Hebron: Border guard hurt, attacker killed
Published: 01.12.06, 08:20
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1. Palis continue their suicide missions...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (12.01.06)
Why don't they stop, think about another solution to vioelnce, and come up with a united plan??? This is what normal countries and societies do.
2. To DR
"This is what normal countries and societies do." - define for me what normal societies are? And when the US resorted to violence to end British colonialism, was this abnormal and evil behavior? First of all, the Palestinians tried to peacefully end to conflict by participating in tax boycotts, mass demonstrations, and they still do particapte in plenty of non-violent responses to the occupation (you just never hear about the non-violence movement in the Western media). The problem is that when Palestinians particpate in non-violent movements, such as tax boycotts, sit-ins and mass (non-violent) demonstrations, Israel resorts to violence in suppressing them. For instance, I was observing a peaceful demonstration against the Wall, where Palestinians were simply protesting the construction of it, not even interfering with its construction (which they justifiable do at times). But anyways, here were these Palestinians gathered voicing their opinions, no stones, molotov cocktails or weapons of any sort. Israeli soldiers did not like this so they told the Palestinians to leave. They did not. So the soldiers got even more angry and began to beat some of the participants. When that wasn't enough to get the Palestinians to leave they began throwing tear gas and shooting live ammunition into the air. Eventually, when it was done 18 protestors had to go to the hospital for gunshot and other wounds from being beaten. And don't tell me this is some made-up piece of Palestinian propaganda, I was there and saw it with my own eyes! Or I'll give you the example of the Christian village of Beit Sahour in 1988, during the First Intifada. They launched a successful tax boycott, which of course greatly angered Israel. So, the IDF lay seige to the small Christian town arresting Christian leaders of the boycott and entering the homes of Christians seizing nearly all of their property: TVs, fridges, furniture, money... everything. The UN called on Israel to end this seige on this peaceful means of protest, but luckily for Israel, our American government vetoed the resolution. One man told me the story of his wife who, after the soldiers had emptied their house, ran up to the soldier and said, "wait you forgot something," as she handed him the curtains. So don't give me this BS that if the Palestinians would just participate in peaceful protest the occupation would end. First, Israel declares even peaceful protests illegal and uses violent means to oppress protests. Second, peaceful protests occur frequently in Palestine, but the rest of the world will pay no attention to peaceful Palestinian protest, even when Palestinians are killed in the protests. So if the rest of the world does not legitimize peaceful protests, what are the Palestinians suppossed to do? You say they need to be non-violent like normal countries (which first of all is far from the truth, I mean look at American history) well then why shouldn't Israel be a normal country as well and stop resorting to violence to silence the Palestinians? You in your comfortable home in Florida, have every right you could want, so don't you even start going around criticizing people who you have no idea what they go through on a daily basis.
3. To DR (cont.)
I forgo to add, do you know what Hebron is like? 400 Jewish settlers inconvinience an entire population of 200,000 Palestinians. Palestinians who live near the Old City find it difficult to get to their homes, run businesses, and other such things. The settlers in Hebron are far from friendly people. They often attack Palestinians with stones and sometimes even guns. Sometimes they do it in front of Israeli soldiers, who just stand by and watch the settler beat the crap out of a Palestinian. Palestinian school children are often prevented from their right to an education because settlers often harass them on their way to school and some kids have been beaten by Settlers! Baruch Goldstein, who slaughtered 29 innocent Palestinians in Hebron, is even praised by some of these Settlers. So in Hebron emotions run high on both sides, and here the Jewish Settlers are often the ones inciting the violence.
4. # 2
Los Angeles, USA   (12.01.06)
I was in Beit Sahour visiting in 1988 when this took place. You are soooo right on the money! DR.... It's the truth!!!!!!! Thanks
5. Inconveniece in Hebron??
Arthur ,   S Francisco   (12.01.06)
How about massacre of the Jews in 1929? Or your memory is much shorter than that? Learn, that if you put minarets on the top of the Cave of Patriarch - it doesn't make it muslim. Learn that Hebron was the first capital of the Jewish state before King David moved it to Jerusalem... Leran - that we came home - and those who feel uncomfortable with that can simply pack and leave. They are nothing but trespassers on the Jewish land..
