Siniora: Lebanese democracy is in danger
Associated Press
Published: 30.11.06, 22:40
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1. take a hike with your pants on
tea man ,   marjayoun leb   (11.30.06)
bofore you lose you are the most corrupt preson ever come to lebanon along with the ((harriri son and father and the holy spirit of theft and thuggery)) now you rap your self with the law that you have violated so mush so to the limit nobody know right from wrong its not acoup its revolution of the crushed masses
2. alajeer sar haqeer and work
ALAJEER SAR HAQEER ,   harriristan formleb   (11.30.06)
for a satanic cult adefunct PM only supported by a soon to be impeached GW bush leave in peace and let lebanon breath com'n you grab enough money to last for your grand childern
3. Hizballah's adventure
Lebanese ,   Canada   (11.30.06)
Nasrallah is an Iranian and Syrian agent. He does what he is ordered to do. Saniora is our legitimate PM and he enjoys a comfortable majority in Parliament. Hizballh wants to capitalize on what he calls a victory over Israel. The Lebanese people are ready to deal with such dangerous persons. We are all united against the new folly of a man who showed how much he despises the lives of his (unfortunate) fellow citizens.
4. #1 and #2....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.30.06)
you really think life under Hezballha would be better? It's hard to fathom how people can be so deranged. Did you not see what hezballah ( Iran's puppet) brought you in the summer? Death, war, destruction etc., but yet you worship Hassan Nassrallah? What is wrong with you? Please explain!
5. Siniora
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (11.30.06)
This is what happens when you allow a terrorist militia to operate inside your country with your support. They've tasted the power now they want it all. They have backing from Syria and Iran, and it won't be long before Lebanon is used as a front again against Israel. lebanese people need to stop this, it is them that will die in the next war, not iranian or syrian civilians
6. cry us a river
Arie ,   Afula   (11.30.06)
7. nasrallah is a mossad conspiracy
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.30.06)
8. he's singing a different tune now isn't he
Arie ,   Afula   (11.30.06)
let him cry to someone who cares and doesn't remember his praises of terrorism just months ago,7340,L-3283763,00.html
9. "lebanon" died decades ago:RIP
Arie ,   Afula   (11.30.06)
during the 34 day war for Hizbullah and Nazrallah! Now he sees who his real enemy is!
11. Elections don't mean Democracy.
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (11.30.06)
12. so obvious
stude_ham ,   outremont, canada   (11.30.06)
this is so predictable it's amazing the idiots leading israel didn't catch on. the spectacular failure siniora should step down and go into exile or he will be made to join his friends hariri and gemayel. as far as democracy in lebanon is concerned it never existed, unless you believe that syria and iran and hezbollah are not in de facto control of that country. too bad israel has no leader now capable of handling this threat to its existence.
13. Seniorita
Abdul ,   London, Canada   (11.30.06)
Mr Siniora, Your time is over.You should be by now done with your paper work to file for refugee status in USA or France before it is too late. This is My two cents worth. Your friend
14. Hezbollah make even the word Democracy disappear in Lebanon!
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.30.06)
15. To Ryan
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (12.01.06)
I agree with you 100%! But people like these, they have to learn for themselves. If millions die, that is when they will learn their lession. It is very sad but it is true.
16. Oh, how i miss Yassar Arafat!
fadi ,   lebanon   (12.01.06)
Man, those were the days! hanging out wit my homie, Yassar. u wud not believe what fun! smokin' a little crack, shagin' a few teenage boys.
17. Send Hamas to the Soccer Stadium
Steve ,   USA   (12.01.06)
B"H Democracy allows protest, but defines places and routes for that protest. One in most democracies needs to apply for a permit for a large march, and that bound is meant to maintain public safety. If Israel could work with the Gay Parade to have it in a Soccer stadium, perhaps Lebanon will need to work with Hamas to have them protest in a dignified way but in a manner that is also safe for the public. There is a significant difference between a protest versus an armed rebellion. With the recent assasination (by most likely Syria, lets face it), and Hamas being a Syrian-backed body, the government of Lebanon does need to impose itself over "peace marches" that are really excuses for violent overthrows by external forces. Fadi, if "Nasrallah" is a Mossad conspiracy, what is Syria and Iran? Those who curse Israel are cursed and those who bless Israel are blessed. That is simply because Israel is trying in the best fashion to implement G-d's standards, and G-d does indeed rule over the entire world, each one of us collectively and individually.
