Merkel, Chirac urge Syria not to meddle in Lebanon
Published: 05.12.06, 14:26
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1. More Hypocrisy!
Harry ,   Kansas   (12.05.06)
These 2 are quick to say crap 2 syria like "stop interfering with lebanon", yet its ok for them 2 ring up siniora and tell him they back his government and to stand firm against protestors!
2. Oops, they forgot to 'urge' Syria to stop
Uzi ,   Haifa   (12.05.06)
their vigorous support to Hamas, Jihad, Hizbolla and other blood sucking terrorists.
3. first the frogs surrender
Arie ,   Afula   (12.05.06)
then they make requests? Sounds like the nazi demands of the allies at Nuremberg
4. (1) tiring, bottomless remarks
Marcel Abel ,   France   (12.05.06)
Are you in the camp of protestors ? That's the bottom line.
5. Assad
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (12.05.06)
Assad looks like a Rooster!!!
6. France and Germany
silvio ,   italy   (12.05.06)
If they to the words follow the facts, this warning could be a good thing. Lebanon to the Libaneses but above all Israel to the Israelis without no condition!
8. #3 and "frogs"
Rustum ,   London, UK   (12.05.06)
Odious petty and snide racist terminology such as calling the French "frogs" only reflects upon the writer of comment #3. I would also beg to remind Arie of Afula and "first the frogs surrender" refers to events of 60 years ago. Time to move on and deal with current events rather than have one's brain stuck in the shtetel mentality of an ill-educated hut-dweller of the 1930s. However - I believe that the Afula gaon wishes to broadcast his own idiotic small-mindedness for all to see. Not doing a great job fot eh Afula tourist authority.
9. Wolves on duty ! Lets the light into your faces.
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (12.05.06)
Nobody helps for free. Everything has a price. -------------------------------------- I want to sent a WISH to the people of Lebanon. The Christians, The Muslims and The others. They are brothers because they live in same home called Labenon My wish to the brothers of Lebanon Never use a gun to your brother. (no matter religion or home brother) STOP BEEN AN ORDINARY TO ALL HAPPENINGS, DONT LET. THEY (The Leaders)WILL ALL SHAKE HANDS WHEN TIME COMES. YOU WILL BE THE ONE WHO WILL STAY WITH A LOST. Let Love into your Heart for others Let Respect into your heart for others Than Make your eyes DARK IN DARK (to focus on Peace) when you do this, The God will be on your face as a light (which makes everyone calm down) than see, all the guns will fall dawn automaticially via your FACE which will have The God appears -a light from Him-on it, When the other will see the light on your face, he will have the same light. than you will have peace in you. when you have peace in home, it will be a step to your next door. Just a single start. to wish for peace and Let the lights into your faces. than enjoy each other Atilla Karagözoğlu
10. practice what you preach
tea man ,   marjayoun leb   (12.05.06)
donot hold the Camel on one leg becuase god create him with four legs put your money where you mouth is return the money in french swiss and german bank that has been stolen by harriri and seniora and stached in europe or else whe are going to serve from the ever lastin relaxing tea caled PhatPhat
11. And What About Israel?
Ebenezer James ,   Hartford, CT, USA   (12.05.06)
The biggest meddler in Lebanon is Israel, not Syria. If Merkel and Chirac want change, they should put pressure on Tel Aviv to stop the assasinations aimed at only formenting civil wars among the Arabs.
12. Rustum lacks historical knowledge
Arie ,   Afula   (12.05.06)
1. The frogs have surrendered in every conflict since the 1800s - including SouthEast Asia and Algeria! 2. The frogs are urging ALL other states to surrender to islamofascism as the frogs did 3. The frogs have already installed arafat's widow as their new queen in a mansion in paris 4. That is not past!! That is current events!! Wake up to reality rustum - the frogs are the world leaders in surrenderability 5. The ONLY time the frogs have stood up what is their complicity in the Rwanda massacres and aiding the sudanese in Darfur.,,1188187,00.html 6. Rustum has routinely voiced his anti-Jew philosophy on this talkback board. 7. It appears rustum is loosing the battle so he attacks the individual!
13. #12 and racist terminology
Rustum ,   London, UK   (12.05.06)
Just give it up, you sad loser.
14. Pathetic; Sure Syria will listen to them
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (12.05.06)
What a bunch of pathetic idiots. Do they really think that Syria will listen to them? These 2 are really a joke. However I still like Mrs. Merkel and I am surprised at this stupidity. There should be a boycott of Syria. The only think they understand is the stick.
15. #11 Ebenezer
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (12.05.06)
I suppose you have proof that Israel was behind these assinations and the desire of hizbullah to have veto power to veto the UN inquiry into these assinations means nothing to you.
16. Enough, Arie, Afula
Marcel Abel ,   France   (12.05.06)
You have showed all of the time what you are inside. I am a "frog" and usually people love me much, not you. The reason what you are extensively using blue links is simple : you are full of hate and full of nothing. Disparaging hater and bad loser. Far from being a tribune, you are a slave of your bottomless indignity. You are aimed to hurting people and that seems to be your single ability but compared to Marquis de Sade - another "frog" - your deeds are a pale reflection of what he achieved. Some more efforts and you will be a king. The Lord is coming for you too.
17. enough marcel
hans ,   stuttgart germany   (12.05.06)
i am a kraut, many frogs do not like krauts, lot of krauts do not like frogs. frogs hate tomys. the tomys wont like frogs all together hates the jews.marcel ,dont blame the jews for that
18. (17) What ?
Marcel Abel ,   France   (12.06.06)
A Jew here used offensive terminology and I should not respond to him ? It's not your business. If you can't set up syllogisms, avoid them or learn how to use them. The person to blame here is you ! Go and play with your like.
19. #16 well said
Rustum ,   London, UK   (12.06.06)
Vivent les grenouilles! I was so happy to read your comment directed towad Mr Afula. I too am sick of reading his worthless streams of racist epithets. I am surprised he hasn't drowned in his own bile.
20. (19) Thank you, I do appreciate
Marcel Abel ,   France   (12.06.06)
As you say it precisely, what is the necessity for some to use offending terms, or even racist, very often discriminant expressions, in a debate where only lines of argument should be accepted ? They often reveal much more than what they try to hide. What a job for Freud nowadays ! But since I am a respectful frog, I say : long live English people. Have a nice day.
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