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In Doha, beach volleyball bikinis create cultural clash
Associated Press
Published: 03.12.06, 15:40
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1. no evidence of starvation in iraq
D. Hasselhoff ,   Berlin, DDR   (12.03.06)
2. shame on you
liala ,   doha   (12.03.06)
there inst any kind of relationship between being an athletic and getting naked, so wearing tighting suits is even more comfortable than wearing bikins when men are seeing cheap flesh before their eyes
3. ummmm Al-Nabit...
peggy ,   UK   (12.03.06)
left the wife at home so you could gloat, I
4. My dear liala
Gary   (12.03.06)
Get a life!
5. National honor?
Renee, NY   (12.03.06)
Yeah, national honor my rear end. Al-Nabit probably was just anxious to get a glimpse of some exposed female flesh without his wife giving him a hard time over it.
6. volunteers for honour killings!
Arie ,   Afula   (12.03.06)
7. muslims - welcome to the 21st century
mike ,   san diego   (12.03.06)
perhaps its time to treat women and issues of sex and equality like grown ups, instead of wrapping everything up in burka cloth like children. your more religious co-religionists are the biggest hypocrites on earth, covering their wives and daughters like mummies, yet visitng prostitutes and nudy bars. sex is not a shameful thing, and neither is a woman's body. Only complete idiots would cover something as beautiful as a woman with a shroud. but i guess you prefer to keep living in your 10th century fiefdoms. my biggest beef with your religion and your weird customs is that you're just no fun, youre even less fun than the fundamentalist christians. And those were the people that took the fun out of fundamentalist.
8. #2, there is no shame, what are you talking about?
not my problem you live in a sexually repressive country. What the Iraqi women and even the Japanese are so common that it doesnt raise an eyebrow in east asia or in the west. Gulf countries have only recently started to open up in regards to women, which is good. and the women arent naked. The swimsuit uniform is just the reference to the beaches on which the game started...jeez
9. You would think Allah would birth a baby girl
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.03.06)
in a Burka if it was suchhhh a religious no no. Besides....we couldn't be sure a male wasn't hiding behind the Burka in a volleyball game. Muslim men should wear a Burka also. Oh thet are these days. It's a terrorist camouflage disguise. So no one can recognize them.
10. I love the Agasi siters
Gary   (12.03.06)
The sexy Agasi sisters have convinced me that not all Arabs are bad :)) But Israeli women are still hotter.
11. Liala; Women should have the right to dress any way theywant
Daisy ,   USA   (12.04.06)
I know it's a hard concept to understand when you came from a culture where women are treated worse than dogs. That doesn't mean that I dress like a slut or approve of women who do. It comes down to having the freedom to choose.
12. Acceptable?
All ,   Lambertiville, NJ   (12.04.06)
Why, when a man exposes hi privates, is it consider “indicant exposure”? Because, society imposes “rules for what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. If a community deems certain dress as unacceptable, it is their right!
13. Torah Jews agree with Liala
Alan ,   SIlver Spring USA   (12.04.06)
Please, for our dear Moslem readers, realize that most Torah-observant Jews agree with your views, with the concept of sniut -- modesty. While I personally believe that minimal clothing "works" for many active sports, being less restrictive, and find being a specator at a sport to be boring anyhow (unless there's a family member or close friend playing), I do understand that you have legitimate concerns. For other writers, I just don't see what being in the 10th century or the 21st has any necessary connection with dress standards.
14. Y-net Y
EM ,   Ra'anana   (12.04.06)
Why was this article in English Y-net? What interest or connection does it have to Israeli or Jewish culture?
15. Original greek olympians were completely naked
Fred ,   Toronto   (12.04.06)
16. hilarious
Cameron ,   USA   (12.04.06)
Loved the reference by Al-Nabit on how he and his friends 'forced' themselves to go watch the volleyball competition in the name of Qatar's national honor. I hope they tried to wipe all the drool off themselves before they went home to their wives.
17. Mike
Laurel ,   L.A., Calif   (12.04.06)
Great response Mike. The best part was the last part: Muslims being just "no fun". Seemingly trivial, that's a very good point! E.G., I go out at night to local bars/restaurants. I have friends of every stripe. My muslim friends don't drink. They stand or sit around, as my other friends dance, get buzzed, get excited and enjoy themselves. They rarely let loose. Oh well, guess they make good designated drivers.
18. How we do it in the ME
TA ,   ME   (12.05.06)
"..go watch the volleyball competition in the name of Qatar's national honor. I hope they tried to wipe all the drool off themselves before they went home to their wives." # 16, loved your posting, my very words too.. LOL! Exactly capturing the situation in the ME arab states. I stay in dubai myself, and even though it is considered the most advanced and liberal of all, still the same picture we have. Walk in malls with anything different than a burka-like clothing, and you attract all eyes on you. You can't believe it how heads are turning; men actually STAND up from their chairs and stare.. In the fitness, even worse. They just stay around, usually 2-3-4 of them, and stare while you exercise. I always go with long pants, long sleeve-top so no too much skin is visible, still it is a big s**t . As to beaches, I have no really first-hand observations because I go to private ones (only non-arabs like me there), but I was told the public ones are serious problem no matter what model of swimming suit you're wearing.. And yeah, forget about g-string at all, this is an invitation for a gang-bang They are fascinated by female flesh even if the female has such a big ass and excessive back fat as the Iraqi women on the pictures.. (How repulsive..You guys will you sleep with anyting looking like THIS?!)
Bella ,   Tel-Aviv   (05.27.19)
That's funny cause we always have same issues in our team poor guys who have to observe all this
AFMEF LIZLEMT beach volleyball team is not alone
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