Yigal Amir transfers jails, now without video surveillance in cell
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 07.12.06, 22:15
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1. There is NO PROOF that he did it
YB   (12.08.06)
Thats why the article starts of with "The Late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's assassin" BLA BLA BLA. Every one knows who he is, however after seeing all the videos of the SO CALLED ASSASSIN, and the reports of gun shot wonds to the front of the body. I started believing that this was indeed an inside job. and this NUT yigal was just the escape goat.
2. He should be let free (in exchange for Shalit)
Choni Davidowitz   (12.08.06)
3. FREE Arab murderers, keep the Jew in prison
Simon ,   Sydney Australi   (12.08.06)
The government is making sure that all the Jewish prisoners are kept in prison, whilst allowing murderours terrorists out. Justice? Just remember this when you vote next time.
4. Keep that mudering scum in his bag!
against the grain ,   bet el   (12.08.06)
That's Where He Belongs. Instead free Yonatan Pollard!
5. Is he still keeping up with his conjugal duties?
John ,   NZ   (12.08.06)
6. Amir
Hilda ,   USA   (12.10.06)
Does he not at least deserve the treatment that Arab terrorists get? I'm sure the left wingers would be screaming all over the place if the terrorists got the treatment he got these past years. And the terrorists have the hope of being freed when the pressure is enough..
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