Key to Iraq: Solving Israeli-Arab conflict
Published: 06.12.06, 18:32
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31. #25 Go to the Saudi Embassy website
Mark ,   USA   (12.06.06)
I support the Saudi Peace Plan. Ha-Shem bless Saudi Arabia and any other country that wants peace. I want a peaceful solution to the Arab Israeli conflict once and for all NOW! What is so wrong with that! Israel does not NEED all the land.
32. #28 The world wants a peaceful solution
Mark ,   USA   (12.06.06)
The Arabs are sick of fighting. The Jews are sick of fighting. The world is being torn apart by this conflict. Enough is Enough. All the issues must be resolved NOW! Have a peace conference. Arabs think that Jews want to destroy all Palestinians. They believe that and Israeli actions would make many people think that as well including me.
33. Selling out to the enemy
Woodrow Wilson ,   USA   (12.06.06)
"The world must be made safe for democracy..We have no selfish ends to serve.We desire no conquest,no dominion.We seek no indemnities for ourselves,no material compensation for the sacrifices we shall freely make. We are but one of the champinions of the rights of mankind". pres.Wilson April2 1917
34. #16
Oleg ,   Milwaukee, USA   (12.06.06)
No, the problem is people like you. You do not understand what will happen next, making so-called peace with people who are devoted to eliminate your society. You are trapped in socialistic ideas that, even being attractive, never worked in real life. You ignore all history lessons we have, continue to live in dreams. Why we should risk our lives because of your ignorance? Don’t you realize that there is a gap of 700 years between Western and Eastern societies? Not technical gap, but moral and ethical. Knowing the history of the Western society, please give me the fair answer on that, what would happen if West (Christian) would have nuclear weapon 700 years ago, would they mind to use it against Muslims in their struggle for Jerusalem (again)? Obviously they would not – at that time they believed that if they die for G-d they would ultimately go to Heaven, no matter how many people would be killed on the other side, right? So what do you expect from the majority of Muslims today? They are 700 behind – they think the same. They will do everything to get rid of us. As for Iraq – the world is much better without Saddam, because you never can predict what a dictator will do – never. If we really want to get out of Iraq -- all we have to do to divide this country into 3 (by the way that was done to Yugoslavia and nobody seemed care about this) and place our men in Kurdistan to prevent Turkey to attack. As for Shiites and Sunnis – let them kill each other until they stop by themselves.
35. #26 Are you directing this to me
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (12.06.06)
I am not Mark I was responding to Mark
36. Mark #14
Tom ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.06.06)
Right!! Like we had world peace before either of the Bush presidencies. Grow up and read some history of warfare, including modern stateless warfare.
37. We will NOT APPEASE the world!
Hitler ,   Germany, 1939   (12.06.06)
38. Key to Iraq : Regional Sectarian Control Kurds-Shias-Sunnis
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.06.06)
39. Baker
Jimmy D ,   US of A   (12.06.06)
once again he doesn`t know what he is talking about,he is drunk again,someone please get him off to the clinic.
40. #35...SAM W., sorry.
Rich ,   USA   (12.06.06)
My mistake Sam...(I am too stupid to post here apparently as well). Message was of course to "Mark" USA.
41. Global Warming
Hendrick   (12.06.06)
Once Israel gives up Sheba Farms and the Golan Heights Syria will stop arming Hezbollah and they will sign a peace treaty with Israel and exchange ambassadors. Israel will then withdraw completely from the West Bank and that will send a message to the Muslims in Africa who will stop the genocide and allow all the refugees to return. Saudi Arabia will then allow women to vote and the Saudi leader will be replaced by a woman president. Mubarak in Egypt will hold free and open elections and they will form a Western style democracy. All this depends on Israel withdrawing from the West Bank and allowing all refugees in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan to return to Israel proper. Israelis will then evacuate Israel en masse and seek asylum in North Dakota and live in reservations alongside Native Americans. This will also solve the global warming problem.
42. The Bush Doctrine- Another "read my lips" lie
Cynic ,   USA   (12.06.06)
Sure, Israel is responsible for the 1000 year old war between the Shites and the Sunnis. It is all Israel's fault that the American politicians don't know how to fight a war.
43. To 32
Shai ,   Israel   (12.06.06)
Really? Jews want to destroy Palestine? Odd. You might be gullible, but I think most Arabs are pretty clear about what their objective is. Victory, not compromise. I don't think the Arabs are sick of fighting at all. There's no evidence of that - it's just an empty assertion you've made. Do you remember the phrase "sacrifices for peace"? That's what people used to call Jewish dead from bus bombings when peace talks were at their height. We used to believe that it was our obligation to convince ourselves of the Palestinians' and the Arabs' good intentions, rathetr than to expect that they convince us, they way that they expected we convince them. There's not an Arab alive, as far as I can tell, who gave Israel the benefit of the doubt then, or now, for wanting peace with Arabs. Mark, peace talks don't save lives, peace saves lives. There is no agreement that the Arabs are willing to accept that would result in anything but the destruction of Israel within 2 to 5 decades. The Saudi plan is only one more of many that prove precisely that.
