Initiative: Middle East peace conference without Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 07.12.06, 10:38
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1. Baker the 3rd Anti-Christ
John ,   NZ   (12.07.06)
2. Delusional
Vic ,   Seattle, USA   (12.07.06)
It would be laughable were it not so ominous that at the same time the Baker Boys are encouraging the US to 'talk' with Iran and Syria, that the Iranian president is giddily anticipating the destruction of the US. Baker and his brethren will only encourage bloodshed and aggression with their spineless and delusional report. What is needed in this situation is someone with both the vision and the leadership ability of Churchill. An intellectually honest US news media would help too...
3. James Baker LOL
Avraham ,   Netivot   (12.07.06)
James Baker is an Anti Semite from way back. We all remember his comments into an open mike when he was talking to Pres. Bush Sr. when he was running for re-election. For those who don't remember he said "f%*k the Jews, they won't vote for you anyways". American Jews should now send him the same message about his report. His report & his views are worthless & Israel should send this message to Pres. G.W. Bush loud & clear, our very survival is at stake. Am Yisroel Chai V'Kayiam!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.07.06)
DR, you must ponder over this article and utilize your brains in drawing different conclusion.None of your suggestions seem to be working.Did you note that?
5. Faith
Michael ben raphael ,   Tel Aviv   (12.07.06)
Every country shall come against israel at the End Times, but if we have faith in G-d and not Olmert, they shall end up fighting each other.
6. Chamberain II is inviting Holocaust II
Ashan ,   Israel   (12.07.06)
Baker the anti-semite is true to form with very big Saudi bucks stuffed in his pockets. What a nasty piece of work he is!
7. do you feel nervous pigies ? :)
8. It's all Bush's fault !
he should have never invaded Iraq. But you were cheering for him bastard. Weren't you ? :)
9. No Enchantment on ISRAEL .
Concerned Observer ,   Observer   (12.07.06)
Baker what ever may be your reasons of excluding Israel in the ME peace deal , just remember that there is no enchantment on GOD's People or...
10. US and A
Josh ,   San Diego now J'lem   (12.07.06)
Borat was right. Pres. Bush is conducting a war of terror. Bush is a hypocrite once again . Negotiating with terrorists and now has lost his moral clarity. Negotiating with Syria, Hamas and Iran in exchange for what??? NOTHING! How is it that everyone can decide Israel's future besides Israel? Makes no sense?! It really is looking like 1939 once again. Looks like what my, and yours, family had fought for is lost. I was a former US Army officer and am tossing my medals. What for? When my bro (who is in Iraq by the way) finishes I will tell him to do the same. Have him come to Israel with me where all the Jews belong. No reason to go to war over nothing. Rather defend Israel than the joke which is America. All talk and no walk and living off the skin of other people's back.
11. ME conference without Israel
Arnav ,   Prague, Czech Rep   (12.07.06)
We need James Baker like a hole in the head. Only a sick mind can come up with an idea like this.
12. Too bad, "Faker" will miss out on Bolmert's creative ideas!
JJ ,   Brooklyn In da House   (12.07.06)
Wannasee Conference #2 now in the making. Who can come up with best idea to "knock out" the Jewish state? Yemach Shemam!
13. Screw America
Drew ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.07.06)
I hope Israel get's rid of America's power to pressure us to do things detrimental to our security, and says "Screw You" to all the arab states that want our land!
14. Michael ben raphael, How Do You Know that ?
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (12.07.06)
"Every country shall come against israel at the End Times...." Michael ben raphael ------------------------- Michael ! This thinking is very dangereous to me. When you will find A GREAT LEADER with A GREAT VISION, I am sure He/She will stop The Super Power living wrong games on Israel and so the world. I know, real world leaders dont come to world that often. We have not seen since years. Maybe in near future, A JEW LEADER CAN TAKE ALL FLAGS INTO THE WORLD PEACE. We are always with the good people of Israel. We dont like your politicians, thats all. But, We understand your good people. They also dont want BLOOD IN HOME and IN WORLD. Sincerely Atilla Karagözoğlu
15. Michael
Atilla karagözoğlu   (12.07.06)
sorry I forget to add, we also dont like the Arabic Leaders. They are not good for anyone. they are not for the peace.
