Report: Olmert to discuss peace bid with Saudis
Published: 03.12.06, 07:48
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1. saudi will deny this later today
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.03.06)
as usual, rumors.
2. Whlat's the difference between Sharon and Olmert?
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (12.03.06)
Sharon is lying down!
3. Saudi
Brod ,   USA   (12.03.06)
Israel should let the Saudis interfere with its internal affairs and national security interests. It is none of the business of the Saudis to meddle in Israel's internal affairs. The Saudis like Egypt can seek diplomatic relation with Israel but they should not be allowed to mess up with Israel's biblical and historic homeland or interfere with Israel's internal affairs. Israel should remain strong in defending its biblical and historic homeland including Judea and Samaria from being usurped by Arab Islamist-Jihadists by way of deception, manipulation, external pressures and terrorism.
4. Saudi Arabia a moderate country ?
laurence ,   Givatayim, Israel   (12.03.06)
Since when ? The saudian law forbids any jew to enter its territory, this country doesn't recognize Israel and we have to consider it as "moderate country"!! It's a joke ! On top of that we would have to base our negociations on the saudi (so called) peace initiative ? We would have to negociate on a document made by our worst ennemy : the arabs ! Meaning that we'll have to work on document that is planning the details of Israel future destruction. Israel wake up, our government is selling our country !! Disgusting !
5. Saudis--CORRECTION #3
Brod ,   USA   (12.03.06)
Israel should NOT let the Saudis interfere in its internal affairs and national security interests.
6. Again Mr. Pinoccio Speaks
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (12.03.06)
How much is he giving up just for the Satisfaction of the US EU and for Fame and the Saudi's . He will give up everything he will never say no to them. He is indeed a puppet of the US and the EU.
7. common sense
jalal fahmi ,   jeddah- saudi   (12.03.06)
of being a saudi citizen , i disbelieve this, even if ti comes to be true , so shame on you royal king, but lucky us this will be the end of the royal family if it happens, but sure they dont dare to do it
8. BUSH/OLMERT = Israels destruction
yosef ,   diaspora   (12.03.06)
it is obvious bush and olmert both the worst leaders in their countrys history have a plan to save each others careers. Bush/ Olmert are afraid that Iraq will be lost to Iran and that Iran will potentially control parts of iraq, gaza, and lebanon. As a result Bush is trying to stregnthen their relationship with the saudis which means forcing israel accept the saudi peace deal which involves dividing the holy city and uprooting more jews from their homes. olmert must go. wake up jewish america Bush is not a friend to the jews!!!!!!!!!!
9. the kapo meets the islamofascists
Arie ,   Afula   (12.03.06)
1939 all over again!
10. Olmert's Final Nail in the Coffin
malcolm   (12.03.06)
He & Livni pre-caved to the French and sent soldiers to die afterwards. Now he pre-caved to Baker and will give up the Golan, West Bank and anything else that's left and Israel will meet the same fate as those soldiers. I'm surprised he's still standing.
11. the same saudis that hold terrorthons to raise money
Arie ,   Afula   (12.03.06)
for al qaeda and hamass mass murderers. And olmert and peretz are their new poster boys!
12. Olmert to discuss peace bid with Saudis
Daniel ,   Lod, Israel   (12.03.06)
It's a good move. Olmert; if you have not spoken; please speak.
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