44. to Hendrick
Norbert ,   Romania   (12.06.06)
Thanks for your post.It is so damn logic! Why doesn't all the jews understand that not the concessions are the key to peace?And concessions for nothing...And not Israel is the cause for humanity problems! But is always the first victim!
45. #26 Your attitude will not bring peace!
Mark ,   USA   (12.06.06)
With your attitude there will only be war. I am sick of the NeoCon Zionists. That attitude has brought so much Anti-Semitism for Jews. People hate the Neo-Con agenda and Jews must not follow that agenda. It is designed to destroy the Jews by allowing the world to scapegoat the Neo-Cons.
46. #40 Rich No Problem
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (12.06.06)
MOHAMMAD ,   USA   (12.06.06)
48. What is your solution then?
John ,   USA   (12.06.06)
Ok, I'll give everyone a chance to have a meaningful discussion. If you don't like Baker's ideas, Oslo, Saudi plan, Arab league plan, Quartet, etc... then what do you want? What is your solution? Everybody wants peace, so how do we get there? How do you see problems getting resolved? I look forward to your responses.
49. #48 That is my point as well.
Mark ,   USA   (12.07.06)
It is easy to complain and blame but that is NOT a solution. Come up with a plan and get involved in the peace process. Blaming Baker is not going to solve this conflict. I am frankly sick and tired of everyone blaming James Baker. I want a peaceful solution.
50. The #1 goal of Israeli Founders: Peace
Mark ,   USA   (12.07.06)
It was never this Zionistic Neo Con attitude. That attitude has given zionism a very bad name. It makes zionism look like colonialism. Zionism is about a homeland for Jews and not for colonialism. Do not listen to President Bush or Dick Cheney who encourage war and are against peace.
51. To 48
Shai ,   Israel   (12.07.06)
1) Right to full, daily access to every Jewish religious site within Palestinian territory, similar to access to an embassy (meaning it's considered the national territory of Israel even when it's in Palestinian territory), including the Temple Mount. Rebuilding of Jewish religious sites destroyed by the Arabs. Nobody may be buried on the Temple Mount. Joint archeological teams with international academic stature will be selected by both nations to allow professional archeological exploration of the Temple Mount. 2) Old City of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereingty. Temple Mount under international auspices. Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem outside the Old City, with the exception of the Valley outside the gate near Siloam's pool, will be under Palestinian sovereignty. 3) Dunam per dunam transfers of land each side of the Green Line to achieve objective of as many Jews governed by Jews, and as many Arabs by Arabs as feasible. Contiguity will be dealt with by bridges and tunnels where necessary, based on long term leases from the other government. Gaza will be connected to the WB by rail. Arab Israelis who fall into the Palestinian jurisdictions will have rights to retain work permits to their jobs in Israel. Jews may choose if they wish to remain under Jordanian rule, or be compensated for their property and moved into Israel. 4) Full peace relations with all neighboring countries. Palestine will be demilitarized, and will be a separate self-governed state confederated with the Kingdom of Jordan, who will represent it in international affairs, provide it a military, ports, industrial policy, etc. There will not be a 23rd Arab state. 5) Surviving refugees from 1948, but not their descendants, may petition for resettlement in Israel, as close to the original locations they were in as possible. All other refugees must be dealt with within the boundaries of a new Palestinian state, and will be compensated for lost property. Similarly, all Jewish residents of Arab states will have the right of repatriation, and to compensation for property lost when they were expelled by Arab governments. 6) Israel will trade lands it owns in Lebanon and Syria purchased by the Jewish National Fund, dunam for dunam, for land in the Golan Heights. Jordan will provide land to Syria dunam for dunam in exchange for land that Israel provides Jordan, until Golan Heights is compensated for dunam for dunam. Israel will not withdraw from the Golan Heights. 7) Israel will destroy its nuclear weapons when all Arab and Muslim nations have signed a peace treaty with it. Armaments pacts will be struck with all surrounding nations limiting weaponry. 8) All sides will sign agreements that the pact signed will end all claims of the sides against the other. 9) All Palestinian prisoners will be released to Palestinian custody EXCEPT those with blood on their hands. Anyway, all the other agreements were strangled by the Arabs, not by the Israelis. I don't know why you need to hear from us that we are interested in an agreement. We've proven it.
52. Shai #51...
John ,   USA   (12.07.06)
Looks like your solution is not too far from the Saudi plan, at least it's close. Maybe we should get you to negotiate.
53. To 52
Shai ,   Israel   (12.07.06)
Familiar with the Saudi plan as I am, and the negotiation process within the Arab League that gave birth to it, I'm afraid that it's a lot further from the Saudi Plan than you suspect.
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