16. Not The Time To Have Weak Leaders
A Peace Conference without Israel? Sure, that sounds logical. This is certainly not the time to have the kind of weak leadership we have at present. We need elections very soon to get rid of Olmert & Peretz or we may not have a country left in which to hold elections. Anyone remember what happened to Czechoslovakia before W.W.II? This is like a repeat performance & we all know how that story ended. Neville Chamberlain would have been proud of James Baker, but, of course, Chamberlain was just a deluded fool while Baker is on the payroll of Saudi Arabia. We are about to get screwed unless we get new & strong leadership to fight this new onslaught against us. This is not the time for the faint at heart.
17. Our government's complacency
Eli ,   Ranaana   (12.07.06)
How is it possible that our government could acquiesce to this? A regional Middle East conference that Israel will be excluded from? Unfortunately, however, when our government during Bush the 1st's Iraq War, agreed to not retaliate when we were attacked it set a dangerous precedent that is now coming home.
18. Baker says goal to 'reach agreement under Arab pressure'
19. No representation than no land confiscation!!
Michael   (12.07.06)
20. It proves my point
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.07.06)
I wrote before that all secretaries of state,past and present are idiots! This just helps me prove my point. jamal baker is just a hit man for his saudi masters.Who else would defend them in a lawsuit by the relatives of 9/11?baker's law firm. condi is no friend of Israel and unfortunately there is no Israeli foreign minister to go against her.
21. conf. without israel can easily agree to MidE without israel
aaron ,   ra'anana   (12.07.06)
22. Michael Ben Raphael hears our dishonesty
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (12.07.06)
Why We Dont Trust Jews? while we dont trust them how come we expect a MERCY from them. Yes, I said A MERCY ! They feel that, they feel our dishonesty. They feel our double-dealer business with them since thousand years. we all want they act AS STUPIDS. how can it happen ? Michael, I just felt your words in my heart. your words did touch, hurt my heart. we human michael. some of us muslim. we all grow up with a lot misunderstandings. we saperate our hearts into a lot pieces. some of us stay with the hate piece. some NEVER GET TIRED TO WISH TO UNDERSTAND. I just heard you Atilla
23. How shameful!
Maria T ,   Canada   (12.07.06)
How can they blame this tiny democratic and civilized country for the mess in the Middle East! Can't they see that even if Israel disappeared from the map, none of the US problems with the Arabs and Iran would go away? The only solution for Iraq now is partition. There is really no other long-term solution. I've suspected for some time that the US and the EU are just waiting for any opportunity to get rid of Israel, which they consider a nuissance at best. They think that the Arabs will respond with love and gratitude after that.....
24. Sof-sof Israel at the place, it's deserve
Warrior ,   USA   (12.07.06)
25. #13 without the us you cannot even scratch your ass ! :)
idiot !
26. its simple and clear
juliana   (12.07.06)
If Isreal is part of the problem in ME then definately it MUST be part of the solution. However lately it seems people have found who the problem is and they are trying to deal with it. If God is With you, who can be against you?? Dont worry about the USA, they will be right back needing your help or hand, just let them try other friends. its part of the game of confusion in there.
27. This US - Saudi Relationship
Maria T ,   Canada   (12.07.06)
There is an urgent need to expose all the sordid details behind this relationship. Some of the facts have been known for some time but the American general public does not seem to care. Now that Israel is for all purposes on its own, there is more need than ever to intensify a campaign to educate the American public. Of course, it would be helpful if Israel had a government that inspired respect. Excluding Israel from a conference with its enemies, besides its danger, is extremely insulting.
28. Alone
Shrug   (12.07.06)
The Torah describes Israel as a nation that lives alone. If we don't choose to live accordingly, on our own terms, as a singular and independent nation, then we will be isolated by design on the terms of others. We stand on the only irreducable commonality our people has (judaism whether we practice it or no) and we must do so proudly. Just say no.
29. Baker is only using Israel.
Dante ,   Firenze   (12.07.06)
The real goals of the call for a conference is to save the face of the USA . It will be very interesting to watch the results of Iran sitting at the same table with the USA.. The most strategically insignificant and useless population of that area is the one living between the Jordan river and the sea and between Lebanon and the Sinai peninsula. They will be all sacrificed as they are making too much noise for nothing. To save them selves Israelis and Palestinians should make an instant peace agreement and ally against the plan Baker have in mind.
deft one ,   dubai, UAE   (12.07.06)
Baker knows jewish pressure will stop his work on Iraq to be done, because its not in israels interest. Bakers report is of high importance and could pave the way for new balanced american policies in the region where all countries interest are taking in to account and not only israel. Bravo Mr. Baker, keep up the good work!
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