Knesset vs. High Court on gay marriage registration
Ilan Marciano
Published: 06.12.06, 17:44
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1. gay marriage
Russell Lord ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.06.06)
MK Eitan should be ashamed of himself. With everything that is happening here in Israel - is the registration of gay couples with the Ministry of Interior all that concerns him??? Katushas, Rapists, MK`s and the President, Kassams, terrorists - and a few gays that want equal rights as married couples...that`s what he`s dealing with. That is what concerns him? It`s shameful. Believe me....with what I read in the news lately, I think some of the straight "moral pillars of our society" could learn a few things from their gay counterparts about honesty and respecting others!!! Mr Eitan...get Israel back on track and leave the gays marriage issue alone. There are more important things for you to do with your time!
2. Moral... look who's talking about moral.
Adam Admati ,   Israel   (12.06.06)
The process that ends in legislation... is why this country stinks. It is ...through technical bureaucracy devoid of any moral approach... that might correct some of the horrible inadequacies in this little country. For example, why destroy illegal Bedouin homes and not illegal settler homes... or illegal additions to the homes of most MK's and rabbis?
3. Totally Agree With #1
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.06.06)
Don't you have anything better to do with your time? Most of the MK's are a total waste of money - paying these people is throwing money down a sewer. I would like to see new elections but then I don't know who I could honestly vote for. Our security situation has never been worse, the Left is selling out the country, the US is going to put pressure on us to give up the Golan for no good reason, & this idiot MK is worried about a few gay guys living together. Stay out of peoples private lives & work to improve our economy, our military, our security.
4. fags will be fags
Joshua ,   Isreal   (12.06.06)
all with sore bums
5. Joshua (4) of "Isreal" cannot even spell it.
sk ,   USA   (12.07.06)
Anyway, Joshua honey, you didn't complain of YOUR sore bum last week.
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