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Preventing genocide in Iraq
Prof. Alon Ben-Meir
Published: 02.12.06, 12:07
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1. The Inevitable Civil War
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.02.06)
For all of America's mistakes in handling post-war Iraq, the upcoming civil war & potential genocide would have happened anyway. Even without the war, Saddam's regime would not have been around forever. The civil war was inevitable. Had Iraq been divided immediately following the war, perhaps things would be temporarily better. But it is doubtful that the neighbors would have resisted the temptation to meddle, which they are doing even now. It is likely that the unrest will spread around the region eventually destabilizing Jordan, Saudi Arabia, & even Syria. There is also Turkish opposition to an independant Kurdish state to consider. Lurking behind all of this is Shi'a Iran which as we can see, is trying to take over Lebanon as well. This is not as many would have it, related to Israel or America. These are only pretexts, excuses, camoflage, for the incredible failure of Muslim civilization in every sphere. Economically, socially, politically, the Arab world in particular is an abject failure.
2. Right on Target
David S ,   New York   (12.02.06)
This article is absolutely on target. The history of the middle east over the next 100 years will be the repartitioning of lands that were divided haphazardly by colonial powers. I would go one step further and argue that the logical conclusion is NOT to create economically unviable mini states that will not provide for local national pride, but to enable larger powers to expand into those areas. For example, in Iraq, the Sunni part of the country should be appended to Saudi Arabia, a country with plenty of oil wealth and a Sunni majority. The Shiite and Kurdish areas of Iraq can be self governing and should be allowed to do so. Lebanon should be merged into Syria, Gaza should be merged into Egypt and portions of the West bank should be merged into Jordan.
3. Rwandan genocide - clarification
NL ,   Israel   (12.02.06)
Genocide between Tutsis and Hutus? FALSE. It was an organized, propoganda-driven, government endorsed genocide OF Tutsis BY Hutus. In addition, the UN refused to send in armed forces to prevent the killings or even to denote the ongoing, intentional massacres as a genocide. In Iraq, the killing is not unidirectional nor is there a lack of foreign armed forces to try prevent incidents of violence. Let us not throw around the word genocide. What's going on in Iraq is a civil war. What happened in Rwanda was a genocide. Let us not confuse the two and denigrate the suffering of Tutsis by comparing their genocide with Iraq's civil war.
4. Finally
Oleg ,   Milwaukee, USA   (12.02.06)
Everybody knew about this right from the beginning. Only idiots, including Bush administration continue stupid policy trying to bring this country into one.
5. This guy was hosting the Syrian Mr. Bean
As seen ,   on Channel 10   (12.02.06)
In NYU. Mr. Bean was embarresed when the Israeli reporter asked him a question.
6. We can all agree
John ,   Seattle, USA   (12.02.06)
Finally something we can all agree on. Iraq is a big mess. I opposed the US invasion but I think since we helped unleash the sectarian violence we need to figure out some sort of solution. Although to be honest, I cannot see one that would work. Ironically, the biggest winner in all this may just be Iran.
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (12.03.06)
We know even before Iraq war started Israel already planning to incite Kurds against Iraq, Iran, Syria and certainly against Turkey and establish there a Kurdistan hostile to surrounding muslim countries and support Israel. This is a part of Zionist Greater Middle East Policy. USA is there to divide Iraq but nothing else. Israel is there to provoke and as Olmert openly said bloody civil war is good for Israeli Interests. Turkish soliers are killed by US arms and Israel trained PKK and Kurds. Turkish Government still foolishly supporting Israel but BE SURE IT WILL CHANGE and You will get pay back from your investment in hate against Turkey. By the way from foundantion of Turkey by Ataturk, what you called Kurdistan is TURKISH LAND of which borders are determined by UK and other imperialist powers. When Turkey proposed UK a referendum in North Iraq 80 years ago UK refused it because referendum would be resulted in annexation of this part to Turkey just like Hatay annexed from Syria. Now they try by some immigration to populate there with Kurds and win referendum. We will not recognize any such trick. Let me briefly summerize: 1. We will not let you establish an Kurdistan anywhere, It is Turkish land and any partition form Iraq will return its rightful owner Turkey 2. Israel and USA already lost all sympaty in Turkey and any smallest move will be last straw. 3. You and your puppets will pay all your massacres, conspirarcies, povacations in Iraq, Afganistan, Lebonan. I belive justice and Even if you left Israel to Palestine as you have to do soon, those who commited crimes will be absolutely punished.
