Akko: Swastikas, pro-Hizbullah graffiti in school
Ahiya Raved
Published: 04.12.06, 14:08
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1. And Rabbi Kahane was a "racist"
Choni Davidowitz   (12.04.06)
This was all prophesised by the great Jewish leader. The arabs are now asking to change the Natoinal anthem and flag of the Jewish state. 95% of arabs must be deported/expelled/transfered.
2. We Must Do What Must Be Done - Remove Them Now
3. Coexistence Does Not Work
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.04.06)
If current trends continue, we will eventually have a violent uprising on our hands. Complete separation is the best option - Lieberman has the right idea.
4. Put Kofi Anan on it!!
Ironcandle ,   Atlanta, GA   (12.04.06)
5. So who did it?
John ,   USA   (12.04.06)
Was it Arab kids? Likely. Or was it Jewish kids trying to make it look like Arab kids? Quite possible.
6. Arabs risked their own lives to rescue Jews during Holocaust
observer   (12.04.06)
Saviours in a strange world Many Jews had a lucky escape during the Holocaust - when Arabs risked their own lives to rescue them. Deirdre Fernand reports , The Sunday Times,December 03, 2006, Abdelwahhab’s heroism in saving Odette from abduction and rape – and rescuing her entire family from persecution and possible death – would have been forgotten were it not for the efforts of one remarkable historian of the Middle East, Robert Satloff. A 44-year-old American of Jewish descent, he has devoted the past four years to searching out lost heroes of the Holocaust. Not just any heroes, but Arabs such as Abdelwahhab. “He could so easily have been killed if the German officer had found out that he had tricked him to save a Jewish woman,” he says. Executed swiftly, perhaps, or tortured to death in any of the 104 “punishment” camps then being built across the Sahara. Abdelwahhab, who died in 1997 aged 86, features prominently in his gallery of heroes, along with Si Ali Sakkat, a former mayor of Tunis who hid 60 Jewish workers who had fled a labour camp, and Si Kaddour Benghabrit, the rector of a Paris mosque, who helped 100 Jews evade persecution in 1940. Similarly, the Bey of Tunis, Tunisia’s wartime ruler under the Germans, is reported as having told members of his government: “The Jews… are under our patronage and we are responsible for their lives. If I find out that an Arab informer caused even one hair of a Jew to fall, this Arab will pay with his life.” As one old gentleman from a small town in Tunisia remarked, “The Arabs watched over the Jews.” Read more at :,,2099-2469952.html
7. Swastikas irony
during WW II jews were forced to put David star sign "loud and clear" on their clothes. those jews must have thought of David star as a curs. Many jews would have wished to put Swastikas instead. the irony is that thier grandsons would be very angry if the Swastikas put on victims' graves
8. Hitler Youths Speaking Arabic
JJ ,   Brooklyn In da House   (12.04.06)
They're only carrying out Arab will and being loyal "Pals". And they're loved by the world and nurtured by decades of self hating Israeli leaders.
9. ARAB AGGRESSION Against Jews JUDAISM & G-D Increases in Acco
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.04.06)
Throwing rocks at, cursing and mocking at synagogues EVERY DAY by Muslim youths and adults are hostile ACTS AGAINST G-D. Arab Aggression Increases In Acco Nov 14, '04 A synagogue was burnt in the city this week, and firemen said today that it was the result of arson. "It was clearly a nationalistic act," Rabbi Yashar said. He said that another hate-crime against the Jews of the city was discovered just yesterday, with the desecration of more than 1,000 graves in the old cemetery... ... Arab youths, and adults too, harass Jewish girls almost daily, and throw rocks at synagogues; Arabs pass by the Great Synagogue every day and curse, or mock, or throw rocks. ...We are losing parts of the Land of Israel, not only here, but all over the western Galilee... ...three Israeli-Arab teenagers, residents of Ramle in central Israel, threw firebombs this past Friday night into a local synagogue. Residents managed to put out the resulting flames. The following night, Arab attackers returned and again threw flaming bottles at the synagogue. The Arab vandals, who were later arrested, admitted their actions, saying they wished to "identify with the Palestinian people" and "take revenge" against the IDF. Islam's archaeological destruction of Judaism's holiest site, the Jewish Temple Mount - the holiest place on earth:
10. If you don't get rid of the enemy...
Keren ,   SP-now in Israel   (12.05.06)
...the enemy gets rid of you. What is Israel going to chose?
11. get over it
chad ,   tn   (12.05.06)
vandalism is supposed to be offensive. The loud uproar from the offended community is the very reason they continue to do it. I'll tell you one thing: if I were an attention seeking vandal I'd spray swastikas in jewish areas because that's about the only thing that gets national attention. Understand that.
12. To ignorant 11 and "observer" 6
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (12.05.06)
Arabs spray that stuff because they hate Israel and want all Jews dead. Its not attention seeking at all, its an expression of hate, pure and simple. This is not a US high school in little town America, its the middle east, don't judge us in your trivial blinded way. Observer - how about the legions of Moslem Nazis recruited by Himmler in Bosnia? They proudly wore their SS uniforms, terrorised and murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews not forgetting to prey 5 times a day. Typical Non-Jewish denial of Jew hatred, we've heard it justified so many times its not funny any more.
13. #12
observer   (12.05.06)
what about jewish collaberators with the nazis, from guards in concentration camps to high ranked officers ! Do you know that the German chief of the SS , you mentioned, was in fact jewish or let's say had strong jewish roots ! What about Zionists preferring that millions of jews be killed than transfered to Spain, and even more compansated, because they wanted jews to come only to Palestine which did not happen during WW II ! They turned blind eye to the jewish atrocity to have political gains ! You would say they weak and dominated. No not to this extent at all. They could have done much, but they didn't ! Compare this with arabs risking their own lives to rescue jews.
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