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Auschwitz t-shirts for sale?
Natasha Mozgovia
Published: 06.12.06, 21:18
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1. Re: Auschwitz t-shirts
The Gentle Gentile ,   Los Angeles USA   (12.06.06)
The same company is selling this "product." Hitler's Easy Bake Oven
2. T-Shirts
mike ,   NZ   (12.07.06)
sick f***s - they'll get theirs in the end.
3. Foxman is so sour and no fun
Laughter is healing- these are jokes- no wonder no one wants foxman around, he is so whiney and self-serious.
4. to #3
Vitaliy ,   NJ, USA   (12.07.06)
Wow, fun fun. Not as funny though as those dead Armenians, or Rwandians, or Darfuris! Things like that are not funny. They demean the tragedies that befall so many unfortunate people. And so do your statements. While many people, Jews included, disagree with some of Mr. Foxman's actions or statements, history has proven him right (as in the case of anti-Semitic Mel Gibson). What he does is appreciated by many people.
5. Foxman doesnt believe in freedom of speech
American ,   USA   (12.07.06)
Whether or not these are offensive- and they are, granted, to many- once someone 'decides' what is offensive and what cant or can be printed FASCISM takes root- whom the heck is Foxman anyway/ one guy with his opinion? I find MANY things offensive- including alot of these talkbacks- yet, I would never make them 'illegal' to voice ones mind- no matter how stupid. FOXMAN is an idiot.
6. To #5
csr ,   Chicago, IL   (12.07.06)
Foxman didn't say to make anything illegal - instead, he voiced HIS Freedom of Speech and asked the offensive material be removed. YOU have the right to be offensive - I have the right to call you on it, whether you like it or not. YOU are the idiot.
7. #3 and #5
Brad ,   Toronto   (12.07.06)
DON'T EVEN GO THERE Your both morons! Absoulutely morons! It is absolutely despicable to even comprehend how a human being could not take offence to anything that makes fun of The Holocaust. You two should count your LUCKY STARS that neither of you or your family did not experience it, or lost any family members to it, or had your lives ruined because of it. You want humour, watch the comedy channel..........
8. Hitler's Easy Bake Oven
Elizabeth Burrell ,   Columbus, NC, USA   (12.07.06)
I checked the site and the oven is now removed. The only way to stop this is for everyone to boycott this company worldwide.
9. to #5, the NON-American
SAM ,   USA   (12.07.06)
If you are an American you are a poor excuse for one. We all learned in Grade School that no freedom is absolutre. a guy by the name of Oliver Wendel Holmes of the supreme court ruled that one odesent have the freedom to do whatever (like yell fire in a movie theater) The US is not tolerant of hate crimes or anything that promotes it. This "T-Shirt" that you say is freedom of speech not only is racist in nature, it degrades all American servicemen and women who fought in WW2. I wonder what the 101 Airborn depicted on "Band of Brothers" that discovered one of Dachau's camps would say to a idiot like yourself. You are the problem within this country. You and people like you are the enemy within this country. Now run along. Isnt there a funeral of a dead serviceman you want to disrupt?
10. To "American": Dude, WTF???
Chris ,   Boston, MA   (12.07.06)
First of all, did you READ this article at all???!!! Where did he say he thinks it should be illegal??? As consumers, which he's one, people can voice their opinion to a company. The company doesn't HAVE to listen and can tell you to go jump off a bridge but you can let them know how a number of people feel. THAT'S how the First Amendment works. It doesn't mean that everyone is simply required to bite their tongue.
11. Tacky, to say the least, BUT...
David ,   Marietta USA   (12.07.06)
My rights end at the tip of your nose. If you want to look like a jackass, go for it. It is no more offensive in my eyes than a pierced lip, (or worse, which I occasionally observe in a locker room), a tattoo anywhere, blue hair, or dirty, torn jeans in a classroom.. As for "crying fire in a theater", as per #9, try it one day. Rest assured, absolutely nothing will happen. No one will panic, no one will even leave their seats. They may look around, or sniff the air for a second, but that is about it. This is not rhetorical theory; It was proven by Tom Stoppard in the 1960s as it is part of the script of Rozenkrantz and Guilderstern Are Dead. Fire IS shouted in the theater, from the stage in fact, and nothing happens. That is called a reality check.
12. T-Shirts
Guenevere Tremain ,   New York, Ney York   (12.08.06)
That's horrible! The holocaust is not to be made into someone's sick idea of a joke.
13. I guess you missed the point, David
SAM ,   USA   (12.08.06)
The point was Oliver Wendel Holmes decreeing "no freedom is absolute". Crying fire in a theater in his time was a big deal. led to a lot of laws. But, the point was one does not have the freedom to commit "hate" crimes or incite it, at least in America. Or do anything that would deny any American thier legitimate right to the pursuit of happiness. But you made your point. Who really cares if someoen wears thier KKK Blodddrop pin or sheets in public, right? Or a swatika with clevor sayings about the murder of millions, right? Right That is the real reality check cause it is the case, in America.
14. The t shirts are still on the website
Hannah Cohen ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.09.06)
15. Enough whining!
Big Bill ,   Cambridge, USA   (12.11.06)
The t-shirt is based on a Jewish book written by a female Jewish comedian entitled "My Parents Went Through The Holocaust And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt" You know, y'all remind me of blacks who get to say "n*gg*r" all they want and then pretend to be shocked and outraged when some white person does it. Y'all are just running a variation of the same "evil white goyim" game. So tell me, how do y'all know the person who is getting a commission on the t-shirts is not Jewish, anyway? If a Jew can pimp a book by that name on Amazon, can't she sell a t-shirt through Cafe Press by that name as well?
16. #15 - expert on race relation
Reason ,   Canada   (12.11.06)
Thanks alot Big Bill you have really cleared things up for everyone. I always thought that the problem of racism would be solved by some redneck named "Big Bill". You must have consulted with Billy Bob and Bubba Joe on this one. How about this, you keep driving a semi-truck and beating your kids and the people at B'Nai Brith will worry about what is considered racially motivated.
17. holocoust t-shirt
william fabrizio ,   LA, CA   (01.15.07)
I can tell you with authority as I am her producer, that Hanala Stadner, the author of "My Parents Went through The Holocaust and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt" is not behind the selling of these shirts. Actually she will be suing them shortly!
18. arbeit macht frei tshirt
Mr Foxman needs to do some homework and needs a lesson in history. The term ARBEIT MACHT FREI was not originated by the Nazi party. It was the original slogan of the Reichstag--long before the Nazis came to power. The Nazis stole the term from the Reichstag. If you need a lesson in what the Reichstag was--feel free to contact me. I'll be glad to set you straight.
19. t-shirt
BillB ,   LA, USA   (02.26.11)
There is a gift shop at the Auschwitz museum- and NO, they don't sell T-shirts there...but still, a gift shop?
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