18. What democracy?
Preston ,   USA   (12.01.06)
Sin-man's democracy is a joke. He already sold his soul to Hez by letting them join his government. Now he'll be forced out or assassinated just like everyone else in that cesspool of a country. Will we see him crying again? Soon it will be Hezabon not Lebanon. Then Israel can use its full force to eliminate them in the third and final war.
19. Fadi
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (12.01.06)
Stealing my lines Fadi!! : )
20. we do not worship nasralah we worship
tea man ,   marjayoun lebanon   (12.01.06)
his master the almighty allah we are not deranged but we are not sissy like yourself when we see somthing wrong we do something about ala take to the street tell me have you done anything about your corrupt neo-con bush and company no you cann't even hit the beach may be the sharks wearing black turban wake up dude smell the coffe from south america
21. do not cry for me senorita #3
ALAJEER SAR HAQEER ,   harristan   (12.01.06)
what happpen too us in the summer was of your own doing just becuase we arrest two horrist soldier you try to destroy awhole country what you got more war more tears now they your best weapon sending the mothers around the globe to beg for release
22. Lebanes CHRISTIANS Israel BETRAYED by PEACE/DEATH Agreements
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.01.06)
PLO terrorists were rewarded for their barbaric jihad against Lebanon's Christians - PLO "peace" partner terrorists were implanted into Israel through Oslo covenant with death - to continue their bloody, barbaric jihad against the infidel Jews & Christians of Israel. PA/PLO broke ALL agreements-precisely AS EXPECTED of murderous terrorists. Declare Oslo, Road Map and ALL agreements NULL AND VOID. Re-take Gaza, Judea and Samaria immediately! Photo gallery - 20,000 Christians handicapped by PLO atrocities: STOP the surrenders to Global Jihad!
23. Gemayel HERO for FREEDOM for Lebanon and ALL Nations
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.01.06)
Pierre Gemayel, 34, Christian Lebanese government minister was shot to death by assassins after leaving a church November 21, 2006. In 1970, "Palestinians" kidnapped Pierre's uncle, Bashir Gemayel from Dekwaneh to the Tal el-Zaater camp and released him after 8 hours. In 1974, Bashir founded the core of the Lebanese Forces, formed by university students in response to kidnappings and attacks on citizens by "Palestinians". In 1978, the Syrian army arrested Bashir in Sassine square and held him for a short period. Bashir Gemayel was assassinated in September 1982, weeks after he was elected Lebanon's president. Bashir's little daughter, Maya, was murdered in a car bombing in 1980. G-D protect the courageous Gemayel family and all in Lebanon who yearn for freedom. Long Live Free Lebanon! Photo gallery - 20,000 Christians handicapped by PLO atrocities:
24. nasrallah is a mercenary,pure and simple
leb orthodox ,   canada   (12.01.06)
25. Say What??? Democracy? Where?
David ,   Marietta USA   (12.01.06)
26. jellybean your talking to the mirror
josh ,   BC canda   (12.01.06)
you pretend to be fadi then you answer youself great job but we got your pc # you can fool the arabs but cannot fool us ((((we can make fool out of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27. A shame!!!
zeehog ,   USA, Philly   (12.01.06)
Its just a shame, between the ones who don't know how to spell christians and the other ones who have no problem worshipping a fanatic crazy boon like nasrallah, I see my country going down, and guess what! There's nothing i can do about it because I do belong to the majority who decided that we were beaten up enough for us to become forever foreigners... Just pray that tomorrow nobody gets killed because there's really nobody we deserve dying for, not even nasrallah himself.
28. Bye Bye Sanioora
Ali ,   Canada   (12.01.06)
Welcome Democracy and Welcome to our Christain brothers in the new government. God Bless General Aoun and his people for being great citizens, honest and trustful.
29. If you want to know how to apply democracy
Ali ,   Canada   (12.01.06)
then just look at Lebanon. We are free people and we will show the US goverment tommorw that the Lebanese people are the best example of applying real democracy.
30. Ya Libnen
Libneniyyeh ,   Lebanon   (12.01.06)
B7ibbak mot!
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