French politician: Israel not Nazi
Associated Press
Published: 02.12.06, 18:08
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1. The French know the nazis....
Dan ,   Israel   (12.02.06)
since large parts of France was intimately working together with Nazi-Germany during world war 2.
2. sounds like hillary clinton
Arie ,   Afula   (12.02.06)
she sat by whil suha arafat accused us of wilfully killing the pali kids and only said anything when the civilized voters back home showed their anger at her. politicians are politicians:weigh the voter then react, She doesn't give a damn about the Jews, jusl like hillary doesn't. It's only their own power and self-glorification that they seek.
3. Get it together
arie ,   new york   (12.02.06)
Israel had better get their act together. Thats all I will say.
4. Late reaction of Segolene ROYAL
FISCHLER ,   France   (12.02.06)
I don't believe that neither she nor the French ambassador to Lebanon had heard them at the time the Hizbollah legislator words comparing Israel to the Nazis. She did not have the strengh to leave the room on the spot ! On intern'l politics topics she's around level zero. She cannot be trusted. I'm French and socialist, but ashame to have such a cadidate to run for President.
5. royal
Steven Rosenfeld ,   L.A. USA   (12.02.06)
This French fruitcake has inherited the antisemitic gene that exists in most French people. I don't see any upside in Olmert or Livni meeting with a politician who has no experience in international affairs and who is anti Israel from the get go.
6. Way to Go Segolene, Finally a French Seeing the Truth!
nell ,   switzerland   (12.02.06)
7. Let The Money Flow...
Suzan Glassman ,   New Haven, CT   (12.02.06)
Now that she's saying the right things, let's oil her election campaign.
8. I smell the stink of Vichy
Cameron ,   USA   (12.02.06)
Miss Royal seems to be cast in the same mold as Chirac. The last thing France needs is to be led by another opportunistic weasel. May Sarkozy give her the drubbing she merits.
9. Israel did not occupy Souther Lebanon TECHNICIALLY ???
M. Segal ,   Mpls America   (12.02.06)
I realize that Royal being a woman is right women are always right TECHNICIALLY but Israel made a military incursion in to Lebanon hopefully to root out terrorists with rockets they failed that is they supposedly failed although actual military info is scarce non existant as to what did happen only a vague estimated media generality for us people of the entire world who A were no not there and so B are no not IN PRIVEY but who cares but comparing it to the Nazi occupation thing nice Hisbalah has a sense of humor depends whether you regard it them as bad or good or smart guys or BOTH THAT IS ALL THREE 3 RIGHT ??? THANK YOU... M. Segal
10. OK, what about France and the Nazis?
Uzi   (12.02.06)
Didn't France collaborate with the Nazis, especially by helping in the genocide of French and other Jews?
11. French on damage control too little too late
John ,   NZ   (12.02.06)
12. poor segolene
thierry ,   paris   (12.02.06)
this pooor woman is only representative of major french left wing opinion...For them, forgetting their own history, and the conditions of the creation of State of Israel, Israel is a little country, condamned in a mid-time to, she is not able to adopt a solid opinion about the middle east , based upon a heavy time cold, one time depends only of next sondages...and there are 6 millions of muslims in France...
13. Let's hear Edith Piaf sing!
Ma'ayan ,   UK   (12.02.06)
Oy vy, France is singing a different tune. Let's not forget the recent rise of anti-semitism in France ala LePenn. Actually, the Vichy was never cleansed from France. If Segolene thinks she vocalises the heart of France, what an idiot. If she thinks, I'd rather hear a sad song by Edith.
14. Maybe France may finally get a president with BALLS
Fasulia Hudra   (12.03.06)
It looks like France might finally get a president with BALLs. Remember Margaret Thatcher, Indira Ghandi, Benazir Bhouto, and Golda Meir were women and amongst the best statespeople of the 20th century.
15. Do not trust Mme Royal: She supports Hamas
semsem ,   New York, USA   (12.03.06)
Do not trust Mme Royal. She has hinted she will meet Hamas because they were democratically elected. She also stated that even if Hamas is in power she wants to give aid to the Palestinians. Like most French she does not care a hoot about Jews and wants the French antisemitic and Arab votes.
16. to uzi yes we collaborate with the nazi
francois ,   lyon france   (12.03.06)
we had too thats shame on us once but shame on you twice you zionest who collaborate with the nazi while they were transfering your people to the death camps you want evidence let me know i will send it in the next post
17. What An Astounding Revelation!
David ,   Marietta USA   (12.03.06)
18. Who cares what she thinks except Fracophile Olmert
malcolm   (12.03.06)
Israelis should stop caring what anyone says anymore. Support for Israel is thin because Israel refused to fight for itself and lost it's will to live. The more weakness Israel shows the less respect the world has for it. The more they appease the less respect they get. There is no satiating the critics of Israel. Royal is just trying to suck Israel into the false belief that France deliberates on it's positions on Israel. This is meant to seduce Israelis into making future concessions for the eventual destruction of the Jewish State as in the French Lebanese "cease fire" that re-armed Hizbollah with 30,000 Katyushas since August.
19. Socialism doesnt's work
Jewess ,   San Francisco, USA   (12.03.06)
Go Nicolas Sarkozy!!!!!!!!! Hope you win
20. An intersting survey
mike ,   chicago, Il   (12.03.06)
Did more french support the Nazis or the Israelis ?
21. When the whole Europe says France is racist...
Ignacio ,   ZAragoza, Spain   (12.03.06)
speak well about the Jews. I'm in Spain and even as anti-Semitic as they are, people speaks about France as a mix of Mullah-o-cracia and a racist state. And Spain was the most pro-France country in Europe! This woman is just trying to gain some PR success when tourism in sinking.
22. Sarkozy would probably have responded immediately
Zvi ,   USA   (12.03.06)
I'm fairly confident that Sarkozy would have had the presence of mind to respond immediately rather than letting this go. Presence of mind is VERY important in a national leader. If the translator DID provide an accurate translation, then she is an outright liar. If she hired a translator who is unwilling or unable to translate controversial statements for her so that she may deal with them properly, then she may have a serious problem hiring competent, honest people and making them trust her with the truth. There are competent, honest leaders -- women and men. There are inept and dishonest ones -- women and men. A person's sex should never be held against them -- OR used to silence honest opposition. Mme. Royal certainly has NOT impressed me. Then again, I am not French so I don't get to vote. :-)
RCA ,   USA   (12.03.06)
RCA ,   USA   (12.03.06)
cat, burying a turd, on a frozen lake. This is the chance that FRANCE has of having a great new leader !
25. RCA
Mikulas ,   Bratislava, Slovakia   (12.03.06)
Stop feeling threatened by the French, they are not worth it. Keep both of your eyes on Irak where you guys are about to wave the hugest white flag ever against a bunch of teenagers with 40 year old automatic rifles.
26. #25- Mikulas. You didn't catch my humor
RCA ,   USA   (12.03.06)
regarding the French. How can sneering be dangerous ? But I see your humor. You are funny ! But, I hope you are wrong. I like to think that we may be making a "graceful exit", if necessary. Good luck, Mikulas.
27. Malcolm #18 - You're so right.
Maria T ,   Canada   (12.03.06)
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