8. let them kill each other less we have to fight later
f ,   tlv, israel   (12.03.06)
9. look whos talking #7
Yisraeli   (12.03.06)
Mister Righteous on everything. Maybe you would like to inform us just how many millions of men, woman and children Armenians you massacred? was it 100.000, 500.000 or more then 1.000.000 thats over a million. And you dare take the moral high ground and preach to others. No doubt you will say the genocide of the armenians was all part of the "Great Zionist Middle East Policy" As we say in the west go and get stuffed.
10. Re: #7 A typical demonstration of anti-Israeli paranoia
Angel ,   Birmingham,AL   (12.03.06)
Did you know that there is an effective military collaboration between Israel and Turkey? There is some advice for the Turkish government (and you, too): 1) Recognize the Armenian genocide. 2) Give an autonomy to the Turkish Kurdistan. 3) Retire the Turkish troops from the northern of Cyprus. 4) Resolve the problem of the high unemployment in Turkey. Turkey seems to begin to seem to Mexico too much.... And you have to give thanks to the USA for not mentioning all of them in the negotiations. But, ay, Europe is another thing for Turkey. At least, many Turkish people in Germany are learning to eat bratwurst despite their Islamic religion.
11. well after hearing #7 who wants to go to turkey?
d ,   tlv   (12.03.06)
geez... well looks like turkey will be now on the list of "places cant go anymore" after sinai... too bad for them and us. it gave us a nice inexpensive vacation destination. i think though in the end the big losers will be turkey... loosing all those lovely tourist dollars we used to pour into them. I remember when i went to turkey a few yrs ago id say 70% of the tourists i met were israelis. well at least the nazis still go there....
12. Why to stop? EOM
Alex ,   US   (12.03.06)
13. preventing genocide in iraq
HENRYK ,   RAMAT GAN   (12.03.06)
14. and who will get Bagdhad
Barry   (12.03.06)
Iraq needs partition into 5 entities with Baghdad as a seperate entity for both Shia and Sunni. The fifth entity could be Jewish!!
15. No military solution? Hasn't Bush made a mess in M.E.?
Monk ,   USA   (12.03.06)
Professor Ben-Mier wrote: "it must, by now, be clear to the Bush administration that there is no military solution." Perhaps he's right to so counsel the Bush administration; but hasn't the administration been counseling Israel similarly? There's no military solution to the conflict with the Muslim-Arab inhabitants in our land? Maybe the professor is right, Iraq needs to be partitioned, democracy has been a failure and besides, the Muslims in Iraq are not ready for democracy anyway. But were Saddam still in power, is there any doubt whether he would find a military solution to the conflict; to the killing? Bush was advised by men of wisdom to replace Saddam with an America-friendly strong-man but alas Bush was coaxed into attempting to establish a democracy in Iraq and in "Palestine" by his so-called neo-Conservative advisers who have been silent or complicit in the dismantling of Israel's "settlement" enterprise, the ethnic cleansing of Gaza's Jews, the establishment of a Palestinian terrorist state, etc. Why should I care if Bush succeeds in Iraq or not? He doesn't care about Israel does he? He doesn't care about Israel's security.
16. to monk
kawther ,   gaza   (12.04.06)
yes ,bush do not succeed in iraq but sure he cared about israil ..one or the most cause to invade iraq was the security of israil .. but alas his nose was inthe shark mouth .his feet still in the mud //
17. barry
kawther ,   israil   (12.04.06)
look under your feet ,where you step /befor looking to be in iraq where you step will not be yours or it will be a hole ,a deep one like ..iam sorry A GRAVE
18. Dividing Iraq is the best solution
Brod ,   USA   (12.05.06)
To stop the violence, death tolls and mayhem in Iraq, the best solution is divide it into 3 sovoreign countries--Kurdistan, Shiitean and Sunnitan. Then, there will be peace. This should have been done 3 years ago instead of waiting for 2800 Americans to die in Iraq before they get this wisdom. Infact, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out. It is plain common sense. The cowards would cry and say that Turkey and Iran would oppose it. The fact is it is NONE of the business of Turkey and Iran to interfere in Iraq's internal affairs. The process of diving Iraq into 3 countries should be done immediately.
19. Turkey chicken
Grow up Already For Allah's Sake
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