him .even you...
14. Sanioura is officially screwed: the real story:
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.30.06)
senioura's government represents harriri (and again harriri and not muslim sunnis) with jumblat the bastard and samir jaajaa the criminal blood stained killer... this governement represents at most 25 % of the lebanese who have sided with the US, and abusing the assassination of harriri to take full control of lebanon, and THIS GOVERNMENT IS RESPONSIBLE for the series of assassination s and bombings which ended with Gemayil killing! Now its the last moments of this trecherous impotent government . NO TO US HEGEMONY ! LON LIVE GENERAL AOUN !
15. #7 looking forward to meet u there hun :)
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.30.06)
thanks for your talk back and wear something nice for the celebration after the demonstartion :)
16. Mossad, where are you? NASRALLAH SHOULD BE DEAD!!
Adam ,   London   (11.30.06)
17. Why I cant believe in Him
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul / Turkey   (11.30.06)
I just looked his photo for a few minutes...directly...I start to focus...look at his eyes...the flags...AND THE SMILE I just cant. I am somebody who is out of todays FAKE POLITICS. I am sure that; If there will ever be a good world leader I will feel it right away. THERE ARE SIGNS FROM THE GOD, SOME PEOPLE SEES THEM. YOU CANT SEE THEM WITH WORLD EYE, YOU GOT TO HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL AS A GIFT. No, I just cant see or feel anything from him. No electric. But there were times about Ahmedijanad, on her face I did think I saw a sign. But after that, I start thinkink, Look at his people, Look at his treat to world, LOOK AT HOW HE LOVES TO TALK TO CLEAR THE COUNTRY, TALK ABOUT HITLER SUBJECTS ; I said myself NO, THIS GUY IS ALSO NOT FROM ONE OF THEM WHO HAVE SIGNS OF GOD. It doesnt matter what we say, how much we work for our religion or our people, THE GOOD ONES ALWAYS DIFFERENT. ANYONE CAN HAVE POWER, EVEN HUMAN ANGELS, BUT THE WAY TO HANDLE THE POWER AND HAVE RESPONSIBILY FOR ALL ; is something very special and A GIFT. I always say; I am Human before I am Muslim (normal one, maybe I have no place in the God, but I love to accept myself as muslim) Humanity comes first than religions. Who we fighting for ? for the God ? or for our people ? or for our facist feelings? or our own hate ? THE PEOPLE OF COUNTRIES DESERVE TO HEAR MUCH POSITIVE THINGS FROM THE LEADERS. Anyone can have a power. Anyone can be a Hitler BUT TO BE A MAN LIKE MAN we need to have something more. But I see the mean behind lives. Everything is wellcome. This is the God's world. I will face it. But I will never love. The idea can be good. But I am not happy with this idea of world. Who will win in this race ? The answer must be in the GOD. I hope when we get to other side of world, he clears our memories, makes us sleep and never get up. This become a kind of letter to the God. No problem. Atilla Karagözoğlu
18. #7 julia send me ur hotmail or yahoo email adress
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.30.06)
19. That is not a party girls !
Atilla karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul / Turkey   (11.30.06)
this subject words go to who is having fun. I am not having fun, thats all I say and just shut-up. I got to shut-up. These are not the days I wanted see. Atilla Karagözoğlu
20. Everyone Listen up
AH ,   Canada   (11.30.06)
No matter what you say and how much BS you type in your comments, belieive it or not, Hezbollah and their allies will change the governmet. Second, don't be that ahppy, no violence will happen. Look clodely an learn how to demonstrate. Third, for all the idiots from US, isn't that the democracy you are calling for but yeah, you are right, they are not (they are like taliban) since their policies are agianst your goals :)...Stop watching CNN and open your eyes, Hezbollah is not Taliban and Lebanon will neevr be Iran. We have 18 sects and we all repect each other. If you read the article well, you will see the General Aoun which represents at least 70 % o the Maronites is particapting as a major player together with other parties. My message to you Israelis and AMericans: We win again and you loose ( Hezbollah 2-0 Israel/America)
21. well said Dina#13..
Lynne   (11.30.06)
22. to #5
Albert ,   NY   (11.30.06)
Dear Friend, Aoun has lost his mind completely and now he is gambling with the future of Lebanon and the Christians living there, thinking that Syria and Iran could make him president, an insane illusion that has gripped his small tiny brain since 1988. Just like 1989 when he tried to eliminate the Lebanese Forces, when he was paid and pushed by Syria to do it, thinking that they will appoint him a puppet president. He is playing the same game now, only with more money this time, coming from Iran. History will judge Aoun for what he is : a traitor who deserves to hang.
23. to # 11
Natan   (11.30.06)
What's the problem? Nassrallah's head gear looks like a small black tire!!! It should be radial tire for You are pathetic!!! Face reality, Lebanon is 100% royally screwed!!!
24. #2, terror supporter...
DR ,   Floridas, USA   (11.30.06)
It's easy to support and love Nasrallah from your cozy flat in London isn't it? Most Lebanese hate Hezballah and want a normal, free country...something they will never get as long as Syria and Iran control their leaders. Instead of supporting these terror-0loving scumbags, the Arab world should fight for free, democratic leaders. Too bad you never will.
25. Fadi trying to get a date....
DR ,   Florida, USa   (11.30.06)
on Ynet? Go figure, the one who hates Israel the most and loves his terrorist leaders comes on an Israeli website to pick up a shiksa. Fadi, you continue to show your hypocricy and ignorance. I cannot stress anough how much dumber I get when I read your posts. Please, please go away!!!
26. RH #5..
Lynne   (11.30.06)
actually the fact that General Aoun's alliance with Hezbollah is what's preventing a civil war in Lebanon.. it is actually a very wise step from General Aoun to stand by Hezbollah because this unites Lebanese Christians and Muslims.. Aoun's alliance with Hezbollah had proved that the internal conflict in Lebanon is political and not religious ..
27. To Fadi
Michael Ben Raphael ,   Israel   (11.30.06)
You're such an idiot, you will only realise when its too late, when your women are raped by shites, and your forced to follow sharia rule. You call yourself christian, Do you think Jesus would have said to back murderers and the shite religion? The General is your god, you are an idol worshiper. You shall pay, like the rest.
28. This is a kind of: Shia squeezing the non-Shia in Lebanon !!
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.30.06)
29. #13 well said totally agree with you Dina
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.30.06)
30. #16 sorry to disappoint you but probably they are dead :)
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.30.06)
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