6. #2
jason ,   usa   (12.02.06)
are you sure? 1st of all PA WANTS TO DESTROY ISRAEL another thing Talk could be used as a weapon in SF there was just the same - prostest about israel but they said racists comments about Jews and said Israel must go in the sea thats not peaceful HAMAS is a illegal under what the Israelis and Palestinians sighed for peace and guess what? hes in charged! 1. there no such thing as a "peaceful" protest they say in their own media that they want to destroy, promote geocide , romote suicide bombings , missle(or rockets) attacks ON Israel and Jihad WHICH is not seen in the US exepted for Glenn beck and thats only a little the content of what PA media shows is intolorate In the Hamas charter which PA sets by is to DESTROY ISRAEL and calling a GEOCIDE ON ISRAEL theres nothing "peaceful" about GEOCIDES and DESTROYING PA supports marytdom which is to become a terrorist and to destroy israel for the sake of it I DO know what is going on if PA dosnt recornized israel if PA dosnt say "destroy israel" if PA teaches their childeren to ave peace if PA dosnt let their media to where killing is good and justice DONT COUNT ON IT
7. #5
# 5   (12.02.06)
So, if we test the soil of Hebron, it will come back Jewish. Stop this crab. The question is a matter of justice, and if you think your belief in the myth of Jewish land entitles you the right to treat a whole nation like animals you are morally bankrupt just like all Israelis paying no attention to what their children dressed as soldiers do to the Palestinians. Probably that is why the whole world thinks Israel is a racist country, not that everybody hates Jews. You believe in racist crab and can’t understand why the whole world does not agree with you. Try to think for a second how stupid racism makes you look like: You believe soil has an identity, please!!
8. #3 Oh, so now rock throwing is bad?
DANNY ,   America   (12.02.06)
Your sad tale would be tragic if it were not for the airplane hijackings, the cruse ship high jackings, the Olympic massacre, the stabbing of women and children, the little thing we call homicide bombings the list goes on… Yes things have gotten real ugly on both sides, but blaming Israel for fighting a war thrust upon them is insane. Is one not allowed to defend themselves? Will there ever be peace? I doubt it. Is that the Israelis fault? I doubt it. Their enemies have always wanted their complete elimination! Will Arafat's and the Arab league's plan to garner support from the whole world, through lies and deceit work? Hell yes, but the problem is it ain't just their plan, God told us about this one, thousands of years ago and it ain't going to have a good ending for the whole world! Now that Islam has highjacked this war it is going from Bad to Worse. And believe me they do not care about the Palestinian people. It's all about trying to put out the Light of the World, because evil men love darkness. Proof they don't care is when Iran forgets to tell the Palestinians to get out Israel, before they NUKE it. They will not care one bit for your poor, poor Palestinians. But the really sad new is even getting NUKED will not remove them from what God has promised them and all those Palestinians die for not.
9. #7 the Palestinians are reaping what they sowed
Myth? Boy I suppose God is a myth too? what a loser.... you are sad, keep you bull to your self we don't eatshit. what a dork MYTH ha you true colors shine through. Pure blackness of heart. God is much Bigger than you could ever imagine. Don't tell me you believe in God and spout that lie from Satan. You must be one of those false god worshipers called islamoterrorist? or just a supporter? someday huh...
10. #9
God doesn't choose sides. Every human is his own special creation. Can you really prove God is on your side? If you don't believe that my friend then perhaps your heart is black.
11. Couldn't handle the truth huh? Myth?
Yes my heart was black and coal, New new life is cleaning it. I recieved from Him his word delievered to the Jew, then all the way don't to me. It sure is good that Israel took the land that the Lord gave them huh? You know back in historic times? Oh the ground doesn't tell? I'm telling you fool. It's not a myth, How do I know? I have met the very same God who gave it to them...
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