Hanukkah: Doughnuts go healthy
Orna Yefet
Published: 04.12.06, 08:52
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1. I just ate a dozen of the regular oil jelly filled suvgania!
They were really delicious! I could only handle this amount b/c I'm pregnant!
2. What about sugarless donuts?
Susan Taragin ,   Jerusalem   (12.04.06)
Now let them come out with a donut that uses sweetener and not sugar!
3. hmmm doughnuts
yonatan ,   nyc   (12.04.06)
4. Sufgania miracle
Barry ,   Tel Aviv   (12.04.06)
The real miracle of Hannuka is that the Macabees really found only one sufganiya, and when they squeezed out the oil, there was enough to light the Menorah for Eight days. Which is why I plan to stick a wick in my sufganiya and light that this year, instead of the Menorah.
5. Trans Fat is the root of all Evil and should be banned
RyanH ,   Ashdod Israel   (12.04.06)
6. This article makes me want to barf now
b/c I just ate a large pizza!
7. jealous
Genie ,   UK   (12.04.06)
Israelis are spoilt for choice. I have one bakery in my town - one year the baker put salt on the dougnuts instead of sugar. That saved a lot of calories!
8. Mmmmm Israeli Sufganiot
Shlomo ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.05.06)
What a wonderful holiday...fried sweet dough...I am getting on an EL AL plane next week just to enjoy the smell and tast of real SUFGANIOT.
9. Sufganiyot are not donuts....
Ilan ,   Ariel   (12.05.06)
I'll consume my oil ration with latkes and leave the sufganiyot for those who think crembo is edible.
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